Telmex Mexico Customer Service

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We offer Telmex Mexico Customer Service for property owners not currently in the country. We will fix whatever you need while you sit tight at your home!

The price above is for a one-year service fee (no recurring charges with an option to renew anytime).


We know how hard it is to get in touch with Telmex, especially if you are not in the country or don’t speak Spanish fluently. This Telmex Customer Service is paid for one year with an option to choose how many years you want us to take care of your account.

🌐 How this service works

  • Pay the one-year fee (not billed annually) by clicking the β€œorder now” button above. Our website will take you to our Stripe payment gateway for this product.
  • A Google form will be on the payment confirmation page as soon as you pay. Fill out that form and answer all questions so we can better help you with your Telmex Mexico account.
  • Once the form is filled out, we will contact you via e-mail or give you a phone call, so we will know what kind of services you need for your Telmex account.
  • Within the year of your subscription, you can ask us to do everything for your Telmex account (i.e., pay your bills, cancel the contract, upgrade your Internet, install new wifi, etc.).

βœ… What’s included?

  • One-year management of your Telmex Mexico account (1 account only)
  • Telmex wifi installation on your property (supervised by our Property Managers)
  • Fast e-mail support (24-hour response time)
  • Instant Whatsapp support (real-time response)

❌ What’s NOT included?

Monthly payments for your Telmex bill. We can also pay your bills, and we will send you the invoice! Quickly pay with your credit card through our Stripe invoices.

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1 review for Telmex Mexico Customer Service

  1. Charlotte S

    My family owns a vacation rental in Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos. These guys do EVERYTHING for us! Do not believe other property managers because they are not good. Trisha is very meticulous and I am happy I came across her. She has taken care of my family’s properties and needs in Mexico for years – there is no other person or company better than this!

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