30 best restaurants in Mexico City’s Coyoacan neighborhood

Here are the best Coyoacan restaurants categorized by cuisine, including prices, ambiance, recommended dishes to order, and more!

Coyoacan is the vibrant and historic neighborhood of Mexico City. It offers visitors a glimpse of the city’s rich cultural heritage and tradition, home to some of the most influential figures in Mexican history.

You’ll return in time as you arrive at Coyoacan, especially if you roam around its central plaza. There, you’ll see lined-up colonial-style buildings and bustling markets.

coyoacan restaurants

Aside from the cultural and historical attractions, Coyoacan is also known for its rich culinary scene. 

Coyoacan’s food scene is as vibrant and diverse as its culture. It is also deeply rooted in the area’s history, with a long food production and trade tradition.

And with various lively cafes, galleries, and restaurants featuring traditional Mexican cuisine, you can enjoy your stay here trying all sorts of food. 

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🗺️ Map of Coyoacan Restaurants

coyoacan restaurants
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🏆 Best Coyoacan Restaurants

Los Danzantes 

📍Parque Centenario 12, Coyoacán TNT, Coyoacán
💲 from $4 USD 

Los Danzantes is one of the best restaurants in Coyoacan. It is famous for its beautiful ambiance, well suited in front of a fountain. They also have a variety of great seating options, both indoor and outdoor, with some quieter options at the top levels. 

Coyoacan Restaurants

Offering a wide variety of dishes, you can find typical Mexican snacks here. But of course, they also take pride in their Mexican food, and one of their best-sellers is the Mole Poblano de Los Danzantes—a rich and flavorful dish made with chicken, chili peppers, and chocolate. 

Food here at Los Danzantes starts at $6 USD. Meanwhile, you can get drinks and dessert here for as low as $4 USD. 

Pepe Coyotes Coyoacan

📍Av Miguel Hidalgo 297, Del Carmen, Coyoacán
💲from $2 USD 

Pepe Coyotes is a cozy little restaurant that serves traditional Mexican dishes. With its local and modern vibe, lots of tourists and natives come here to enjoy not only authentic Mexican food but also the laid-back vibe they offer. They only have a few seats for dine-in customers, so be ready to line up during rush hours.

Coyoacan Restaurants

Their menu features a variety of tacos, enchiladas, soups, and even breakfast items. One of Pepe Coyotes Coyoacan’s most recommended dishes is the Camarones al Mojo de Ajo, a plate of succulent shrimp cooked in garlic and butter sauce served with Mexican rice.

The food here is affordable, ranging from $5 USD to $20 USD. Meanwhile, prices of drinks at Pepe Coyotes start at $2 USD. 

Restaurante Azul Maguey

📍Ignacio Allende 53, Del Carmen, Coyoacán
💲from $3 USD 

Restaurante Azul Maguey is a casual restaurant with a relaxing ambiance, with indoor seating and a garden for outdoor dining. They serve traditional Mexican cuisine alongside many Italian dishes. Making a reservation beforehand is best because they are usually booked, especially at dinner. 

Coyoacan Restaurants

One of their most popular dishes is the bague-pizza paired with a pasta of your choice. During weekends, they have a breakfast buffet promo which you can avail of by making an early reservation. 

Prices at Restaurante Azul Maguey start at $3 USD. Meanwhile, the breakfast buffet costs $11 USD per head. 

Cabo Coyote 

📍Parque Centenario 2, Coyoacán TNT, Coyoacán
💲from $5 USD

Cabo Coyote is a restaurant located near the neighborhood’s park. It has a little balcony that can accommodate a few diners and several seats inside the area. Adding to the restaurant’s charm is a live mariachi band playing for customers in the afternoon. 

The restaurant specializes in Mexican food, and one of its best-sellers is the mole enchiladas. This is best paired with a glass of clericót. You can also order their fish taco for your appetizer. 

Coyoacan Restaurants

You can get a full meal at Cabo Coyote with a budget of $10 USD. But drinks and food start at the price of $5 USD. 

Fonda El Morral 

📍Ignacio Allende 2, Coyoacán
💲from $4 USD

Fonda El Morral is a local restaurant that has been a go-to for many Mexican families. The place’s atmosphere is casual and, at the same time, comforting, making the restaurant perfect for family gatherings and romantic dinners. The place usually gets packed with big groups so it’s best to arrive early to get good seats.

Coyoacan Restaurants

One of their most recommended dishes is the Tacos de Bistec, made of marinated beef and spices, and served with refried beans and guacamole. Another must-try is the traditional Huevos Motuleños, which you can pair with a drink of cafe de olla. 

