Is Guanajuato safe for travelers? An in-depth look into travel safety in Guanajuato City

Is Guanajuato safe to visit? I travel to Guanajuato regularly, and often by myself and here’s my personal take about safety in the city.

Answering the question “Is Guanajuato safe” is very personal and objective. What I mean is what is safe for you does not necessarily mean it’s safe for me (and vice-versa).

First, I live in Mexico. I never felt harmed here and nothing bad happened to me from living here for 5 years. Not once, not ever.

Second, I speak Spanish. Speaking the local language really helps a lot to understand the culture better. People here treat me like I am a Mexican and having the language skill makes me more confident in going around the country.

However, if it is your first time visiting, I understand that the question “Is Guanajuato safe” is one of the top concerns, especially for solo travelers.

Here’s everything you need to know about safety in Guanajuato and if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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🙋🏻 Is Guanajuato safe to visit?

is Guanajuato safe
Guanajuato’s pedestrian-friendly zones, like Jardín Unión, offer a relaxed and vehicle-free exploration experience.

Yes, Guanajuato is visited by many tourists. The Ministry of Tourism in Guanajuato recorded about 21 million tourist arrivals from all over the world in 2022.

Guanajuato is a popular tourist destination in Mexico so the safety precautions you will take in many other cities (like Europe) is the same while you are in Guanajuato.

There is nothing to worry about safety in Guanajuato unless you involve yourself in sketchy activities like buying drugs.

🏡 Is Guanajuato safe to live in?

is Guanajuato safe
The city’s funicular offers a safe and exciting way to get uphill with breathtaking views, saving you from steep climbs.

Many foreigners live in Guanajuato and as someone who lives in Mexico, the feeling of safety in living here takes a lot of getting used to.

Once you know how to live in a certain place, you will know the ins and outs and feel safer with time. The expat community of Guanajuato meets regularly so if you are new in town and wants to be connected, get in touch with me and I will introduce you to some cool people who live in Guanajuato!

🌃 Is Guanajuato safe at night?

Personally, I did not walk alone in Guanajuato at night. If your hotel in Guanajuato is in the center and is about less than 15 minutes walk, sure, go ahead and walk.

But if you are staying in hilly areas in Guanajuato, take the Uber! The Uber ride is less than $7 USD so this is the safer way to get around Guanajuato at night.

When choosing your accommodation, I recommend that you find something that is near Teatro Juarez (Juarez Theatre) or the center.

This is a busy area and it’s always active so there will be people around all the time.

🙅🏼‍♀️ Crime rate in Guanajuato

is guanajuato safe
Guanajuato’s Cervantino Festival is not only a cultural feast but also well-organized to ensure attendees’ safety and enjoyment.

Llike many popular tourist destinations, Guanajuato also faces challenges related to crime.

It’s essential for travelers to be aware of the general crime trends in the area, types of crimes commonly encountered by tourists, and regions with higher criminal activity.

Petty theft and pickpocketing in Guanajuato: These types of crimes are common in crowded tourist attractions, markets, and public transportation. Travelers should be cautious of their belongings and avoid displaying valuables in public.

Robbery and assault: Although less common, there have been instances of robbery and assault. Nighttime travel and visiting isolated areas should be avoided.

Drug-Related Crimes: Guanajuato has been affected by drug cartel activities, which can result in violent crimes. However, these are generally not directed at tourists.

Certain parts of the state of Guanajuato might have a higher crime rate due to various factors such as poverty and gang presence. Avoid neighborhoods known for their higher crime rates, and seek local advice on safe and unsafe areas.

🚧 Road safety in Guanajuato

is guanajuato safe
The well-lit plazas of Guanajuato provide safe spaces to enjoy the evening ambiance and local music.

Guanajuato, with its charming narrow streets, alleyways, and tunnels, presents a unique pedestrian experience.

While the city’s layout is a testament to its rich history, it also poses some challenges to pedestrian safety.

Many streets in Guanajuato are quite narrow, leaving limited space for both vehicles and pedestrians. This closeness can pose risks if not navigated with caution.

Guanajuato has a network of tunnels used for vehicular traffic. Pedestrians should be cautious near tunnel entrances and exits.

In the central parts of the city, you will find crosswalks and pedestrian signals that aid in safely crossing streets. However, these may not be as prevalent in less tourist-centric areas.

