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Meet Trisha Velarmino, Global Editor-in-chief for Insider Media

Trisha Velarmino, is an award-winning journalist who produced TV and radio shows for media outlets like CNN and BBC.

She’s given TEDx talks about creating genuine content and making the Internet a better place for learning and development. Trisha runs a BIPOC Creator Fellowship that aims to bring emerging voices from less privileged countries to contribute to the Insider goal: a more diverse, genuine, and honest Internet space.

The Mexico Insider Mission

Our mission is to help you travel and relocate to Mexico with information from real people. We are all ex-pats who decided to call Mexico home for over a decade. Our team is a mix of Mexicans, Americans, Asians, Europeans, and many other nationalities who fell in love and decided to move to Mexico. With this, you can assure that all our content is based on our own experiences.

Mexico Insider has hundreds of journalists and experts who produce articles, create content, and talk about subjects that cut through misinformation about Mexico including questions you might not even know how to ask.

As a generation of content creators and journalists, our editorial style is to provide a deep dive into many topics concerning Mexico like culture and expat life. Although we are foreigners in Mexico, we have over a decade of living here and provide a clear context of the current events in Mexico.

We also prioritize covering what other websites about Mexico don’t cover. For example, our #SupportLocal section aims to find the most authentic local tours in Mexico by traveling the country and really searching for those who are in need of free online advertising. We aim to amplify unique voices through our editorial ethics and guidelines.

Gentrification is a big issue in Mexico and many communities on the Internet blame, wealthy foreigners for moving in to build real estate and investment properties without following the zoning laws. But there are also many rich local investors (if not, maybe more than foreign).

Mexico Insider is a part of Insider Media Group operating under Concepts and Consulting International LLC, a modern media company founded in Bern, Switzerland. We have a local office in all our global networks. Currently, Mexico Insider is located in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur.

What to expect from Mexico Insider

  • Our content is made from our audience’s request: many blogs are motivated to create content by high-ranking Google keywords. Here at Mexico Insider, we focus on our reader’s needs. Our content thrives on your questions about Mexico so feel free to send us a message if you have something you want to clarify about Mexico.
  • We have a private community. Apart from our paid services, we answer questions from readers FOR FREE. Join our Facebook community and get genuine answers from our administrators who are based in Mexico.
  • We really travel around Mexico. We don’t use other people’s media and just publish about destinations we have not been to. Our pool of journalists is dedicated to doing their own content. We write our articles, we film our own videos, and we take our own photos.
  • Our reporting is easily understandable. We aim to deliver and publish content that all our audience would understand. You can digest our content even if you have zero ideas about Mexico.
  • We are crazily detailed. We treat all our articles and content targeted to people who have never been to Mexico and want to understand everything from scratch.
  • Our identities are a big part of our work. We are all expats and foreigners across our Insider network so we feel very privileged to be living in Mexico and being able to do our transparent and honest journalism. Our editorial ethics and guidelines will give you an idea of how we push ourselves to be responsible expatriates – it is the center of the work that we do at Mexico Insider.

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