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7 Italian restaurants in Sayulita: the most legitimate pizza and pasta

With the rapid growth of European expat communities, Italian restaurants in Sayulita have been emerging left and right. All of us love Italian food and when one gets sick of Mexican food, pizza and pasta are always comforting.

It is challenging to decide where to eat in Sayulita when traveling with kids so parents usually indulge in food that the whole family will enjoy. And pizza, for kids, is always a good idea!

Luckily, these Italian restaurants in Sayulita are run by real Italians – you can never go wrong with these places! Check out our favorites and let us know in the comment box which you loved the most!

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???? Do Italian restaurants in Sayulita deliver?

There are no food delivery apps in Sayulita but it is relatively easy to order food from Italian restaurants in town. Most of them have their own delivery service!

All you have to do is access their menu online, call and they will deliver to every part of town. They speak English so don’t worry about ordering over the phone.

italian restaurants in sayulita

I will leave all the phone numbers on the list below and also give you ordering tips. Some of them honestly respond faster on social media (like Facebook and Instagram) so you can go that road if they don’t answer their phones.

✨ Tip: ‘329’ numbers are landlines while ‘322’ are mobile numbers that usually work on Whatsapp.

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???? 7 Italian restaurants in Sayulita: where to eat salad, pasta, and pizza

#1: El Italiano

???? S/n km 1.5 carretera
???? +52 322 152 6950

Angelo D’Agostino, the owner of El Italiano Pizza in Sayulita. There are many great pizza restaurants here, but you, the locals of Sayulita, chose his pizza as the best in our inaugural Best of the Best Series!

Angelo is from the small town of Pescara on the Adriatic Sea. Nearly 20 years ago, he opened Bibo Ristorante with his brother.

italian restaurants in sayulita

The pair would win high acclaim and numerous culinary awards. In 2013, Angelo left his brother to take a vacation. As happens to many of us, Angelo stumbled upon Sayulita and decided to stay.

This is honestly the best pizza in Sayulita but it is lesser-known since it’s not in the center of town. Angelo delivers depending on his mood but I would encourage you to sit down at El Italiano which is located in a more local neighborhood.

#2: Marcolino

???? Calle Jose Mariscal 44
???? +52 322 111 7768

Formerly Mamma Mia, Marcolino is another Italian-owned restaurant in Sayulita that specializes in hand-made pasta. The chef makes the pasta from scratch and my favorite here is the Bolognese pasta!

italian restaurants in sayulita

I don’t really come here for pizza although I heard good things about it. This place is recommended for dinner dates and romantic night-outs.

I often order via Whatsapp (number above) and they respond very fast. They will also send images of the menu via Whatsapp.

#3: Pizza Venezia

???? Avenida del Palmar 50
???? +52 322 192 8402

I have tried everything on the menu and all of them are excellent. Venezia is well-known for its vegan dough (add US$10) and jumbo pizzas for US$5 where you can select any ingredient that you want.

italian restaurants in sayulita

My favorite pasta is the Arabica (spicy pasta) and the salads are always a good option for starters. Pizza Venezia does not sell alcohol but they allow you to bring your own booze!

The closest wine place to Venezia is Chewbacca Mini Supermarket where you can buy great bottles of red and other types of alcohol.

#4: La Rustica

???? Avenida Revolucion 40C
???? +52 322 100 7379

You won’t miss La Rustica as it is in the center of town. It’s one of the best places to go people watch as their outdoor tables and chairs are on the streets. You will often see families with children here because they have a special kids’ menu!

italian restaurants in sayulita

La Rustica has been in Sayulita for years and it has the most pleasing interior. Aside from their good Italian menu, they also have a cafe on the side of the restaurant where you can good Italian coffee.

They always answer their phones and have their own motorbike for delivery. They also don’t charge a delivery fee for orders more than US$20.

#5: Trattoria Toscana

???? Delfines 6
???? +52 329 688 1470

Located in one of the most lively parts of town (slap street), it’s always a good idea to sit down and eat at Trattoria Toscana.

The line is always long with 20-minute wait times but they renovated their space and can now accommodate more clients.

italian restaurants in sayulita

Both pizza and pasta are great here but I particularly come here for their prosciutto pizza and the Italian pizza with burrata (US$12).

For pastas, I really love their Fettuccine Bolognese and Spaghetti Frutti de Mar! Trattoria is well-known for its handmade pasta and authentic Italian dough.

#6: Little Italy

???? Manuel R, Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez S. 3
???? +52 322 210 3897

A smaller-scale Italian restaurant in Sayulita, Little Italy is another Italian-owned establishment that recently opened in Sayulita.

italian restaurants in sayulita

Locals rave about their 2 for 1 Tuesdays (2 pizzas for the price of one). It has become a social gathering for people who live here!

This has actually become my favorite because of the informal vibe and outdoor seating. Come here if you want to try one of the best pasta in town!

#7: L’Ulivo

???? Calle Pelícanos 155-F
???? +52 322 241 7520

Vegan pasta? L’Ulivo has a few! The Arancini and Brocolli Lasagna are two of their healthy pasta best-sellers. There aren’t many vegan restaurants in Sayulita and this is definitely one of the Italian restaurants with vegan food.

italian restaurants in sayulita

The owners are Italians who have been living in Sayulita for over 5 years. This restaurant is new but it is already attracting many customers because of the creativity and quality of food they serve.

Artworks that are on display at the restaurant were painted by one of the owners, Alessia. You can buy some of her work – I have a few in my home!

✈️ Ready for your trip to Sayulita? If you have any questions about Italian restaurants in Sayulita, I’d be happy to update this post – just leave a comment below!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.