Puerto San Carlos

Puerto San Carlos is a tranquil fishing village located in Baja California Sur, Mexico, serving as a gateway to the stunning Magdalena Bay.

Puerto San Carlos is a small fishing community situated on the western coast of Baja California Sur, Mexico. It serves as a primary access point to Magdalena Bay, a natural sanctuary famous for its annual gray whale migration, making it a prime location for whale watching from January to March.

Historically, Puerto San Carlos has been an essential hub for fishing and salt production industries. Its proximity to the Pacific Ocean and the unique ecosystem of Magdalena Bay also make it an appealing destination for bird watching, sport fishing, and exploring mangrove estuaries.

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Is Puerto San Carlos worth visiting?

Puerto San Carlos is indeed worth visiting for those interested in nature and wildlife. Its main attraction is the opportunity to observe gray whales up close during their migration season. Beyond whale watching, visitors can enjoy kayaking, bird watching, and sport fishing in the rich waters of Magdalena Bay.

The area’s natural beauty, combined with its tranquil atmosphere, offers a unique experience away from more crowded tourist destinations. It’s an ideal spot for eco-tourists and nature enthusiasts looking to immerse themselves in the pristine environments of Baja California Sur.

How to get to Puerto San Carlos

To get to Puerto San Carlos, travelers typically fly into  La Paz or Loreto International Airport, as these are the nearest major airports. From La Paz, it’s about a 3.5-hour drive (approximately 250 kilometers) on Mexican Federal Highway 1, then west on State Highway 22.

From Loreto, the drive is slightly longer, around 4.5 hours, covering roughly 360 kilometers, also utilizing Federal Highway 1 before connecting to State Highway 22. Car rental services are available at both airports, offering the most flexibility for exploration.

Alternatively, bus services from La Paz to Puerto San Carlos are available, but schedules should be checked in advance as they can vary.