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Dear vegetarians, here’s a list of delicious meals for you in Sayulita, Mexico

Being a vegetarian in Mexico seems quite questionable but in Sayulita, this is not impossible! Check out your food options in this Sayulita vegetarian restaurants guide – promise, you’ll have a lot!

When we think about Mexico, being a vegetarian or vegan really doesn’t fit but thankfully, here in Sayulita, these diets are slowly being catered to.


I must admit that there aren’t a lot of options in Sayulita yet but what I can assure you is that the vegetarian food options in Sayulita are not limited to raw greens or vegetables.

There will be burritos and burgers in the selection, too!

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🤲 Basic Spanish phrases for vegetarians/vegans

Most people in the restaurant industry in Sayulita can speak English but I sometimes feel like some of them pretend they understood what you are saying then you’ll end up getting the wrong food.

Just to make sure, here are some phrases you can use to avoid errors in your food orders.

  • “I am vegan.” – Yo soy vegano/vegana
  • “I am vegetarian.” – Yo soy vegetariano/vegetariana
  • “No como huevos” – I don’t eat eggs.
  • “No como carne.” – I don’t eat meat.
  • “No como queso.” – I don’t eat cheese.
  • “Sin leche, por favor.” – Without milk, please.

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sayulita vegetarian restaurants

🥬 11 Sayulita vegetarian restaurants (including what to order)

#1: Burrito Revolution

📍 C. Jose Mariscal 10
🍲 What to order: Vegetarian Burrito

This is the best vegetarian burrito I tried not just in Sayulita but in Mexico! Black beans, rice, mushrooms, bell peppers, and cheese – this is my go-to food when I can’t cook at home.

sayulita vegetarian restaurants

For US$5, you can get a big burrito for sharing. Ask them to cut it in half because I doubt that you’ll finish it in one seating. This burrito is best for takeaways to the beach!

#2: Public House

📍 Calle Marlín 26
🍲 What to order: Beyond Meat Burger and Cauliflower Wings

Another regular on my list (more of a weekly treat), Public House’s Beyond Meat Burger never fails. They really have the beyond meat patties!

You can add extras to your burger like blue cheese or avocado for vegans. This comes with a side you can choose and it costs US$6.60.

sayulita vegetarian restaurants

I always order the burger with the cauliflower wings on the side – baked cauliflowers topped with real spicy wings sauce! You won’t feel the difference because the texture is just like, hmmm… wings.

This is the most creative vegetarian/vegan food I regularly have in Sayulita. It’s not just all greens tossed in a bowl, like what you usually get in most vegetarian/vegan places.

Serving is food and the roasted cauliflower only costs US$3.30. They also have choices for greek salad US$5.77 if you want something clean.

#3: Lots of pizza options

Sayulita is home to different pizza places and most of them serve vegetarian pizza. There are many Italian restaurants in Sayulita as well as Italian expats.

My favorite and consistent craving is La Rustica’s Princesa. It has pesto as a base instead of tomato sauce.

It’s topped with balsamic vinegar which gives it a sweet and sour flavor. If you’re not a fan of red sauce (or want to try something different), the Princesa is for you!

italian restaurants in sayulita

If you are vegan and are looking for vegan dough, Pizza Venezia serves that with an additional fee of US$10.

Most pizza places in Sayulita will ask you to choose your own toppings and in Venezia, a big pizza only costs US$4.

For deliveries, you can try Pizzas Ron (I live next to it!). Other pizza houses include Tratorria Toscana (right by the selfie street) and El Italiano by Punta de Mita highway which also offers delivery.

#4: Loro Cafe

📍 Revolucion, C. Jose Mariscal 72b
🍲 What to order: Poke Bowls

Loro Cafe only opened in December 2019. This was the time I came back from my 2-month trip to Peru and Colombia so it was really delightful to have a new place when I was back.

Loro Cafe serves lots of Asian favorites and they’re all mostly vegan. Bibimbap, pad thai made with jackfruit, and samosa is my favorite.

sayulita vegetarian restaurants

They even have Japanese drinks like sake! I find the food options in Loro Cafe pretty “fair” in serving and taste but the menu is overpriced.

I understand that they may be getting the Asian ingredients outside Sayulita but US$7.50 as a starting price is a bit too much. However, this place caters to tourists which don’t have a problem paying this price.

#5: Yeikame

📍 Calle Jose Mariscal 10
🍲 What to order: Enchiladas de Pipian

Just right beside Burrito Revolution is Yeikame, an old-school Mexican dining experience headed by a great Mexican woman chef.

