Dining with a view: the top scenic restaurants in Cabo San Lucas

Here are the must-visit Cabo restaurants with a view, where the view is just as exquisite as the food on your plate.

Cabo San Lucas, a jewel of the Baja Peninsula, seduces its visitors with its azure waters, stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and breathtaking culinary scene.

cabo restaurants with a view

This tropical paradise offers an array of dining venues that blend delectable cuisine with mesmerizing vistas, offering more than just a meal but a feast for all senses.

Whether perched on a cliff, by the beach, or in the heart of bustling downtown, these eateries provide the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable dining experience.

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🗺️ Map of Cabo restaurants with a view

cabo restaurants with a view
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🌅 The best Cabo restaurants with a view

Sunset Monalisa

📍km 6, México 1 1, Misiones del
💲from $41 USD

At Sunset Monalisa, you’ll first be greeted with a great view from the cliff-top overlooking Cabo San Lucas Bay.

The restaurant mainly boasts about this, hence the name Sunset Monalisa. And once seated, you’ll enjoy gourmet food and the sounds of waves crashing. 

Cabo San Lucas Restaurants with a View

You should not miss out on Sunset Mona Lisa’s signature 5-course menu: seared sea scallops or a 90-day aged Australian wagyu beef tenderloin, depending on the season.

If you wish to get an exclusive tasting menu, that would include almost all of the chef’s specialties.

You get the 5-course menu at Sunset Monalisa starting at $128 USD, while the chef’s exclusive tasting menu and reserved seating at the patio with an ocean view cost $258 USD.

Their drinks also cost $41 USD or more. 

Jazz On The Rocks

📍Carr. Transpeninsular 6.5, Misiones del
💲from $11 USD

Jazz on the Rocks is the first jazz bar in Cabo, and it offers a great view of the bay from its upper deck patio and glass indoor area.

The combination of good music and theory, many travelers and locals who want to enjoy a fine dining experience come here both for the food and the experience. 

Cabo San Lucas Restaurants with a View

The all-time favorite is their menu includes the Sunset Point Pizza and the Carne Pizza. Since Jazz on the Rocks specializes in creating Italian food, it is also a must that you order their truffle garlic pasta.

The restaurant also has an extensive selection of drinks, including wines and cocktails. 

The prices of food and drinks at Jazz on the Rocks start at $11 USD. However, note that it’ll be better to have a budget of at least $50 USD per person to enjoy your dining experience and have great food here. 


📍Blvd, Blvd. Lázaro Cárdenas S/N, Centro
💲from $18 USD

If you’re looking for a romantic spot you’d want to enjoy with a loved one, Cabos’s Lorenzillo’s could be one of them.

It is located near the bay port, and from the inside, you can see the bay from the restaurant’s glass windows. You also have the option to be seated on the patio for a more relaxing time. 

Cabo San Lucas Restaurants with a View

Lorenzillo serves Mexican and International seafood dishes, and one of their best-selling menu items is the Lobster bisque.

This will go well with some shrimp pasta on the side. You can choose between a glass of local beer or wine for your drinks. 

You can use cash or a card when paying your bill at Lorenzillo’s. Their food can range from $18 USD or more.

El Farallon

📍Cam. del Mar 1, Pedregal
💲from $7 USD

El Farallon is a high-end seafood restaurant mostly known for its prime location, beneath a cliff, and beside the beach.

They offer various indoor and outdoor seating options, including a patio set-up and a beach seating area. All these are recommended to be reserved and booked in advance to avoid waiting in line.

Cabo San Lucas Restaurants with a View

When dining here, it is highly suggested that you already have their four-course dinner meal best enjoyed on the terrace.

You should try their best-selling bluefin tuna and grilled steak for single meals. They also have a champagne bar where you can get a drink. 

Their menu can range from $7 USD to $60 USD. The meal course starts at $150 USD, depending on what will be served during your dining time. 


