Tulum Nightlife Guide: dance clubs, beach clubs, and best bars in Tulum, Mexico

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the magical world of Tulum nightlife, revealing the best bars in Tulum and must-visit night spots.

Welcome to Tulum, where the days are filled with pristine beaches and ancient Mayan ruins, and the nights transform into a mystical playground for locals and travelers alike.

As the sun sets over the azure Caribbean Sea, the energy in Tulum shifts, giving way to a vibrant and captivating nightlife that is unlike any other. In this blog, we invite you to explore the intoxicating allure of Tulum nightlife scene.


From bohemian beach bars to chic rooftop lounges, Tulum nightlife offers a myriad of experiences tailored to satisfy every taste. Picture yourself sipping on a refreshing mezcal cocktail, your toes sinking into warm sand while the hypnotic beats of live music wash over you.

Or perhaps you’d prefer to dress up and head to one of Tulum’s stylish nightclubs, where world-class DJs spin tunes under a canopy of stars.

Not only is Tulum, a hotspot for party enthusiasts, but it also boasts an array of cultural events and experiences. Get ready to immerse yourself in the rich traditions of Mexico, from the pulsating rhythms of salsa to the ancient art of fire dancing.

And as you wander through the moonlit streets of this enchanting town, you’ll discover pop-up art installations and impromptu performances.

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Tulum Nightlife
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🍸 Best bars in Tulum

Mistico Tulum

📍 Andromeda Oriente Calle Centauro Sur
💲 from $7 USD 

Mistico is a gastropub and hookah lounge based in Tulum that embodies the essence of Tulum’s bohemian and laid-back vibe. The bar features signature cocktails made from fresh ingredients that give you a real taste of Mexico. On top of all that, there’s live music every week, so you can groove along with locals and other visitors, perfect for the Tulum nightlife.

Tulum Nightlife
@misticotulum / Instagram

The bar’s setting is perfect for an unforgettable party night or simply indulging yourself after a long day at the beach. And among the crowd’s favorites is their passion fruit margaritas that go with their best-selling garlic mashed potatoes. 

The price range at Mistico Tulum is moderate to high, with appetizers starting at around $7 USD and main dishes ranging from $25 to $45 USD. Cocktails and wine are also available at a similar price point. 

Kal Hua

📍 Av. Tulum Ote. 1, Tulum Centro
💲 from $5 USD

Kal Hua is a well-known rustic beach bar in Tulum that offers breathtaking views, great drinks, and a vibrant atmosphere. The bar is in an open area and is well-decorated with eco-friendly materials, which add to the place’s vibe.

Meanwhile, they focus on serving authentic Mexican cocktails, local beers, and a fusion of Mexican and international cuisine. 

Tulum Nightlife

Kal-Hua Bar Tulum’s best-selling cocktail is their electric lemonade and all other mezcal-based cocktails. Meanwhile, their tuna tartare with avocado and sesame seeds is also a popular choice, as well as the grilled octopus with mashed potatoes and chile de árbol sauce.

The price range at Kal Hua is on the affordable side. Appetizers start at around $10 USD, and main dishes range from $20 to $30 USD. Beers and cocktails start from $5 USD.

Batey Mojito and Guarapo Bar

📍 C. Centauro Sur, Tulum Centro
💲 from $3 USD 

As one of the trendiest mojito bars in Tulum, Batey Mojito, Guarapo Bar has continued to attract locals and travelers since its opening. They also boast of their open space and live music, which makes the ambiance buzzing and lively every night. 

Tulum Nightlife
@les.grognasses__ / Instagram

Here, you will taste delicious Cuban cocktails and traditional dishes and enjoy lively Tulum nightlife. Of course, the best sellers of Batey Mojito and Guarapo Bar are their classic mojito or the guarapo (sugarcane juice). Enjoy their homemade dishes like arroz con pollo or ropa vieja.

Don’t worry about the prices if you plan to visit the bar. Batey Mojito and Gurapo are known to serve affordable drinks and food, ranging from $3 USD as the cheapest and $30 USD as the maximum price. 

Casa Papa Rey

📍 Av satélite esq. Sagitario Centro
💲 from $7 USD 

Casa Papa Rey is a famous vibrant bar in Tulum. The bar is perfect for your Tulum nightlife, as it features a modern and minimalist design, focusing on natural materials such as wood, stone, and clay.

