Mexico Relocation Consult Call

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Get on a 30-min call with a move to Mexico expert to discuss your needs and get genuine up-to-date advice.

🌟 5-star move to Mexico consultant (100% positive reviews)
⏰ Duration: 30 minutes
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Book a 30-minute Mexico relocation consult call with a moving abroad expert. We’ve helped over 3,000 foreigners and expats move to Mexico with ease! Get accurate, up-to-date advice on how to move to any destination in Mexico. Schedule now!

🇲🇽 Mexico Relocation Consult Call: how it works

  • The price above is for a 30-min call with your move abroad expert
  • After check-out, you will receive an e-mail from us with the calendar link to book your call
  • Choose the time and date that you prefer
  • Get on a call with us and ask anything

📞 Mexico Relocation Consult Call: what we can help you with

  • Advice on where to live in Mexico
  • Familiarization with the areas
  • Apartment hunting
  • Accurate and honest advice on your chosen destination
  • Visa assistance

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8 reviews for Mexico Relocation Consult Call


    5-Stars: She Answered all my Qs about my Move to Oaxaca Super Fast…..and I had a Ton of them.

    I’m Glad she Offered the Consult Call bc it was Exactly what I was Looking for, at a Great Price.

    The 1 thing on Her Blog that I Believe I Read was she said the Shared Taxis here are Dangerous, and to Only Stick to the Yellow Taxis…..but the Shared Taxis have been Super Safe for Me….Súper Cheap as Well.

  2. Christopher Rieper

    Our first meeting with Trisha went splendidly! Beyond getting to know each other a little, she was able to suggest long term rental area targets based upon our needs/wants. We are very much looking forward to getting to PV to see what options are out there for us. My wife and I are very thankful for the consultation and feel much more at ease about our relocation to PV. We really don’t have any constructive feedback to provide, everything went extremely well.

  3. Kayla Lake

    When in doubt, simply Google her and you will find so many great things about her expertise. I found her on a CNN show and she could have charged me more but did not! We are a family of 4 with 3 dogs – she helped us move to Mexico and I am so grateful for her!

  4. Brandon Chamberlain

    Trisha was great. The insight and information she provided was already extremely helpful. She helped set a solidified timeline of what to expect and when, along with some ideas/suggestions that hadn’t been considered previously. She was very attentive to the goals we are looking to accomplish and provided relevant and helpful feedback. I have great confidence in Trisha and the assistance she will provide when we arrive. I am VERY satisfied with the conversation and that Trisha was available to retain her assistance!!

  5. Elaine Martin

    We have successfully moved to La Paz with our kids through Trisha’s 1-1 consult. She has helped us a lot from crossing the borders to Tijuana, traveling with our dogs, and completing our family visas. Really recommended and top first class service! Muchas gracias!

  6. James P.

    We are glad to have found this Mexico relocation service. They connected us with a great lawyer without even asking for a fee. In the end, we availed of their full relocation service since they are very good at what they do. Truly impressed with everyone, especially with your language skills. Thank you, all!

  7. Bradley Culley

    Trisha’s service is both exceptional and extremely valuable.

    In particular, it’s exceptional in terms of both rarity of service and quality of service. Trisha has the very rare skill set of the accumulated experience of both:
    1. living in these countries as someone from abroad, and
    2. having traveled both extensively and intensively.

    Intensively meaning long stays, working visas, being a digital nomad, speaking local languages, experiencing the health care, making strong connections locally, etc. Not only as a tourist. This intensivity is extremely valuable. During our 1 hour consultation, Trisha shared information that will, in a very real way, save me enormous time, hassle, problems, capital, and more.

    She also connected me with a trusted immigration attorney for the country in question. Which, by the way, she offered to do whether or not we proceeded with a paid consultation. Trisha provides deep local experience, and wealth of knowledge from having traveled the world. She is also personable, friendly, and easy to talk with.

    I had a great experience with Trisha’s 1-1 consulting, and I recommend it without question.

  8. Scott Olmo

    Trisha helped us look for a rental home in Sayulita and we still live in the same house after 6 months! She is very well connected in this town and has immensely helped me and my family move to Mexico. She even helped us all (a household of 5) to process our residency visas. These guys are legit and are highly recommended!

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