📍Av. del Pescador, El Medano Ejidal
💲from $7 USD

Aleta is a beachside seafood restaurant that offers a great view of Medano Beach. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner services with different menu items.

The restaurant’s excellent location makes it more scenic, while the atmosphere has relaxed and laid-back, both from the patio and indoor seating. 

Cabo San Lucas Restaurants with a View

One of Aleta’s best-seller is the smoked oysters that can be paired with their famous grilled octopus or lobster tails. They also serve seafood dishes from around the world, including sushi. All these should come excellent with a glass of wine. 

The food prices here at Aleta can range starting at $9 USD, while drinks start at $7 USD. You can also pay with a card and cash when dining here.

La Roca

📍Av Solmar 1B, Centro, 23450 Cabo San Lucas
💲from $6 USD

Combining the traditional flavors of Mexico and international cuisine, the experience at La Roca makes it more special with its elegant and sophisticated ambiance.

When seated inside, you’ll be getting a great view of the ocean from the walled glass, but you also have the option to sit on their open-air patio.

Cabo San Lucas Restaurants with a View

For your appetizer, getting La Roca’s Mushroom Casserole is highly recommended. Meanwhile, their best-selling chile relleno should be great for your main dish. You can choose from a flavored mimosa or their house wine for your drinks. 

Drinks at La Roca start at $6 USD, while food costs $10 USD or more. They also accept credit cards for payment, aside from cash.


📍Carretera a, Todos Santos km 120
💲from $15 USD 

Pícaro Garden Cuisine stands out among other Cabo restaurants with a view. Aside from ocean views, you can also see green and serene gardens and hill views.

As you dine in a Picaro, you’ll surely enjoy a calm and relaxed atmosphere inside or outside the restaurant.

Cabo San Lucas Restaurants with a View

Picaro’s best-selling dish is the Flor De Temporada among the lost list of menu items.

Risotto is also a favorite among the crowd. They also have several drinks that you can choose from, either some wine or cocktails. 

Food prices at Picaro can range from $15 USD to $26 USD. You’ll also need a budget of at least $40 USD to enjoy a great meal here.

El Rincon Culinario

📍Av. del Pescador S/N, Playa El Médano
💲from $17 USD 

El Rincon Culinario is a hotel restaurant offering a dining experience beside the beach.

They offer indoor seating inside an airconditioned room but also have patio seats and on-the-sand tables and chairs. Here, you’ll need to make a reservation to dine in. 

Cabo San Lucas Restaurants with a View

The restaurant serves buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which could be included in your check-in perks in the hotel.

If you are coming to visit as a guest, you also have the option to order a la carte dishes such as the best-selling Seafood Paella and Rib Eye Steak. 

Their food costs $17 USD, while drinks cost $8 USD or more. You can also pay using a card or cash for payment.

Quivira Steakhouse

📍Predio Paraíso Escondido S/N Quivira
💲from $20 USD

Quivira Steakhouse is an in-house clubhouse golf course restaurant open to members and non-members.

You’ll be greeted by a vast green golf course and a view of the hill, which can be seen inside the restaurant. At night, you’ll also enjoy a nice city-light view. 

Cabo San Lucas Restaurants with a View

The best-selling dish of Quivira Steakhouse is their rib-eye steak. For your appetizers, you can enjoy some crab cakes or calamari appetizers.

Aside from these dishes, you have several food items to choose from their extensive menu list. You can avail of their all-inclusive at $40 USD and get single menu items starting at $20 USD.


📍El Medano Ejidal, 23479 Cabo San Lucas
💲 from $15 USD

Bagatelle is a huge beachside restaurant that offers several seating arrangements from the inside, a terrace, and on the sand tables and chairs.

When dining here, you will enjoy a relaxing experience with a great view of the beach and the hotel’s pool. Meanwhile, the restaurant’s modern and chic interior makes the ambiance more vibrant. 

Cabo San Lucas Restaurants with a View

The restaurant’s best-seller is the Carpaccio de Bar. Another must-try that can go well with this is the Ravioles Au Castelmagno.