Suppose you are fond of a fusion of Mexican and international flavors that focuses on using local and organic ingredients. In that case, Casa Papa Rey is the place for you. 

Tulum Nightlife
@casa_papa_rey / Instagram

Aside from their famous mezcal-based drinks, their ceviche and charred octopus are among the best-sellers. Casa Papa Rey also serves a wide range of cocktails, which makes it easier for guests to choose their drink for the night. 

You will need at least $20 USD to $30 USD per person to enjoy their food. Their menu list starts at $7 USD, depending on your order. 

Sole Cantina

📍 Av. Tulum 7, Tulum Centro
💲 from $4 USD 

Sole Cantina is a small open-air sports bar located in Tulum. It offers plenty of lounge chairs to kick back and relax while sipping drinks from its extensive menu. They serve classic cocktails like margaritas, unique concoctions like hibiscus rum punch, and a mix of international and Mexican dishes. 

Tulum Nightlife
@solecantina / Instagram

It’s a must to try their chilaquiles and Gordita de chicharrón. Among their extensive list of drinks, you can get their classic mojitos or rum punch during their happy hour for a buy one get one deal. 

Sole Cantina serves affordable drinks and food, ranging from $4 USD to $20 USD. 

Mezcaleria Amores

📍Andromeda esquina con, C. Centauro Sur
💲 from $10 USD 

Mezcaleria Amores Tulum is known for providing great mezcal drinks and cocktails in Tulum. With its cozy and lively vibe, Mezcaleria Amores Tulum has become a top destination for all those looking for an authentic Mexican experience. 

Tulum Nightlife
@francesco_ventura_fv80kr / Instagram

At Mezcaleria Amores Tulum, guests can savor over 30 varieties of mezcal from various regions throughout Mexico. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you choose the perfect selection based on your taste preferences and explain why each type is unique. 

You can enjoy a drink at Mezcaleria Amores starting at $10 USD. This can vary depending on your drink type – local beer, cocktails, mezcals, etc. 

El Grifo Tulum

📍 Avenida tulum esquina, C. Orión Sur norte
💲 from $5 USD 

El Grifo Tulum is a modern funky bar that is one of the best spots to grab a cold beer or freshly made cocktail in Tulum. It offers a unique atmosphere with eclectic and inviting decor.

Plus, the music selection in the bar is top-notch – from traditional Mexican tunes to modern Latin beats. 

Tulum Nightlife
@janiowaty / Instagram

Enjoy mezcal-based drinks and local craft beer on their outdoor patio with stunning city views. One of their best-sellers is the passion fruit margarita, which goes well with their freshly made empanadas. 

The food and drinks at El Grifo Tulum start at $5 USD.

💃🏽 Dance clubs and bars in Tulum

Romero Disco Bar

📍 Venus Ote. entre osiris y beta sur, Tulum Centro
💲 from $10 USD 

In the heart of Tulum, Romero Disco Bar offers guests an experience filled with great music, excellent drinks, and plenty of fun. The bar exudes a traditional Mexican and modern vibe, with decoration features of colorful and eclectic design. Guests can also expect Latin music to play all night. 

Tulum Nightlife
@romerodiscobar / Instagram

Since the bar is known for its lively atmosphere and unique cocktails, you can enjoy almost everything in Romero Disco Bar. From classic Margaritas to handcrafted specialties like their signature fruit-infused Palomas, you can find something that will suit your preference.

They have daily happy hour specials from 8 PM to 10 PM. Drinks and food start at $10 USD. 

Animal Tulum

📍 Av. Tulum Orion Sur / Sentauro Sur, Tulum Centro
💲 from $10 USD 

Animal Nightclub is a popular Tulum nightlife spot that offers a vibrant and energetic atmosphere focusing on electronic music and cocktails. The decoration features natural and modern elements, with a jungle-inspired theme and colorful lighting. Most of the time, travelers visit the bar for pre-organized events and parties.

The best-sellers at Animal Nightclub include their signature cocktails, such as the mezcal-based Jungle Fever drink and a fruity cocktail made with rum and passionfruit. The bar also offers a selection of beers, wines, and small-bite menu options such as tacos and empanadas.

The price range at the Animal Nightclub Tulum is quite expensive compared to other local nightclubs. Drinks here start at $10 USD and can go as high as $20 USD. 

