Flag Street

The Flag Street in Sayulita, Mexico, is a vibrant and picturesque pathway adorned with colorful flags that flutter above.

The Flag Street in Sayulita, Mexico, officially known as Calle Delfines, is an iconic and photogenic street renowned for its overhead canopy of brightly colored flags.

This street epitomizes the bohemian and laid-back vibe of Sayulita, a small surf town on the Pacific coast of Mexico in the state of Nayarit.

The tradition of hanging flags started as a local festivity decoration and evolved into a permanent feature that adds to the town’s charm and attracts visitors year-round.

Flag Street stands out for its vibrant display of flags, which casts a kaleidoscope of colors over the cobblestone pathway, creating a festive atmosphere.

This simple yet enchanting decoration has become a symbol of Sayulita’s identity, reflecting its cultural richness and community spirit.

It is not only a favorite spot for photography enthusiasts but also a vivid representation of the town’s welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, making it a must-see for anyone visiting Sayulita.

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Flag Street access

Visiting Flag Street in Sayulita is free of charge, as it is a public street open to everyone. There are no entrance fees or specific tour prices required to enjoy this picturesque location. Visitors can freely stroll down the street, take photos, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere at their own pace.

For those interested in guided tours of Sayulita, including visits to Flag Street and other attractions, prices vary depending on the tour operator but are generally affordable, offering additional insights into the local culture and history.

Is the Flag Street worth visiting?

Absolutely! Flag Street offers a unique glimpse into the heart of Sayulita’s culture and community. Its colorful canopy provides a beautiful backdrop for photos, making it a popular spot among tourists.

The street is also surrounded by local shops, cafes, and galleries, allowing visitors to experience the town’s vibrant lifestyle. Whether you’re interested in art, shopping, or simply soaking up the local atmosphere, Flag Street is a memorable and enchanting part of any visit to Sayulita.

How to get to Flag Street

To reach Flag Street in Sayulita, you can fly into Puerto Vallarta International Airport and then take a bus, taxi, or rental car for the roughly 1-hour drive north to Sayulita. Once in Sayulita, Calle Delfines is easily accessible on foot from any part of this small town.

The street is located in the town center, making it a straightforward destination for visitors exploring the area. Walking is the best way to experience the charm of Sayulita, with Flag Street being a highlight of any walking tour.

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