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Our certified Mexican lawyer can help you arrange your visas and Real Estate documents.

Booking your visa appointment, claiming your physical residency card, document translations, Real Estate contract reviews and closing deals — find out what our Mexican lawyer can do for you.

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Which visa type is right for me?

There is not one Mexican visa that fits all. Before deciding to process your visa, know the right visa type for you.

Can I apply for a permanent visa right away?

No. Everyone starts with a temporary resident visa. You have to complete your temporary residency for 4 years and after that, you can apply for a permanent resident visa. After 2 years, you are eligible to apply for Mexican citizenship.

Give me a rundown about the visa application process!

First, you have to schedule an appointment in your home country (or any country outside Mexico). Attend your appointment and do the interview. If approved, you need to travel to Mexico and process your residency card here. You will have 30 days to process your card (from the day of entering Mexico with an approved visa).


  • Temporary Residence Visa
  • Permanent Residence Visa
  • Working Holiday Visa
  • Non-Lucrative Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Help with getting physical residence card
  • Skill Visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Employment-based immigrant visa
  • Acquiring Mexican citizenship
  • Foreign companies to establish legally on Mexican soil
  • Obtaining a resident permit
  • Exit permits
  • Naturalization
  • Employer registration certificates for companies
  • Closing Services
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Trusts
  • Title Guarantee
  • Drafting, reviewing and modifications in Contracts of Sale, Leasing, and Assemblies
  • Fiduciary procedures for the acquisition of real estate by foreigners
  • English-Spanish, Spanish-English translation of all types of agreements, contracts, condominium assemblies, and documentation in general
  • Drafting of public deeds
  • Power of Attorney;
  • Constitutive Acts and Purchases

Attorney Mildred Pallares

Atty Mildred Pallares is Mexico Insider’s resident lawyer. She graduated from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México in Mexico City and King’s College in London. Together with our Mexico Relocation Team, she has helped over 2,000 immigrants to move to Mexico legally.


Don’t just take our word for it. See what our clients think.

This is the most affordable and fast service that I found. Mexico Insider’s service is real, genuine, transparent, and authentic. They did not only help my family but they also assisted from friends in California who also moved to Mexico like us. Highly recommended!
Glenn Moore
California, USA
I wanted to do my visa on my own but the Mexican Embassy in Oregon kept hanging up! I got frustrated and found this Mexican lawyer through Mexico Insider. She helped us all the way and I was surprised how fast everything was!
Don Davis
Oregon, USA
Everything that the Mexican lawyer said happened as it is. I was able to process my working visa within 30 days. Thorough, detailed, and worth every penny I paid for. All I had to do was show up.
Andre Muller

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Book a consult call with our lawyer and ask everything. Know the right visa type for you, learn about the steps, and start processing your visa! All prices below are in United States dollar (USD).



Don’t know where to start? Ask everything within a 30-minute call. Get a 20% discount on all your future 30-minute bookings.

45-minutes CALL


Feel like 30 minutes is short? Most calls go on a minimum of 45 minutes for you to understand everything.



Let’s jump into it. Go straight to your visa application process (30 days completion). Visa fees are not included in this price and fees depend on the visa type.

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