Is December a good time to visit Cancun? Here’s everything you need to know about visiting Cancun in December

Traveling to Cancun in December can be a fantastic experience as it is considered the high season for tourism due to its warm temperatures and clear skies. Here are some things to expect for December in Cancun.

The weather in Cancun during December is usually warm and sunny, with temperatures ranging from a low of around 22°C (70s°F) at night to a high of about 30°C (80s°F) during the day.

You can expect little to no rain during this time of the year, which makes it a great time to visit the beaches and enjoy outdoor activities.

Since December is the peak season for tourism in Cancun, you can expect larger crowds at popular tourist destinations, such as beaches, theme parks, and shopping malls.

December is the holiday season, and Cancun is known for celebrating with festive decorations and events. You can expect to see Christmas lights, trees, and ornaments throughout the city, and many resorts offer special holiday-themed activities and entertainment.


With the high demand for tourism during this time of year, prices for flights, accommodations, and activities may be higher than in other months. It is essential to plan and book your reservations in advance to ensure availability and better rates.

Cancun is known for its adventure activities, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, zip-lining, and ATV tours. You can expect to enjoy these activities during your visit, as the weather is ideal for outdoor adventures.

Overall, traveling to Cancun in December can be an enjoyable experience, with warm weather, a festive atmosphere, and plenty of adventure activities.

Remember the higher prices and larger crowds for December in Cancun, and plan to make the most of your trip.

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cancun in december
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🔗 December in Cancun: quick links

🌡️ Weather in Cancun in December

Ever wonder what it’s like in Cancun in December? December is a peak month for tourism in Cancun, and it’s only suitable that many people want to know what the weather will be like during this time.

Cancun in December
@picsfeh / Instagram

Unlike other places that experience the cold and winter this month, December in Cancun is warm and perfect for outdoor activities. Typically during this time of year, temperatures range from 27°C (80°F) during the day, and it can drop to around 21°C (70°F)  at night.

The temperature is perfect for lounging on the beach or pool all day. Plus, don’t forget about all the outdoor and water activities you can do in Cancun – from snorkeling in clear waters to exploring ancient Mayan ruins. 

☁️ Humidity in Cancun in December

Cancun is a popular beach destination, even during December. It is known to have sunny days to mild nights; temperatures vary from warm to hot depending on the day. And with this, humidity levels in Cancun are also affected.

In Cancun, humidity levels can be high throughout the year. But worry not because, compared to other months, humidity in December is usually quite pleasant and doesn’t typically interfere with outdoor activities. 

cancun in december

During this time of the year,  the average humidity ranges between 60-80%, which is considered comfortable for most people. 

Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to stay cool during your Cancun trip. One is, of course, taking advantage of the beautiful beaches and swimming pools. If not, you can also stay indoors with air conditioning when needed. 

🌊 Water temperature in Cancun in December

The water temperature in Cancun in December can vary depending on the location and time of day. But on average, the water temperature is around 26°C (79°F), which is more relaxed than the summer months but still warm enough to swim comfortably. 

Cancun in December
@ashleyynam / Instagram

So, if you plan on spending a lot of time in the water doing water sports activities, no worries, there’s still plenty of fun opportunities.

Additionally, it is normal to experience strong currents during this time of the year. This can bring up cooler water from deeper depths, causing sudden temperature drops.

🌿 Seaweed in Cancun in December (Sargassum)

Seaweed is a natural phenomenon that can occur in the ocean and is difficult to predict with certainty. However, historically, seaweed in Cancun tends to be less of an issue during winter, including December.

During the summer and early fall, the waters in the Caribbean tend to be warmer, which can lead to the proliferation of seaweed. However, seaweed tends to be less of an issue as the water cools during winter.

That being said, it’s important to note that seaweed can still be present on the beaches of Cancun in December, but the likelihood of it being a significant problem is generally lower.

cancun in december

The local authorities and resorts work hard to keep the beaches clean and free of seaweed, so visitors can usually still enjoy the beaches during this time of year.

It’s always a good idea to check with your hotel or resort before your trip to get an idea of the current seaweed situation and to plan accordingly.

Additionally, some beaches in the area, such as Isla Mujeres, tend to have less seaweed than others, so it may be worth exploring other options if seaweed is a concern.

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🏨 Cancun in December resorts: where to stay

Nizuc Resort & Spa

💲 from $240 USD 

Nizuc Resort & Spa is a luxury resort located in Cancun, Mexico, and is known for its beautiful design, stunning views, and excellent service.

It has received numerous awards and accolades, including being named one of the “Best Resorts in Mexico” by Conde Nast Traveler’s Readers’ Choice Awards.

