Monte Xanic Vineyard

Monte Xanic Vineyard is a pioneering winery in Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, known for its premium wines and innovative winemaking techniques. Nestled in Mexico’s premier wine country, it offers picturesque views and a sophisticated wine-tasting experience.


Monte Xanic is a trailblazer in the Mexican wine industry, recognized for revolutionizing the country’s winemaking and wine consumption practices.

Established in 1987 by a group of friends passionate about wine, it set a new standard for Mexican wine by introducing premium products and utilizing advanced technology for wine production.

Their innovative approach includes night-harvesting and creating specific vineyard clones to enhance the wine’s quality.

Located in Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, Monte Xanic is celebrated for its dedication to excellence, having won over 400 international medals.

Monte Xanic’s pioneering role in elevating the Mexican wine industry to global standards makes it special.

The winery’s commitment to quality and innovation, along with its adventurous spirit in winemaking, has garnered numerous awards and played a crucial role in promoting Mexican wine internationally.

Monte Xanic’s efforts have contributed significantly to the development of Valle de Guadalupe as a renowned wine region.

  • Francisco Zarco S/N Col, 22758 Francisco Zarco, B.C.
  • 11 AM – 5 PM

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Monte Xanic Vineyard tasting prices

For visitors interested in wine tasting, Monte Xanic offers an enriching experience through guided tours of its facilities, where you can learn about its unique winemaking process:

  • Classic Monte Xanic Wine tasting: from $39
  • Discover Monte Xanic Wine Tasting: from $43
  • Gold Medals Tasting: $49

Is Monte Xanic Vineyard worth visiting?

Visiting Monte Xanic is highly recommended for wine enthusiasts and those curious about Mexico’s rich wine culture. The winery provides a unique glimpse into the innovation and excellence that have propelled the Mexican wine industry forward.

Its picturesque location, quality of its wines, and history’s richness make Monte Xanic a must-visit destination in Valle de Guadalupe.

How to get to Monte Xanic Vineyard

To reach Monte Xanic, located about 30 km northeast of Ensenada and approximately 100 km south of the U.S. border, you would typically travel from Ensenada via the Ensenada-Tecate highway.

Upon reaching Francisco Zarco in Valle de Guadalupe, follow the signs to the winery. The region is accessible by car, and many visitors opt to either drive themselves or join a guided tour from nearby cities such as Ensenada or Tijuana.