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Discover other Mexico destinations aside from Cancun and Tulum

Popular Mexico Destinations

Complete travel guide for Mexico destinations. Get an idea of where to go aside from Cancun or Tulum. Explore northern Mexico with direct flights from the USA and Canada. We also have all Mexico’s tourist attractions and places on one map!

View this Mexico map in full view and see all places to visit in Mexico!

Places to visit in Mexico

This list of places to visit in Mexico is heavy on attractions. Here, you will discover all the landmarks, sites, and important tourist spots you should see in Mexico. See all the best places to visit in Mexico and start planning your trip with us!

Living in Mexico series

Planning to move to Mexico? Or just moved to Mexico? We can help you with that! Our living in Mexico series will tell you everything you need to know about visas, Mexican taxes for expats, buying a car, opening bank accounts, paying bills, and more!

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