La Purisima

La Purisima is a tranquil village in Baja California Sur, Mexico, known for its lush oasis, historic mission, and serene natural landscapes

La Purisima, situated in Baja California Sur, Mexico, is a historical village founded in the 18th century with the establishment of Misión La Purísima Concepción de María Santísima in 1720 by Jesuit missionaries.

It thrived around agriculture and water sources in this arid region. The mission’s ruins, alongside the verdant oasis and traditional Mexican village life, offer a glimpse into the region’s past.

Its remote location has preserved its tranquil ambiance and natural beauty, making it a fascinating spot for history enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

There is only one hotel in La Purisima that accommodates tourists. You can get in touch with us if you want to book a stay in La Purisima.

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Is La Purisima worth visiting?

La Purisima is definitely worth visiting for those interested in the history of Baja California Sur, outdoor activities, and experiencing the tranquility of rural Mexican life. The area’s natural beauty, including its oasis and surrounding desert landscapes, provides a unique backdrop for hiking, bird watching, and exploring the historical ruins of the mission.

Its off-the-beaten-path location ensures a peaceful experience away from crowded tourist spots, offering visitors a chance to connect with the region’s history and natural environment.

How to get to La Purisima

To get to La Purisima, the most common starting point is La Paz, the capital of Baja California Sur. From La Paz, take Federal Highway 1 towards Ciudad Constitución. After reaching Ciudad Constitución, continue on the road towards San Isidro.

From San Isidro, a well-marked road leads directly to La Purisima. The journey involves a combination of paved and unpaved roads, so a vehicle with good clearance is recommended. It’s important to check local road conditions and consider a 4WD vehicle for the final stretch, as rural roads can be challenging, especially after rain.