Foods and drinks at Bagatelle can range from $15 USD to over $100 USD. This will depend on the dish you order, but you can pay them in cash and card.

Manta at The Cape

📍Carretera Federal 1 Km. 5 Misiones Del
💲from $15 USD

Manta at the Cape offers an excellent view of the ocean and islands in Cabo. It has indoor seating with large glass windows and a patio that lets you experience the sea breeze and its incredible view while dining. 

Cabo San Lucas Restaurants with a View

This restaurant specializes in seafood dishes, so one of its best-sellers is the bluefin sashimi.

Manta at the Cape also offers wine pairing, which you should try if you visit the restaurant. You can also avail of the tasting menu or 5-course meal to maximize your dining experience (best for special occasions).

The drinks here start at $10 USD, while food starts at $15 USD. The five-course meal, wine pairing, and tasting menu will also vary in price depending on what will be served.

Corazon Beach Club

📍Medano Beach, Cjon. Pescadores S/N, El Medano Ejidal
💲from $12 USD

Corazon Beach Club is an exclusive and luxurious beach club at the Medano Beach of Cabo.

Aside from being the largest beach club, it has a restaurant open for the public under reservation. Here you can enjoy Mexican and International cuisine, both food and drinks. 

Cabo San Lucas Restaurants with a View

The restaurant’s highly suggested menu item is the Corazon Boat Sushi which is suitable for sharing. This includes almost all of their sushi and sashimi items.

You also order their nigiri sampler for a lighter meal or maybe Baja Fish Taco for a Mexican food experience. 

Food and drinks at Corazon Beach Club start at $12 USD, and can get expensive at $182 USD. You can also pay both cash and card, whichever your preference is. 

Rooftop 360

📍Pelicanos 225, El Medano Ejidal
💲from $7 USD

Just from the name itself, Rooftop 360 is a laid-back and trendy restaurant atop a nine-floor building. It is officially the highest terrace in town, offering a spectacular 360 view of Cabo while you wine and dine.

They serve lunch and dinner, and you must make a reservation beforehand. 

Cabo San Lucas Restaurants with a View

Rooftop 360’s best-seller is the veggie sushi roll. More crowd favorites in the restaurant that you should try are the Nachos 360 and Flank Steak.

They also have an extensive selection of drinks, but it is highly recommended you order a signature drink such as black bourbon. 

Like any other restaurant, the price here can be pricier. Signature drinks start at $19 USD. Meanwhile, food prices here at Rooftop 360 start at $16 USD.

Baja Brewing Co

📍Cabo Villas Resort, Callejon del Pescador Callejón Pescadores S/N
💲from $6 USD

Baja Brewing Co is a cliffside rooftop terrace restaurant offering a Land’s End view. This is Cabo’s first and only microbrewery rooftop terrace, offering diners a friendly, open garden-like atmosphere.

Aside from crafted beers, they also serve main entrees and appetizers of all kinds of cuisine. 

Cabo San Lucas Restaurants with a View

When dining here, you should order their best-selling cheese pizza and the sizzling shrimp Skewers. Among the eight craft beer recipes they have, the Baja Razz is a best-seller. 

The food prices at Baja Brewing Co can range from $8 USD to $65 USD, while a glass of beer costs $6 USD. You also have the option to pay both with cash or a credit card here.  

Villa Sirena

📍Carretera Transpeninsular Kilómetro 7.5 Cabo Bello
💲from $3 USD

Villa Sirena is a Mexican restaurant offering diners a great Cabo view. With the restaurant at the top of a hill, you will be surrounded by a serene jungle environment and get an idea of the Sea of Cortez.

They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, each with various menu items. 

Cabo San Lucas Restaurants with a View

The restaurant serves an average portion size, enough to make one complete. One must-try here is the Chilaquiles Verdes, especially if you want to taste local food.

If you are here for breakfast, you should get their famous Mexican omelet. All these you can pair with a cold glass of fruit juice. 