The food and drinks at Fonda El Morral are pretty priced from $4 USD to $20 USD. They also accept cards and cash for payment. 

Antiguo Palacio de Coyoacan 

📍Parque Centenario 15, Coyoacán
💲from $5 USD

Antiguo Palacio de Coyoacan is a fine-dining restaurant located inside an old building. Its architecture is one of its highlighted features, having bright and elegant stone walls. So, if you want a more upscale dining experience in Coyoacan, then Antiguo Palacio de Coyoacan is the perfect place. 

Coyoacan Restaurants

This fine-dining restaurant serves up Mexican dishes with a modern twist. Their menu features Mexican dishes combined with International cuisine and one of their must-try dish is the Pecado de Magdalena steak. If you’re up for something more authentic, order the grasshopper (chapulines) with guacamole. 

Each dish here costs $5 USD or more, so you’ll need at least a budget of $20 USD per person. In addition, you can always use a card or cash as a mode of payment. 

La Esquina de Los Milagros 

📍Jardin Centenario 18, Coyoacán TNT, Centro, Coyoacán
💲from $3 USD

La Esquina de Los Milagros is a restaurant in the morning and a bar at night. They are famous for serving a mix of International and traditional Mexican drinks and food. The restaurant is decorated with antique decor creating a casual and relaxing ambiance, perfect for family dinners or a simple lunch with friends.

Coyoacan Restaurants

One of their most popular items is the huitlacoche lasagna. You can also try their chilaquiles if you want a more traditional dish. For dessert, you can try the Los Milagros – a traditional Mexican treat made from vanilla cream, chocolate chips, cookies, and nuts. 

Food at La Esquina de Los Milagros ranges from $4 USD to $20 USD. Meanwhile, drinks can range between $3 USD to $12 USD. 

Tucan Coyoacan 

📍Felipe Carrillo Puerto 31, Coyoacán
💲from $2 USD

Tucan Coyoacan is a bar and restaurant that serves Mexican fusion cuisine. This modern restaurant is known for serving great brunch meals and creating excellent night drinks. Aside from patio tables and chairs, they also have a sitting bar perfect for a casual dinner with friends. 

One of their most recommended items is the Cochinita Pibil. Their Aztec soup is also a must-try staple for many local customers. Aside from that, they offer a variety of cocktails and beers you can get with your food. 

Coyoacan Restaurants

The prices of food and drinks here are low. Starting from $2 USD, you can grab a bottle of beer, while the fare starts at $4 USD. 


📍Calle Pdte. Carranza 95, Coyoacán
💲$4 USD

Quetalcoatl is a chic and trendy spot to eat a typical Mexican brunch meal. The restaurant is designed with contemporary modern decorations, while the walls are painted with shades of blue. This gives off a cozy and vibrant vibe all at the same time. 

Coyoacan Restaurants

They have an extensive list of menus, including Mexican and International dishes. One of their best-sellers is the burger de res and micheladas. When the restaurant turns into a hip bar at night, you can order custom cocktails to match your preference. 

The food here at Quetacoatl starts at $4 USD, while their drinks range between $3 USD to $10 USD. You can pay using your card or cash when dining here.

La Celestina 

📍C. Caballocalco 14, Coyoacán
💲from $5 USD

You can experience a Mexican taqueria’s simple yet friendly atmosphere at La Celestina. This restaurant’s ambiance is ideal for a quick casual lunch or a night out with family and friends. They only have a few seats available, so arriving early before rush hours is recommended. 

Coyoacan Restaurants

One of their most popular items is the octopus cake and guacamole with grasshoppers. But if you like something simple, you can always try their tuna tacos. On the other hand, if you’re visiting at night and looking for drinks, you can always have their mezcal or local beers. 

Prices of food at La Celestinas start at $5 USD, while their drinks range from $4 USD to $12 USD. You have the option to pay with your card and cash here too. 


📍Felipe Carrillo Puerto 65, Coyoacán
💲from $2 USD

The Vege Taco is a quaint vegan-friendly taco spot with a cozy and rustic feel. As you arrive, you will find a small entrance leading you inside a few tables and chairs, perfect for small groups to dine in. 

Coyoacan Restaurants

Just from the restaurant’s name, Vege Taco’s menu features a variety of vegan-friendly items, including tacos, burritos, nachos, quesadillas, and cecina, which you can pair with guacamole and salsa. But one of their best sellers is the green mole mushrooms and vegan ice cream.

The food here is cheap compared to other restaurants. You can get a meal for as low as $2 USD. However, they only accept cash as payment. 