Caribe Swing

📍 Av. Tulum, Tulum Centro
💲 from $5 USD 

Caribe Swing is a beachside bar in Tulum that offers a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere focusing on reggae and Caribbean music. Guests can lounge in a bar decorated with a rustic and bohemian design, at the same time, colorful murals and hammocks in Caribe Swing. Moreover, this bar offers an exciting mix of music, drinks, and exceptional Mexican cuisine. 

Tulum Nightlife
@caribeswing / Instagram

In Caribe Swing Tulum, there are a variety of signature cocktails, such as margaritas and mojitos, perfect for sipping under the stars or on the dance floor. Plus, you can enjoy live DJ sets featuring Latin rhythms like salsa and cumbia. And make sure to save room for their mouthwatering tacos al pastor or classic guacamole dip. 

Drinks at Caribe Swing start at $5 USD to $15 USD. For their food and main courses, you can also get them for the same price. 

Xaman Tulum

📍 Calle Beta Nte. 733, Tulum Centro
💲 from $15 USD 

Xaman Nightclub is a popular nightclub in Tulum known for its lively and energetic atmosphere. The club focuses on electronic dance music (EDM) and a mix of local and international DJs.

Their decoration features a modern, minimalist design, colorful lighting, and a spacious dance floor perfect for an all-night party. 

Tulum Nightlife
@xaman.tulum / Instagram

Since Xaman offers a variety of cocktails, among the crowd’s favorites is their signature margarita and mojito. They also have a wide selection of beers and wines that you can choose from.

With its modern design, spacious dance floor, and upscale offerings, its price point of $15 USD is already worth the money. 

Bonbonniere Tulum

📍 Carretera estatal Tulum – Boca Paila
💲 from $20 USD 

Bonbonniere is a premier nightclub in Tulum and has become one of the most popular nightclubs in the area. The venue provides an unbeatable atmosphere, a mix of music ranging from house, techno, and EDM, giving guests an unforgettable nightlife experience. 

Tulum Nightlife
@djillnessuk / Instagram

Moreover, the club boasts a stylish and luxurious atmosphere, with a spacious dance floor that can accommodate a large crowd of party-goers.

Aside from various famous and great DJs playing in Bonbonniere, the nightclub also boasts its drinks menu. The bartenders here are skilled and knowledgeable and can craft bespoke cocktails to suit any taste. Plus, they have a wide selection of cocktails, spirits, and champagne. 

You will need a budget of at least $20 USD to enter and enjoy Bonbonniere for a night. 

🌇 Rooftop bars in Tulum 

Nana Rooftop Bar

📍 Calle Polar Oriente Lote 004
💲 from $9 USD 

Nana Rooftop Bar is a unique music-inspired and jungle-chic rooftop bar in Maka Hotel Boutique in Tulum. It is a trendy venue among locals and travelers that want to enjoy the charming urban setting of the streets in Tulum. 

Tulum Nightlife

Open nightly; Nana Rooftop Bar offers a menu with an extensive selection of cocktails from mezcal and fresh local ingredients. The drinks served at Nana Rooftop Bar are crafted with precision and skill by experienced mixologists who love to share their passion for preparing delicious beverages. 

The price of drinks and food at Nana Rooftop Bar starts at $9 USD. 

Atico Rooftop Bar and Lounge

📍 Av. Coba Sur Mz 5 Smz 1 Region 14
💲 from $20 USD 

Atico Rooftop Bar and Lounge are atop Aloft Tulum, which offers signature cocktails, delicious food, and a great jungle view. This is a perfect spot for travelers seeking exciting Tulum nightlife experiences. The rooftop has an infinity pool, making your stay even more relaxing. 

Tulum Nightlife
@alofttulum / Instagram

One of Atico’s main draws is its diverse selection of drinks. They are open from lunch to midnight, serving crafted cocktails and Mexican-International gastro bites. 

You will need at least $20 USD to enjoy good drinks and food in Atico Rooftop Bar and Lounge. This will increase and vary depending on how many beverages you buy. 


📍 77760 Centro
💲 from $25 USD

Xibalbar Tulum is atop a secluded beach hotel in the heart of Tulum. Visitors can indulge in delicious local cuisine while sipping creative cocktails and drinks from an extensive menu. Its vibrant atmosphere, with live music events almost every night, makes it the perfect spot to kick off a night out with friends or take time to unwind. 

