Churreria El Moro Condesa

Churreria El Moro Condesa is a renowned churro café in Mexico City’s vibrant Condesa neighborhood, celebrated for its crispy, freshly made churros, and rich hot chocolate, served in a lively, traditional setting that has charmed locals and visitors alike for decades.

Churreria El Moro Condesa, established in 1935, is an iconic churro shop in Mexico City’s Condesa district.

It’s famed for introducing the Spanish delicacy of churros to the local populace, becoming a cultural landmark with a legacy of serving high-quality, traditional churros and hot chocolate.

What sets Churreria El Moro apart is its commitment to tradition and quality. Its churros, crispy on the outside and tender inside, paired with thick, flavorful hot chocolate, offer an authentic taste of Spain in the heart of Mexico City.

The lively atmosphere, historic décor, and late-night hours make it a beloved spot among both locals and tourists.

The menu features freshly made churros, served plain or filled with dulce de leche, chocolate, or condensed milk, and various hot chocolate options, including classic, French, and Spanish styles.

Prices are affordable, with a set of four churros and a hot chocolate typically costing around $5 USD, offering a delightful treat without breaking the bank.

To get to Churreria El Moro Condesa, take the Mexico City Metro to Chilpancingo station on Line 9. From there, it’s a short walk northwest along Avenida Baja California, then turn left on Avenida Nuevo León.

Continue for a few blocks until you reach the café on your right, identifiable by its distinctive blue and white façade. The area is well-served by buses and taxis, making it easily accessible from anywhere in the city.

  • Av Michoacán 27, Hipódromo, Cuauhtémoc, 06100 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
  • 8 AM – 11 PM daily
  • from $5 USD
  • Churros, Desserts
  • Casual Dining
  • Amex, Visa

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