🌮 Mexican restaurants in Coyoacan 

Corazon de Maguey 

📍Parque Centenario 9A, Coyoacán
💲$5 USD

Corazon de Maguey is a vibrant cantina that offers traditional Mexican dishes. The atmosphere of the place is festive yet casual, surrounded by traditional Mexican decorations and glassware. You can either dine inside and sit comfortably on the first and second floors or enjoy the neighborhood’s bustling streets outdoors.

Coyoacan Restaurants

Included in their most requested dishes is the sopes de marrow, which is a local delicacy in Mexico. Another must-try is their famous Tlayuda de Tasajo which you can pair with different homemade sauces. 

Corazon de Maguey is an upscale restaurant, so expect prices to be slightly expensive. Food starts at $7 USD, while drinks range between $5 USD to $15 USD. 

La Bipo

📍Malintzin 155, Del Carmen, Coyoacán
💲from $4 USD

La Bipo is a local eatery that turns into a lively bar at night. Inside the restaurant, you’ll feel the aura of coziness and liveliness- the perfect combination for a quick lunch out. Plus, they even have a terrace for a chill night out and a spacious dance floor inside where you can dance over a lively mix of music their DJs are playing.

Coyoacan Restaurants

While La Bipo has a long list of Mexican dishes,  their highly recommended menu is octopus al chiltepin and tuna toast.  For your night out drink, you must get local mezcal and maybe ask the bartender to give you something that will fit your preference. 

The food prices here at La Bipo range between $4 USD to $15 USD. Meanwhile, their drinks start at the price of $5 USD. 

Amatista Tostadas 

📍Centenario 31A, Coyoacán
💲from $2 USD

Get to experience the traditional flavors of Mexican cuisine at Amatista Tostadas. They are most known for serving excellent tostadas, soups, and quesadillas. Moreover, the restaurant’s ambiance is simple and casual, with few decorations displayed, making customers comfortable. 

Coyoacan Restaurants

One of their most popular dishes is the Pulpo a la gallega and chile en nogada. Their mole coleto is also something you should not miss out on. All these can be perfectly paired with a pint of craft beer.

Food at Amatista Tostadas is pretty priced, starting from $3 USD to $12 USD. Meanwhile, you can get a beer bottle here for only $2 USD. 

Ave Maria 

📍Parque Centenario 10, Coyoacán 
💲from $4 USD

Ave Maria is one of Coyoacan’s upscale restaurants that serve Italian & Mexican dishes with a modern twist. It is located at a cozy parkside venue, with the restaurant having a romantic and elegant vibe. In addition, they have seats both indoors and outdoors, giving customers more seating options. 

On Sundays, Ave Maria offers a Sunday brunch buffet that serves almost everything on their brunch menu. But if you wish to dine in at any other day or time, the restaurant’s best-seller is the 4-cheese stuffed chili and alfredo pasta. 

Their brunch buffest costs $17 USD per head, while a la carte dishes start at $4 USD. They also accept both cards and cash for payment.

La Calaca 

📍Centenario 2, Coyoacán TNT, Del Carmen, Coyoacán
💲from $3 USD

La Calaca is known for its vibrant, colorful, lively atmosphere. The two-story restaurant has seats inside and outdoors (on a terrace). And the area is surrounded by many colorful Mexican murals and stone walls, completing the authentic Mexican restaurant experience. 

Coyoacan Restaurants

They have a variety of dishes to choose from, so you won’t have a problem with selecting a dish. But trying some of their Molcajete dishes is highly recommended. Another favorite item on the menu is the Chistorra cake. 

Food and drinks at La Calaca start at $3 USD. You can get a drink here for as low as $3 USD, while food ranges between $5 USD to $15 USD. 

La Coyoacana 

📍Higuera 14, La Concepción, Coyoacán
💲$3 USD

For a vintage-style Mexican restaurant, La Coyoacana is a must-visit spot. The ambiance is rustic yet cozy – the perfect setting for a romantic dinner or a casual lunch.

Coyoacan Restaurants

Their specialty dish is the Enchiladas Poblanas – enchiladas filled with chicken and topped with salsa verde. Another great item is the Queso Fundido – melted cheese served with chorizo and tortillas. For dessert, try their Sopapillas – fluffy fried pastries served with honey and cinnamon.

Food prices here start at $5 USD, while their drinks can be as cheap as $3 USD. And you also have choices for payment methods, both cash, and card.

Restaurante Villa Coral 

📍Ignacio Allende 31, Del Carmen, Coyoacán
💲from $1 USD 

You can expect a combination of traditional Mexican cuisine and international flavors at Restaurant Villa Coral. The interior of this restaurant is simple, thus creating a cozy atmosphere. They have a spacious dining area that can accommodate small and large groups, excellent for any special occasion or just a casual lunch. 