The resort offers guests a range of amenities and activities, including multiple swimming pools, a private beach, a spa, several restaurants, and bars. Additionally, the resort offers a range of activities, such as yoga classes, paddleboarding, kayaking, and snorkeling.

cancun in december

The rooms and suites at Nizuc Resort & Spa are spacious and beautifully designed, with stunning ocean views of the resort’s lush gardens. The resort also has several private villas with pools and personal butler service.

Overall, Nizuc Resort & Spa is considered a top luxury resort in Cancun and an excellent option for those looking for a high-end vacation experience.

However, it is important to note that it is a relatively expensive resort, so it may not suit those on a budget.

Coral Level at Iberostar Selection Cancun 

💲 from $240 USD 

The Coral Level is a part of the larger Iberostar Selection Cancun resort complex and is an exclusive area reserved for adults.

The resort boasts a private beach, infinity pool, and rooftop terrace with panoramic ocean views. The rooms are spacious and well-appointed with modern amenities, and guests can access personalized butler service.

cancun in december

Regarding dining, the Coral Level has several options, including a gourmet restaurant, a beachfront grill, and a rooftop bar. Guests can also access the restaurants and bars at the larger Iberostar Selection Cancun complex.

Overall, the Coral Level at Iberostar Selection Cancun is known for its luxury amenities, exceptional service, and stunning views.

Hyatt Zilara Cancun 

💲 from $300 USD 

The Hyatt Zilara Cancun boasts of its beachfront location and offers stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. The rooms are spacious and well-appointed, featuring modern amenities like flat-screen TVs and whirlpool tubs.

cancun in december

The resort has multiple restaurants, including gourmet dining options, and offers 24-hour room service. The all-inclusive package includes all meals, snacks, and beverages, including top-shelf liquor.

Guests can enjoy various activities and amenities at the resort, such as swimming in one of the multiple pools, relaxing in the spa, or participating in water sports. The resort also offers nightly entertainment and live music performances.

🏖️ Things to do in Cancun in December

Isla Mujeres Catamaran cruise from Cancun

🕒 4 to 7 hours
💲 from $940 USD 

If you are traveling to Cancun with friends or family this December, this private Catamaran cruise is the perfect way to spend a half day on the most beautiful waters in Mexico!

In this private cruise, you can take up to 25 of your friends and family to sail around Cancun’s stunning coastline. You can easily customize your route and choose which spot to visit first.

Cancun in December
@ashleyynam / Instagram

First, you can snorkel at the Machones reef and underwater Museum as your first-day activity. 

Another location you can visit is Playa Norte, where you can enjoy a nice swim and other water activities. Meanwhile, if you opt for the 7-hour option, you also have enough time to visit Isla Mujeres.

Whale sharks in Cancun and Riviera Maya

🕒 7 hours
💲 from $144 USD

Explore the waters of Cancun while you swim and snorkel with whale sharks

In this aquatic adventure, you will join a small group with a professional guide to meet the gentle marine giants. The tour will start as you board a comfortable boat and set sail to the coast of Yucatan. 

Cancun in December
@espaciodesarrollos / Instagram

Get ready to observe the calm waters of Isla Contoy, Holbox, and Isla Mujeres, where whale sharks usually live. Once you’ve spotted the whale sharks, hop into your snorkeling gear and get ready to plunge to snorkel alongside the whale shark and other sea life. 

All equipment is already provided, and the small number limit of 10 participants ensures an intimate and enjoyable experience. 

Xochimilco Park

🕒 5 hours 
💲 from $130 USD 

This Xoximilco Cruise in Cancun is a fantastic way to experience a Mexican cultural fiesta during December.

On this tour, you will board a flat-bottomed boat and cruise through Xoximilco, crisscrossed with canals that bead the traditional crafts called trajineras

cancun in december

As soon as you board the boat, you’ll enjoy a night of music, tasty cuisine, and traditional Mexican drinks. You can also enjoy Mexican games like tequila roulette, mariachi bands, and fun activities such as live shows and karaoke singing. 

Additionally, enjoy more personalized attention from your guide as this tour is only for a small group, limited to just 20 people (great for a group of friends and families).

When you’re done cruising, you’ll have a chance to participate in traditional Mayan rituals before being dropped off at your hotel.

Cancun Taco Crawl

🕒  4 hours 30 minutes
💲from $85 USD 

Cancun is a place of lively adventure and a good food experience. Make the most of your stay in Mexico’s famous beach town as you go on a 5-stop Cancun Taco Crawl

cancun in december
@lifecontentbypops / Instagram

On this guided tour, you’ll explore the local street food culture and sample some of Cancun’s best tacos as you stop at four taco joints. Try a wide variety of tacos and enjoy a dessert while you’re on it. 

But it’s more than that; you can skip the line and wait no time to be served as everything has been prepared already. 

At each stop, you will also have the chance to match your tacos with local beer and explore Cancun’s local market. And as you indulge in these delights, learn more about Cancun’s culinary history from your knowledgeable guide.