For the experience at Villa Serena, the price range of $3 USD to $50 USD is already reasonable and fair. Although, at least a budget of $30 USD each will be needed to enjoy the food here. 

The Ledge

📍México 1 Km 5, Misiones del Cabo
💲from $9 USD

The Ledge at the Cape is a casual beach house restaurant that offers a great view of the Cabo islands and sea.

They offer breakfast and lunch dishes from contemporary Mexican cuisine and American food. The atmosphere here makes diners feel relaxed, especially outside the patio. 

Cabo San Lucas Restaurants with a View

The restaurant has an extensive menu, which gives you a lot of options to choose from. But one of their best-sellers that you should try is the chicken enchiladas with half a mole, half green salsa.

Another crowd favorite is the Motuleños. Meanwhile, there are also days they have a buffet serving, which you should avail of through reservation. 

Buffet promos can range from $95 USD, but can be less or more depending on the season and time of service. Meanwhile, their menu items can start at $9 USD. 

The Rooftop

📍México 1 Km 5, Misiones del Cabo
💲from $12 USD

The Rooftop at the Cape is another in-house restaurant of the Thompson Hotel in Cabo. Compared to the Ledge, the Rooftop is a bar and lounge that offers a space to catch a great view of the sunset or sunrise in Cabo.

Situated in an alfresco sky garden, you will be surrounded by a calming environment, open-air, and live DJ music. 

Cabo San Lucas Restaurants with a View

Since Rooftop at the Cape is a bar and lounge, their highlights are drinks and beverages.

One of their best-selling drink is The Cape, a unique mix of cocktails. But aside from the glasses, you can also order food here; the duck braised tacos with guacamole are most recommended. 

Prices at the Rooftop start at $12 USD. A glass of drink will cost you around $15 USD to $20 USD, depending on the mix of drinks you will be getting, while food starts at $12 USD.

They also have package offers you can check out when reserving a table. 

Don Manuel’s

📍Cam. del Mar 1, Pedregal
💲from $8 USD

Don Manuel’s is an in-house restaurant at a beach resort in Cabo. The atmosphere here is lively and chill, with several Mexican and tropical elements surrounding the beachside restaurant, which is excellent for romantic dinner dates.

You’ll need to book a table here, especially during the dinner service if you want to be assured of a great spot and get a good view.

Cabo San Lucas Restaurants with a View

Some of Don Manuel’s best-selling dishes are the rib eye steak and Mac and Cheese with Black Truffle.

If you’re visiting during lunch, you can always get a lighter meal like the mushroom burger or fish tacos. You can easily pair this with a glass of wine or tequila. 

The price range of food and drinks here is on the expensive side. A meal here costs $10 USD, while drinks start at $8 USD. 

The Office

📍Playa El Medano S/N, El Medano Ejidal, El Medano
💲from $12 USD

The Office is a vibrant beachfront restaurant that serves local and international food and drinks. The ambiance here is lively, using colorful decors that blend with the natural scenery of the beach.

If you wish to dine here, you must make a reservation in advance, especially if you want a good table. 

Cabo San Lucas Restaurants with a View

It is a must that you try their famous grilled red snapper together with some gringos on the side. They also have an extensive selection of drinks and cocktails, but a classic margarita is highly recommended.

Prices at The Office are on the pricier side. A drink here costs $12 USD as the cheapest, while food starts at $18 USD. 

🇲🇽 Cabo Travel Guide

  • For thrill-seekers, Cabo’s ATV Adventure is a must. Ride across the desert landscapes for an exciting and unique way to sightsee.
  • Jump in and explore Cabo’s underwater world. See bright fish and beautiful reefs when snorkeling in the clear waters.
  • Relax and enjoy Cabo’s stunning sunset from a cruise. See the changing colors over the sea and coastline! Meals are included in some tours.
  • Cabo’s vibrant nightlife hits the high seas. Join the party boat for a full day of dance, music, and ocean-side revelry. Live it up, Cabo-style!
  • Join a Cabo food tour and unveil Cabo’s rich culinary scene, featuring local cuisines and flavors that are not only delicious but educational.