Coyoacan Restaurants

Serving a variety of Mexican and Internationa food, their huauzontle in tomato sauce is one of the crowd’s favorite. Another best-seller at Restaurante Villa Coral is the chili en Nogada. 

Compared to other Mexican restaurants in the neighborhood, the prices of food and drinks at Restaurante Villa Coral are low and very affordable. Starting at $1 USD, you can get some drinks while food ranges between $3 USD to $15 USD. 

El Jardin de Las Delicias 

📍Av. Francisco Sosa 29, Del Carmen, Coyoacán
💲from $3 USD 

El Jardin de Las Delicias is a famous Mexican outdoor dining restaurant. The area is surrounded by gardens and greenery, with enough tables and chairs to accommodate several diners. And because of this, the atmosphere here is pleasant and cozy – perfect for a quick brunch or dinner date. 

Coyoacan Restaurants

One of their specialty dishes is the enchiladas potosinas. You can order this with some eggs and fresh juice. Another recommended item on their brunch menu is their Mushroom Omelette. 

Do take note that El Jardin de Las Delicias do not accept credit card for payment, so make sure you have some cash with you when visiting. Their food ranges between $3 USD to $12 USD. 

La Casa de los tacos Coyoacan 

📍Felipe Carrillo Puerto 16, Coyoacán TNT, Coyoacán
💲from $6USD 

La Casa de los tacos Coyoacan is a restaurant that specializes in Mexican street tacos. It is small and quaint, offering a relaxed and casual indoor and outdoor atmosphere. It turns into an intimate local bar at night perfect for vibing with friends. 

It is a must that you try their famous marrow sopes and Aztec soup (tortilla). For your taco fix, you should get their classic tacos with chapulines (grasshoppers). Meanwhile, you can always pair your food with a glass of margarita or a bottle of beer for your drink. 

The food here is quite pricey compared to local taquerias. Prices of food range from $7 USD to $20 USD, while drinks cost $6 USD to $11 USD. 

Madre Cuixe Restaurante 

📍Arturo Ibáñez 2, Coyoacán
💲from $2 USD

Madre Cuixe Restaurant is a small casual restaurant and bar that offers Mexican food and drinks. Its simple and open interior makes the restaurant a cozy restaurant in the morning and a laid-back bar at night. They even have a live band playing during weekends.

Coyoacan Restaurants

The restaurant’s specialty dish is the sopesitos, which you can have as a light meal or snack with your drinks. Another must-try is the taco gobernador. Meanwhile, for your drinks, you should get their authentic artisanal Oaxacan mezcal or a mango mezcal cocktail for something sweeter. 

Prices here are daily prices, starting at $2 USD per drink. Meanwhile, their food ranges between $3 USD to $10 USD. 

Doña Chela Cervantes

📍LOCATION, Ignacio Allende 15, Del Carmen, Coyoacán
💲from $4 USD

Doña Chela Cervantes is a bar and restaurant inside an old building in Coyocan. It looks small and quaint from the outside, but as you go through, you’ll be welcomed by a two-story wide area. The place takes you back to how restaurants looked long ago, with all the rustic and traditional decors. 

Coyoacan Restaurants

Among the wide variety of items on their menu, the best-selling dish in Dona Chela Cervantes is the Tacos Cochinita. Meanwhile, if you’re craving something different from traditional Mexican food, you can always order their Burger Mac & Cheese. At night, they serve mezcals, beers, and other alcohol. 

The food here starts at $5 USD, while drinks range between $4 USD to $10 USD. They do accept cards for payments as well. 

🍲 International restaurants in Coyoacan 

La Barraca Valenciana 

📍Centenario No. 91-C, Del Carmen
💲from $3 USD 

La Barraca Valenciana offers a variety of international dishes, specifically Spanish cuisine. The restaurant’s interior is simple, with brick walls and black chairs and tables. This makes the restaurant feel cozy and casual. 

One of La Barraca’s signature dishes is its paella and croquettes. But if you are on the go and short on time, you should order their Madona torta (chicken and salami). At any time of the day, these dishes are best paired with a glass of Sangria. 

Coyoacan Restaurants

La Barraca’s food and drinks are affordable and cheap. Ranging from $3 USD to $15 USD, you can already have a full meal for a budget of $15 USD. 


📍Parque Centenario 14, Coyoacán TNT, Coyoacán
💲from $3 USD 

Entrevero is an international restaurant that specializes in Uruguayan cuisine. It’s a quaint restaurant with a few seats inside and tables and chairs outside under parasols. This is the perfect place when craving something different while chilling in a cozy spot. 