Tulum Nightlife
@alonatural17 / Instagram

The bar is known for serving an extensive cocktail menu, including classic and innovative drinks made with locally sourced ingredients. The bar’s mixologists are skilled at creating custom cocktails based on guests’ preferences; they also offer various snacks and small plates to complement the drinks. 

They have a seating charge worth $25 USD to enter the bar. This does not include the price of drinks and food, so make sure to bring extra.  

🏖️ Beach clubs in Tulum

Taboo Tulum

📍 Carretera Tulum-Boca Paila Zona Hotelera
💲 from $50 USD 

Taboo Tulum Beach Club is one of Tulum’s most famous beach bars. Not only does it offer an incredible selection of drinks, but it also offers a breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea. Its exclusive, chic, and bohemian vibe at the beach adds to its luxurious atmosphere, making it a great place to party all night. 

Tulum Nightlife
@fixumex / Instagram

For beer lovers, tons of craft and imported beers are available on tap in Taboo Tulum. They also offer a wide selection of cocktails, spirits, and Mediterranean gastronomic delights. 

You will need to make a reservation to enter Taboo Tulum Beach Club. Meanwhile, the prices here start at $25 USD, increasing as you purchase more drinks and food. 

Coco Beach Club

📍 Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila, Zona Hotelera Tulum
💲 from $50 USD 

Coco Beach Club is an exclusive beach club located near South Tulum Beach. It features a large, pristine beachfront area with comfortable lounge chairs and umbrellas for guests to relax and soak up the sun. 

With its extensive selection of drinks, there’s something sure to satisfy the guests who want to party. It’s a must that you try their chicken skewers and signature mojito. They also have a wide beer selection if you want something lighter. 

Tulum Nightlife
@claudinemartinez / Instagram

The price here at Coco Beach Club is higher compared to other beach club bars. Drinks start at around $25 USD, while beer costs $20 USD or more.

Mistico Beach Club

📍 KM 5.8, Carretera Tulum-Boca Paila
💲 from $13 USD

Mistico Beach Club Tulum is a one-of-a-kind beach club in Tulum. It lets guests enjoy a nice shisha while sipping their signature drinks. With direct access to the beach, you both simultaneously experience the Tulum nightlife and the tropical Caribbean vibe. 

Tulum Nightlife

Their bar offers signature cocktails, craft beer, and wine selections. They also serve guests snacks and dinner, which you can enjoy in their lounge or dining area. 

The price of drinks and food here starts at $13 USD. This will now vary depending on what you avail while inside the bar. 

Tago Beach Club

📍 Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila km 6, Tulum Beach
💲 from $13 USD 

Tago Beach Club is an exclusive beach bar in Tulum that offers breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea. It has become a popular destination for travelers who want to relax and unwind after a long day of exploring over some drinks and good music.  

Tulum Nightlife
@tago.beach.club.and.restaurant / Instagram

The club offers a range of amenities, including a restaurant, beachfront lounge chairs, and a bar serving various handcrafted cocktails and other beverages. They serve signature cocktails and craft beers using local ingredients, so you know you’re getting an authentic taste of Mexico. And if that isn’t enough, their bartenders can also whip up custom creations just for you.

The price at Tago Beach Club starts at $13 USD. 

Tantra Beach Club

📍 Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila Km 7, Tulum Beach
💲 from $50 USD 

Tantra Beach Club is another famous beach bar in the Hotel Zone of Tulum. It offers all-day pool parties and live music in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Tulum Nightlife
@maarinacunha / Instagram

The bar at Tantra Beach Club is the highlight. They have a creative drink menu and also serve great snack bites and appetizers. The bar’s mixologists are skilled at creating custom cocktails based on guests’ preferences, so enjoy their best-selling fruity frozen drinks while taking in stunning views of the Caribbean Sea.

The price menu may vary depending on what you order. But the base price is $33 USD for drinks and food. 

La Zebra Beach Club

📍 Km 8.2, Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila, Tulum Beach
💲 from $10 USD 

La Zebra Beach Club is a popular beachfront bar located in Tulum. It has a bar that serves a variety of handcrafted cocktails and other beverages, plus a beachfront lounge area where you can enjoy the breeze of the sea. 

Tulum Nightlife
@maruvalenzuela / Instagram

But aside from the laid-back bar atmosphere, they also host regular events, including live music performances and DJ sets, adding to the club’s lively and fun atmosphere. Now for those who prefer an ice-cold beer, the bar stocks all your favorite Mexican and international brands. But also make sure to notice their signature margaritas. 