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🌆 Events and festivals in Quintana Roo and Cancun in December

Feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe

Every December 12, Cancun celebrates one of its most important festivals – the Feast of the Virgin Guadalupe. According to tradition, the feast is celebrated in commemoration of the appearance of Mary to a Mexican, Juan Diego, back in 1531. 

Diego was a young indigenous Indian walking toward the Hill of Tepeyac when he came across the appearance of the Virgin Mary. 

Ever since then, all of Mexico, including Cancun, celebrates the feast. 

Christmas in Cancun

December means Christmas time for everyone. Meanwhile, there are several monthly celebrations in Cancun – in time and before Christmas.

cancun in december
@betopino / Instagram

On the day of Christmas, locals spend most of their time with families and feasting over their Nochebuena. Still, most attractions in town are open to visitors. 

Locals of Cancun celebrate Las Posadas from December 16 to December 24 to commemorate the journey of Mary and Joseph from Nazareth to Bethlehem. During this time of the year, you will see candlelight processions and Christmas decorations all over town. 

New Year’s Eve in Cancun

Cancun is known for its vibrant nightlife, which is why many people flock to the city to celebrate their New Year. Parties, music festivals, fireworks, and live DJs are all over town to make the New Year Celebration come alive. 

Aside from the parties, locals celebrate New Year’s eve at home with a late-night dinner with family and friends. Afterward, they enjoy the restaurants and bars where they spend the night dancing and drinking. 


⁉️ Cancun in December FAQ

Is December a good time to visit Cancun? 

December is a perfect month to visit Cancun. However, note that this is also the start of the peak season for tourism in the city, so you should expect higher prices for flights, accommodations, and activities. 

But despite that, Cancun is a popular holiday destination because of what it offers. Cancun is a great place to visit in December, from the crystal-clear waters to the vibrant nightlife, alongside numerous festivals, events, and outdoor activities. 

cancun in december

Additionally, the weather in Cancun during December is warm and sunny, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on swimming activities. 

The festive season for the locals also starts in December, so you can expect many events, parties, and celebrations to take place during this time.

Is Cancun hot enough in December? 

Cancun is generally warm and sunny all year round. But compared to other months in Cancun, December is slightly cooler as the winter chill approaches. 

cancun in december
@ashleyynam / Instagram

But, with the average temperature hovering around 23°C to 26°C  (73°F to 79°F) throughout December, it’s safe to say that Cancun isn’t precisely in the winter season. The weather is still pretty warm to enjoy the beach and swimming in cenotes. 

Is Cancun good at Christmas? 

ABSOLUTELY! Cancun gets pretty festive during this time of the year. Activities like beach bonfires, boat rides, music festivals, and shopping sprees are organized by locals throughout the month.

Many hotels and resorts in Cancun also offer special holiday packages and activities during this time, including Christmas-themed dinners, holiday shows, and other festive events. 

cancun in december

Additionally, with Cancun’s warm weather, you can’t miss out on Cancun’s beaches. This is where most locals and travelers relax and do water sport activities. 

And aside from the vibrant nightlife and festivity, Mexicans take pride in their Christmas celebrations – with decorations all over town and intimate dinners with their family. 

Can I swim in Cancun in December? 

Yes, you can swim in Cancun in December. The waters of the Mexican Caribbean are warm and inviting during any time of year, so you don’t have to worry about chilling cold water. 

And while the weather in Cancun can be slightly cooler during the winter months, the water temperature remains relatively warm, averaging around 26°C (78°F) in December. This is still considered comfortable for swimming for most people. 

cancun in december

So if you plan to swim in Cancun during this time of the year, you can still freely swim in the ocean or enjoy exciting water activities like snorkeling, dive trips, and more. 

Plus, there’s no better way to cool down on those hot Mexican afternoons than to take a quick dip in one of Cancun’s many beaches. 

Is Cancun expensive in December?

December is the start of peak season in Cancun, which means the prices for accommodations, flights, and activities are generally higher than at other times. 

Still, there are ways for you to get the most out of your money. Cancun is known for its all-inclusive resorts that offer luxurious rooms and amenities, including beach access, fine dining, and more. 

cancun in december
@mii__i / Instagram

All-inclusive resort prices range from as low as $50 USD to $600 USD (even more). Some of the most famous all-inclusive resorts are Wyndham Grand Cancun All-Inclusive ($264 USD) and Secrets The Vine Cancun ($539 USD). If your budget allows, splurging a little in December may be worth it. 

But if luxurious all-inclusive resorts aren’t in the cards for you this year, don’t worry – plenty of other ways to enjoy Cancun without breaking the bank. 

From hotels with more modest prices to discount airline tickets and cheap eats throughout the city, there are many ways to save money on your holiday trip.

🇲🇽 Cancun Travel Planning

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🚑 Mexico Travel Insurance
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