Her recipes have been passed by generations in her family so if you want to try authentic Mexican enchiladas, this is the place!

restaurants in sayulita

I will probably volunteer here so she could share her recipes! If you ever wonder what pipian is, it is a type of mole that is made primarily with pumpkin or squash seeds instead of nuts (peanuts, pine nuts, or sesame seeds) which are common in mole.

It’s not very common to find it in Mexican menus so if you see this anywhere, make sure to ask for it!

The only problem I see here is if you’re a vegetarian and you don’t speak Spanish, the servers always miss the part where you don’t eat meat.

I’ve been served chicken here twice when I was perfectly speaking Spanish! They don’t get it right away, plus the place is always busy.

With this, always refer to the vegetarian vocab I supplied above. It’s more than enough for you to survive!

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#6: Organi-k

📍 Av. Revolución 21B
🍲 What to order: Acai bowls, rice bowls, smoothies

Organik was the first cafe I walked into when I arrived in Sayulita. It is very central and easy to locate: they’re right next to the Sayulita bridge!

This place is usually packed for breakfast. Their coffee and smoothies are best-sellers though I come here for the ginger and turmeric shots.

sayulita restaurants

Definitely love their smoothies (from US$3) and their Acai bowls from US$5. However, I do not really like their rice bowls as the layer of rice is too much for what’s on top.

This is also something I can do at home so I don’t really frequent this menu. They have a nice place to sit down, especially in the summer. No AC but the palapa roof makes the place cooler!

#7: El Itacate

📍 Calle Jose Mariscal 42
🍲 What to order: El Itacate

See the photo below? That’s a quesadilla but instead of the traditional corn tortilla dough, this one is made with cheese!

I normally come here with a bottle of wine because it definitely fits the pairing. Warning – this is a really heavy meal because you have to eat this with a tortilla. Make sure to share!

Itacate is right next to Burrito Revolution and Yeikame so you surely won’t miss it. If you haven’t tried pulque in your life, this is also the best place to do it.

#8: Achara

📍 C. Jose Mariscal 33
🍲 What to order: Thai food – order them all!

Upon seeing Achara’s menu, you will only find a few items that are labeled vegan/vegetarian but the good thing about Achara is they can adjust to your diet.

sayulita restaurants

For example, when I order the pad thai, I always ask them to remove the chicken and shrimp. They are always accommodating and will ask me what I want to replace the meat with.

They will usually suggest carrots, bell peppers, and any other possible veggies you can add to your pad thai. It’s really up to you! Achara’s price ranges are quite high though.

#9: Naty’s Kitchen

📍 Calle Marlín 13
🍲 What to order: Rajas Poblanas Tacos

I know I said I prefer to eat tacos on the street but Naty’s is different because they serve the best vegetarian tacos in town! In fact, it is the only one!

Squash, carrot, rajas poblanas – their tasty vegetarian tacos menu will give you an interesting experience as the tacos we know are always with meat.

sayulita vegetarian restaurants

I must warn you that Naty’s has a long line during lunchtime as they close at 3:00 pm. They even run out of vegetarian tacos before closing time so be mindful of the hours!

They also offer catering services. In fact, this is what I had served for my pool party birthday celebration last year so feel free to contact me and I’ll give you Naty’s number!

#10: Orangy Smoothies

📍 Av. Revolución 33
🍲 What to order: Rajas Poblanas Tacos

Can you believe we have a bar dedicated to just smoothies? Run by an English and Mexican couple, Orangy is an institution in Sayulita.

They are the only smoothie bar in town and man, their menu is straight to the point and delicious!

sayulita vegetarian restaurants

They also have a small selection of bowls compared to Organik so if you want a smaller menu, you can easily pick what to have at Orangy.

They close at 4:00 pm though so make sure to visit before closing time. Their smoothies are fairly priced starting at $65 MXN ($2.68 USD).

#11: Terrenal

📍 Carretera Sayulita a Punta de Mita, C. Libertad

You probably won’t cook while on vacation but as a vegetarian/vegan, I totally understand if you will. I’ve done this in countries where vegetarian food is hard to find and here in Sayulita, we have Terrenal, an organic grocery store!

sayulita vegetarian restaurants

They only don’t sell soaps, vegetarian vitamins, or ecological products but they also have vegetables, spices, and many other things perfect for your daily vegetarian/vegan meal!

✈️ Ready for your trip to Sayulita? If you have any questions about the best Sayulita vegetarian restaurants, I’d be happy to update this post – just leave a comment below!

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