Observe and follow the behavior of local pedestrians to navigate the roads safely.

🚔 Police presence in Guanajuato

is guanajuato safe
The local police are quite friendly and often willing to take a touristy photo with you, promoting a sense of community safety.

Police presence is a crucial factor in maintaining the safety and security of residents and tourists in any city. In Guanajuato, law enforcement aims to ensure that locals and visitors feel secure while navigating the city’s charming streets and attractions.

The Municipal Police is primarily responsible for maintaining order within the city, handling minor offenses, traffic violations, and assisting tourists.

You will also see State Police (Policia Estatal). They oversee broader security issues, including the investigation of serious crimes and maintaining order at the state level.

Federal Police and National Guard‘s presence is more notable in instances where national interests are involved or in significant public safety situations.

The Tourist Police is a specialized unit or officers might be dedicated to assisting tourists, capable of communicating in multiple languages and knowledgeable about common tourist concerns.

Police presence is typically more visible in areas with a high concentration of tourists, such as historical sites, markets, and festivals.

💨 Is it safe to drive in Guanajuato?

is guanajuato safe
The city’s architecture is designed to be earthquake-resistant, adding an extra layer of safety to its historic charm.

The local driving culture can be somewhat aggressive and fast-paced. Pedestrians should be alert and cautious, even when they have the right of way.

Certain areas, especially around tourist attractions, can be quite congested, requiring extra vigilance from pedestrians.

If you are not confident in driving in Mexico, please do not rent a car as the transportation system in Guanajuato is efficient and affordable.

🚱 Can you drink tap water in Guanajuato?

is guanajuato safe
The city’s high altitude means cleaner and thinner air, but remember to stay hydrated and take it easy to adjust!

The safety of drinking tap water in Guanajuato, like many parts of Mexico, can be quite variable.

While the water quality might meet local standards, it might not align with the expectations of tourists, particularly those from countries with different water treatment standards.

As a traveler, it is safer to not drink tap water in Guanajuato at all costs to avoid sickness. Consider consuming commercially bottled water, which is widely available in stores and restaurants.

☔ Natural disasters and weather in Guanajuato

Guanajuato, like many parts of Mexico, can be susceptible to earthquakes. Know the safety protocols such as “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” during the shaking.

Identify safe places in your accommodation, like under sturdy furniture or against an interior wall, away from glass or heavy objects.

The rainy season typically brings heavy rains, and there might be risks of flash floods or landslides. Always check the weather forecast and plan your activities accordingly.

Carry necessary gear like waterproof clothing and umbrellas to stay prepared for unexpected rainfall.

Understand the risk of floods, especially during the rainy season. Know the evacuation routes and safe higher grounds in case of sudden flooding.

✨ Guanajuato safety tips

is guanajuato safe
Did you know? Many of Guanajuato’s hotels and accommodations are in restored historical buildings, offering secure walls with a touch of history!

Navigating the Alleys and Streets: Guanajuato’s charm lies in its narrow alleys and streets. However, these can be confusing. Always carry an updated map or have a reliable navigation app ready to avoid getting lost.

Tunnel Awareness: The city has many tunnels. Make sure you are familiar with the main ones to navigate the city better, and avoid walking through them at night.

Local Festivals and Crowds: Guanajuato hosts various festivals. While they are vibrant and worth experiencing, be mindful of pickpockets and maintain a close watch on your belongings.

Public Transportation: If using public transportation like buses, try to avoid late-night travels and always be cautious of your surroundings and belongings.

Cultural Sensitivity: Respect local customs and traditions. Dress modestly and be aware of the local etiquette to interact respectfully with the locals.

Language Preparedness: While many people speak English, it’s helpful to know basic Spanish phrases or use a translation app to facilitate smoother communication.

Stay Hydrated but Cautious: Given the city’s altitude and climate, it’s essential to stay hydrated. However, opt for bottled water over tap water to avoid health issues.

Food Safety: When trying local cuisines, ensure that it is from a reputable place. Be cautious with street food to avoid foodborne illnesses.

Awareness of Altitude: Guanajuato is at a higher altitude. Allow your body time to adjust, and be mindful of altitude sickness symptoms.

Night-Time Safety in Guanajuato: Avoid deserted streets and areas without street lights during the night. Take the Uber after 10:00 PM. It’s affordable and safe!

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