Coyoacan Restaurants

Their best-selling dish is the gorgonzola gnocchi. This has been a crowd favorite for both locals and tourists. Another highly recommended item on their menu is the empanada humita, paired with a tamarind drink. 

Prices of food at Entrevero are cheap and affordable, starting from $3 USD. However, do take note that they only accept cash as payment.  

Raffaelle Trattoria 

📍Parque Centenario 18, Coyoacán TNT, Del Carmen, Coyoacán
💲from $6 USD 

Raffaelle Trattoria is an Italian restaurant that has been a staple among locals and visitors. They are known to serve great pizza and pasta. In addition, the restaurant’s environment makes you feel like you’re in an authentic Italian restaurant, with Italian music playing in the background.

Coyoacan Restaurants

The restaurant’s most recommended dish is their lasagna and 4-cheese pizza. You should also try their provolone cheese in tomato sauce, which has an authentic taste of Italy. 

Raffaelle Trattoria’s food and drinks range between $6 USD to $20 USD. You can pay a card for your bill, aside from using cash.  

Cafe Kowloon 

📍Jardin Centenario 6 Villa Coyoacán, Centro Histórico de la Cdad. de México
💲from $4 USD 

Cafe Kowloon is just one of the many known Asian restaurants in the neighborhood. The place is small and cozy, with a few couch seats and tables. And yet, their ambiance is bright and trendy, making the place stand out among other restaurants beside it. 

Coyoacan Restaurants

Since you’ll be dining at an Asian restaurant, you must order their best-selling Kung Pao Chicken. Aside from this, their Mongolian beef is also a crowd favorite. But, if you want to mix your food with traditional Mexican food, you should get their fried camarones. 

Cafe Kowloon accepts both cash and card for payment. Their food prices range between $4 USD to $20 USD, so a budget of at least $15 USD is enough. 

El Merendero

📍Higuera 22, La Concepción, Coyoacán
💲from $3 USD 

If you are looking for a retro diner in the middle of Mexico City, you should check out El Merendero. This restaurant is a classic American diner decorated with all the retro features, from its checkered floors and counter-seats. The ambiance is warm and inviting and vibrant and lively.

Coyoacan Restaurants

The suggested dish to get when in El Merendero is their best-selling Pedro Infante burger. This already comes with fries, so you’ll be full quickly. You can also pair this with some vanilla or chocolate milkshake. 

The food at the restaurant is affordable, ranging from $5 USD to $15 USD. You can also get a drink for as cheap as $3 USD. 

⁉️ FAQ: Coyoacan Mexico City

Is Coyoacan worth visiting? 

Yes! Coyoacan is a worthy destination if you are visiting Mexico City. This neighborhood is a must-visit with its vibrant culture, historical attractions, colorful buildings, and delicious food. 

Coyoacan Restaurants
@chikalatte / Instagram

Not only can you explore the many historical attractions in Coyoacan, but you also have access to some of the best traditional Mexican dishes that Mexico City has to offer. From street food to high-end restaurants, you’ll definitely find something here that will suit your taste. 

What is Coyoacan Mexico known for? 

Coyoacan is a historic neighborhood known for its rich cultural heritage, vibrant atmosphere, and traditional architecture. It is home to many museums, galleries, and historic landmarks, including the Frida Kahlo Museum and Casa Azul.

Coyoacan Restaurants
@chikalatte / Instagram

The neighborhood is also famous for its traditional architecture and cobblestone streets. The central plaza, Jardin Hidalgo, has become a popular spot surrounded by a bustling market selling local crafts and produce.

In addition to its cultural attractions, Coyoacan also offers Mexico’s best food, with so many restaurants in the area. Coyoacan is a vibrant neighborhood offering a glimpse of Mexico’s traditions and culture. 

What does Coyoacan mean in English? 

Coyoacan comes from Nahuatl and means “place of coyotes.” The name was given to the area by its first settlers, the Aztecs since it was once a hunting ground for coyotes and other wild animals. The area has become synonymous with culture, history, and a vibrant atmosphere.

Is Coyoacan walkable?

Yes, Coyoacan is a very walkable neighborhood. The streets at Coyoacan are generally well-maintained and pedestrian-friendly, making it easy for you to explore the cobbled streets and many attractions on foot. 

Coyoacan Restaurants
@jmjuarezm / Instagram

There are also plenty of lively cafes and galleries to visit as you stroll around the area, as well as local markets selling traditional Mexican crafts and produce, which you can visit just by strolling around the area. 

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