Carricitos Beach

Carricitos Beach in Sayulita, Mexico, is a secluded, serene beach known for its pristine natural beauty, offering a peaceful escape with stunning sunsets.

Carricitos Beach is a hidden gem located near the vibrant town of Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico.

Unlike its more frequented neighbors, Carricitos offers a tranquil retreat amidst lush tropical flora, with expansive views of the Pacific Ocean.

Historically less developed, this beach has remained relatively untouched, preserving its natural beauty and serene atmosphere, making it a perfect spot for those seeking solitude and connection with nature.

What makes Carricitos Beach special is its untouched, wild beauty. It is one of the few places near Sayulita that has escaped commercial development, allowing visitors to experience the raw beauty of Mexico’s Pacific coastline.

The beach’s isolation means that it often remains quiet, providing a serene atmosphere. Its stunning sunsets and panoramic views of the ocean make it a unique spot for meditation, yoga, or simply unwinding.

Carricitos Beach Essentials

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Carricitos Beach access

Access to Carricitos Beach is generally free, as it’s a public beach without the commercial infrastructure found in more popular destinations. There are no entrance fees or mandatory tour prices, making it an attractive option for budget travelers.

However, since it’s off the beaten path, visitors should prepare by bringing their own supplies, such as water, snacks, and sunscreen. For those interested in a guided experience, local tour operators in Sayulita offer trips to Carricitos, with prices varying based on the services included.

Is Carricitos Beach worth visiting?

Carricitos Beach is definitely worth visiting for those who appreciate nature’s unspoiled beauty and tranquility. It offers a peaceful alternative to the bustling beaches of Sayulita, making it perfect for a day of relaxation, reflection, or a romantic getaway.

The natural scenery and quietude provide a stark contrast to the nearby tourist spots, offering a slice of paradise for solitude seekers.

How to get to Carricitos Beach

To get to Carricitos Beach from Sayulita, you can either hike or drive. The hike takes about 30-45 minutes and starts from the north end of Sayulita, following a well-marked jungle path that offers beautiful views along the way.

If driving, a 4×4 vehicle is recommended due to the rough, unpaved road leading to the beach. Parking is limited, so arriving early or hiking might be better options during peak seasons.

Things to do in Carricitos Beach

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