Medellin Market

Medellin Market in Roma, Mexico City, is a vibrant market known for its wide selection of Latin American products, fresh produce, meats, and specialty foods. It’s a cultural hub where visitors can explore diverse cuisines and ingredients from across the region.

Medellin Market, located in Mexico City’s Roma neighborhood, is a bustling marketplace known for its pan-Latin American offerings.

Established in the mid-20th century, it has become a culinary and cultural beacon, representing the diverse immigrant communities in Mexico City, particularly those from Colombia, Peru, Cuba, and other Latin American countries.

The market spans over 200 stalls, featuring an array of fresh produce, meats, spices, and artisanal goods. Its atmosphere is enriched by the colorful displays and the mingling aromas of traditional foods.

What makes Medellin Market special is its unique focus on Latin American cuisine and culture, making it a rare find in Mexico City.

It serves not only as a marketplace but also as a cultural crossroads where visitors can indulge in authentic dishes from across the continent, including arepas, tamales, and ceviche.

The market is famed for its quality and variety, offering everything from exotic fruits to traditional sweets, alongside a friendly, vibrant atmosphere that embodies the warmth of Latin American hospitality.

  • Mercado Medellín #20, Campeche 101, 06760 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
  • 8 AM – 6 PM daily
  • from $5 USD
  • Mexican, Latin American, Street Food
  • Casual Dining
  • Cash only

Medellin Market Travel Essentials

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Medellin Market tickets and entrance fees

There is no entrance fee to visit Medellin Market, making it an accessible destination for everyone. Visitors can explore the market on their own or opt for guided food tours, which typically range from $20 to $60 USD, offering a deeper insight into the market’s history, culinary treasures, and cultural significance.

Is Medellin Market worth visiting?

Medellin Market is undoubtedly worth visiting for anyone looking to experience the rich diversity of Latin American culture and cuisine. It offers a unique glimpse into the daily life and culinary traditions of Mexico City’s immigrant communities.

The market’s lively atmosphere, coupled with the opportunity to taste a wide variety of authentic dishes and shop for unique ingredients, makes it a must-visit for food enthusiasts and culture seekers alike.

How to get to Medellin Market

To get to Medellin Market, the easiest approach is via Mexico City’s efficient public transport system. The closest metro station is Centro Médico, which is served by lines 3 (green) and 9 (brown).

From Centro Médico, it’s a short walk or taxi ride to the market. Alternatively, you can use bus services that stop near the market or ride-hailing apps like Uber for direct transportation.

The market’s central location in Roma makes it easily accessible from various parts of the city.

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