Prices of food and drinks at La Zebra are surprisingly affordable compared to other beach club bars, which start at $10 USD.

🎉 Tulum nightlife tours

Tulum nightlife social pub crawl

🕒 5 hours
💲from $32 USD

The Social Pubcrawl Tulum is a lively and exciting tour that takes you on an unforgettable journey through Tulum’s bustling nightlife.

Designed for those who love to socialize, meet new people, and experience the best of local bars and clubs, this tour is the perfect way to get acquainted with the enchanting after-dark scene of Tulum.

December in Tulum

During the evening, you’ll visit four unique venues, each offering a distinct atmosphere and vibe, ranging from relaxed beach bars to trendy nightclubs. You’ll enjoy a complimentary drink at each stop while mingling with fellow travelers and locals alike.

The Social Pubcrawl Tulum is more than just a night out—it’s an opportunity to make new friends. With a friendly and knowledgeable guide leading the way, you’ll discover hidden gems and popular hotspots while experiencing diverse and captivating Tulum nightlife.

Catamaran Tour to Mujeres Island

🕒 11 hours
💲from $69 USD

Embark on a spectacular journey across the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea on this Catamaran Tour to Mujeres Island. This full-day adventure offers a perfect blend of relaxation, sightseeing, and fun-filled activities, making it an ideal choice for families, couples, and solo travelers.

Setting sail from Cancun, you’ll cruise toward the stunning Isla Mujeres, a beautiful island known for its pristine beaches, lush greenery, and vibrant marine life. Throughout the day, you’ll have opportunities to snorkel in the breathtaking coral reefs, teeming with colorful fish and other fascinating sea creatures.

December in Tulum

Once on the island, you’ll have ample time to explore its charming streets, visit local shops, or relax on the sun-kissed beaches. The tour includes a delicious buffet lunch, so you can savor the flavors of authentic Mexican cuisine while taking in the breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea.

Enjoy an open bar and live music that will keep the party going as you sail back to Cancun on your luxurious catamaran.

Craft Beer Tour in Tulum

🕒 45 minutes
💲from $50 USD

Discover Tulum’s thriving craft beer scene on this fascinating Craft Beer Tour, designed for beer enthusiasts and those looking to explore the local flavors and culture. This guided tour takes you on a flavorful journey through some of Tulum’s best craft breweries and taprooms, offering an authentic taste of the town’s creative and innovative brewing scene.

Throughout the tour, you’ll visit three unique venues showcasing their signature brews and brewing techniques. You’ll get to sample craft beers, from refreshing lagers to bold IPAs, all while learning about the art and science of brewing from passionate brewers and experts.

December in Tulum

In addition to savoring the distinct flavors of Tulum’s craft beer, you’ll also enjoy delicious local snacks perfectly paired with each tasting. This immersive experience provides a delightful insight into the town’s beer culture and the passionate people behind it.

Whether you’re a seasoned beer aficionado or a curious traveler eager to explore Tulum’s local offerings, the Craft Beer Tour in Tulum is a delightful way to dive into the world of artisanal brewing and experience the town’s vibrant atmosphere.

⁉️ Tulum Nightlife FAQ

Is Tulum good for nightlife?

ABSOLUTELY! Tulum has plenty of late-night fun – from bars, nightclubs, and beach clubs to DJs spinning tunes to fire shows and live music performances, you’ll enjoy a night in Tulum.

The nightlife in Tulum is known for its lively and energetic atmosphere, with many venues featuring outdoor spaces that offer breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea. Plus, nightlife in Tulum typically revolves around live music, dancing, and enjoying drinks in a more intimate and casual setting.

Tulum Nightlife
@pmx_soundz / Instagram

So, whether you’re looking to dance the night away or enjoy a few drinks with friends, you’ll find something that fits your preference.

Where is the party zone in Tulum?

The party zone in Tulum is centered around Tulum Centro, also known as Downtown Tulum. Located about 3.5 miles (5.6 kilometers) inland from the beach, this area is easily accessible by car, taxi, or bike. 

Tulum Centro is home to many bars, nightclubs, and restaurants that cater to both locals and tourists, making it the perfect place to enjoy the nightlife scene in Tulum. 

Tulum Nightlife
@tulumbar/ Instagram

And as you walk through the main streets of Tulum Centro, you’ll find a vibrant and colorful line of bars and restaurants that offer a variety of drinks and cuisines. 