  • Visit Cabo’s most iconic natural landmark, the Arch of Cabo San Lucas, where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez. Boat tours offer a close-up view of this unique rock formation and the sea lions basking nearby.
  • A must-visit for beach lovers, Medano beach is the main swimming beach in Cabo. Its gentle waves and crystal clear waters are perfect for water sports, while beachside eateries serve up local flavors.”
  • Go on a leisurely walk or boat ride to Land’s End. This captivating landscape includes dramatic cliffs, hidden beaches, and panoramic ocean views, ending at El Arco.”
  • A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cabo Pulmo is home to one of the oldest living reefs. Snorkeling and diving here offer an extraordinary glimpse into vibrant marine life.”
  • Explore the vibrant art scene of the nearby town, San José del Cabo. This weekly art walk showcases a variety of galleries, with local artists often present to discuss their work.”

  • Experience luxury at Villa La Valencia, offering stunning ocean views and state-of-the-art amenities. This resort combines comfort and style, with spacious suites, pools, and on-site dining, for an unforgettable stay in Cabo.”
  • Perfect for travelers wanting to be at the heart of the action, Medano Suites provides modern comfort steps away from Medano Beach. Each suite is fully equipped, offering a homely setting with the convenience of nearby eateries and nightlife.”
  • Nestled in Cabo’s marina, Hotel Tesoro combines charm and value. Its comfortable rooms, outdoor pool, and easy access to local attractions offer a welcoming base for exploring the best of Cabo.”
  • Cabo San Lucas is a resort city, so you may consider booking an all-inclusive resort. Some of them also have a la carte options.

  • Cock’s Cantina: This lively bar in Cabo’s downtown offers an array of drinks and classic Mexican eats. With its friendly atmosphere and live music, Cock’s Cantina ensures a fun-filled night.”
  • Rooftop 360: Offering stunning panoramic views of Cabo, Rooftop 360 is a perfect spot for cocktails at sunset. Their menu features a blend of international dishes and creative drinks.”
  • Pancho’s Restaurant: A classic spot for traditional Mexican cuisine. Pancho’s Restaurant serves a variety of flavorful dishes and boasts one of the largest tequila collections in Cabo.”
  • Mi Casa: With its colorful décor and vibrant ambiance, Mi Casa provides a truly authentic Mexican dining experience. Their extensive menu offers regional favorites and house specialties.”
  • Chamuyo: This Argentine steakhouse is known for its quality cuts of meat and cozy atmosphere. Chamuyo is a top choice for those looking for a hearty meal in a warm, rustic setting.”
  • Funky Geisha: A fusion of Japanese and Mexican culinary traditions, Funky Geisha offers an exciting menu of sushi rolls, tacos, and teppanyaki. Its modern, stylish décor complements its innovative cuisine.”

  • Plaza Artesanos: A true gem for unique handcrafted souvenirs, Plaza Artesanos hosts over 100 vendors offering a variety of local crafts, from ceramics and leather goods to silver jewelry and traditional textiles.
  • Luxury Avenue Boutique Mall: For high-end souvenirs and designer brands, head to this exclusive shopping mall. Besides international luxury brands, you’ll also find Mexican designers, adding a local twist to your shopping spree.”
  • Puerto Paraiso Mall: Located in the heart of Cabo San Lucas, this sprawling shopping complex is home to a mix of international and local shops. Pick up traditional souvenirs, beachwear, or local art to remember your Cabo trip.

  • Cabo San Lucas is a walkable town. You don’t need any mode of transportation while there, especially if you are staying in the center. You must take an airport taxi service from San Jose del Cabo Airport, and that’s about it!
  • If you plan to drive around Cabo area or to nearby towns, a rental car is highly recommended when visiting Los Cabos.

  • You need travel insurance to Mexico! Ekta Traveling is the recommended insurance (for travelers ages 2 months to 100 years old).

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