Tulum Centro’s streets are lively and energetic, with many venues featuring live performances, local musicians, and DJs spinning tunes. It is also particularly popular with younger crowds, making the scene buzzing and vibrant.

Where can I go clubbing in Tulum?

Tulum is known for being a great destination if you want to party and enjoy a vibrant nightlife scene. And with several bars, nightclubs, rooftop bars, and beach clubs in the area, you can find a place that suits your preference. 

One of the most popular bars in Tulum is Batey Mojito and Guarapo Bar, where you can relax, vibe with good music, and enjoy a night out with friends. Meanwhile, if you want to dance the night away and party all night, you can visit Animal Night Club Tulum. 

Tulum Nightlife
@xwniawolf / Instagram

Additionally, it’s best to visit rooftop bars like Atico Rooftop Bar and Lounge for a more intimate and laid-back atmosphere. Beach Clubs are also great bars to see if you want to sip great drinks while enjoying the view of the Caribbean Sea – check out Coco Beach Club and La Zebra Beach Club, 

But of course, there are also many other places you can check out – you must look and research well. 

Does Tulum have clubs? 

YES! Tulum has several nightclubs where you can dance the night away and enjoy the vibrant nightlife scene. And with its stunning beaches and lively streets, Tulum has become one of the world’s best beach party destinations.

Because of this, you can find many different clubs in Tulum, specifically in Tulum Centro. Some of the most popular nightclubs in Tulum include Caribe Swing, Xaman, and Romero Disco Bar. 

Tulum Nightlife
@pabloherreraphotogpraphy / Instagram

In addition to nightclubs, Tulum also has several rooftop bars and beach clubs that offer a more relaxed atmosphere for those who prefer a more intimate setting. Here you can enjoy the nightlife scene over a few drinks with friends in a more laid-back atmosphere. 

Is Tulum or Cancun better for partying? 

Tulum and Cancun offer great nightlife scenes but cater to different crowds and preferences. 

If you’re looking for a high-energy party atmosphere with large nightclubs and an extensive range of entertainment options, Cancun may be a better choice for you. Cancun is a larger city with a more established tourism industry, offering many nightclubs, bars, and entertainment options.

Tulum Nightlife

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a more intimate nightlife experience and want to meet new people and friends around, Tulum may be the better option. 

Tulum is a smaller town compared to Cancun, and clubs in the area offer a more relaxed atmosphere, with local musicians and DJs playing tunes in various venues, ranging from beach clubs to jungle bars. Plus, the nightlife scene in Tulum centered around Tulum Centro makes it easier to meet people and socialize in clubs. 

Is Tulum good for singles? 

ABSOLUTELY! Tulum is a popular solo travel destination in Mexico. It’s a mix of young expats, digital nomads, and remote workers who chose Tulum to be their temporary base. Going to Tulum alone is not an issue as you’ll probably meet fellow travelers the moment you arrive.

Tulum is also a very small town, so you’ll probably find yourself saying hola to everyone after just 2 days of being in Tulum. This small town has a very welcoming vibe so you won’t really feel alone when you go here.

If you are traveling to Tulum alone, get in touch with me, and I will introduce you to friends in Tulum!

Can you walk around Tulum at night?

YES, ABSOLUTELY! No issues at all. Again, the government of Quintana Roo will not do anything to taint the popularity of Tulum because tourism is where most people get their livelihood.

Sadly, if you ever hear about violent crimes in Tulum, it is not directed at foreigners but at locals (unless a foreigner did something terrible). If you get into trouble in Tulum, it is your own doing because Mexico does not want to scare tourists like you because they earn their living from tourism.

🇲🇽 Tulum Travel Resources

✈️ Flights to Tulum
The airport that serves Tulum is Cancun International Airport. Use Kiwi.com to find the cheapest flights to Cancun. This is our favorite booking engine because they compare prices across all airlines for your route.

🛏️ Hotels and resorts in Tulum
Budget travelers can use HostelWorld to find cheap accommodations for as low as $25 USD per night. Resort vacationers, the best deals for all-inclusive stays in Tulum are on Booking.com!

🚑 Mexico Travel Insurance
Be prepared for the possibility that something can happen to you while traveling abroad. Do not travel to Tulum without travel insurance! We recommend SafetyWing (for digital nomad and entrepreneur trips) and Ekta Travel for comprehensive medical insurance starting at $0.99 USD!

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