Use this Sayulita itinerary for 3, 5, 7 days trip!

In this Sayulita itinerary, you will learn how many days you need in Sayulita with a day-by-day account of what to do and see!

I recently visited Sayulita (for business and to see friends), and I’ve updated this post about new restaurants, hotels, and things to do in Sayulita.

Sayulita is growing so fast and I understand why – I originally wanted to visit for two weeks and ended up staying for 2 years. It is a place where many visitors are drawn to stay longer.

sayulita itinerary

However, if you only have a week, 5 days, or 3 days in Sayulita, this itinerary will work for you. I only included the most important things to do that you can realistically cover for a certain time frame but feel free to look at more resources about Sayulita travel in this blog.

✅ Add these to your Sayulita itinerary

🗺️ Sayulita itinerary Day 1

Check-in time in Sayulita is always after 3:00 pm. If you arrive before this time, you can inform your hostel or Airbnb host and ask if you can leave your stuff until check-in.

If you’re taking a bus, most places are quite a walk (considering you have all the luggage) from the Sayulita bus station. Some accommodations offer free pick-up service at the bus station.

If you arrive between 9:00 am – 2:00 pm, you can go to Sayulita’s Friday Market. It’s only open on Fridays (closed in low season) and this is where the locals gather every week to shop, dine, and chat!

Sunset at Sayulita main beach

Sayulita itinerary
That’s my Wolfie! And he loves the main beach at sunset.

The main beach is an easy walk and stretches from north to south of Sayulita. Upon arrival, this is the first beach to check out. There are many bars and restaurants here and it’s also full of vendors.

The shoreline is big enough for you to lay on the sand and read a book. There are many dogs here as Sayulita is a dog town. Owners like to walk their pets here so get ready for some puppy love!

If you don’t want to lay on the beach, get a beer and watch the sunset. The beachfront bars in Sayulita that I recommend for sunset are:

sayulita itinerary

Otherwise, feel free to walk the shoreline and see what beachfront bars is attractive to you! The list above is what I frequent but my friends and I love Bar La Isla.

The good thing about any of these bars is that it’s so easy to chat with people you don’t know especially when you are traveling alone!

Dinner at El Itacate

📍 Calle Jose Mariscal 42

Sayulita itinerary

No matter what time of the day, El Itacate is the first restaurant to explore in Sayulita. This place is famous for its very own Itacate, which is tacos in fried cheese. Instead of tortillas, they actually use cheese for your tacos!

Itacate opened their second floor last year so there’s extra room for everyone. I still love their tables by the streets where you can observe local life. There’s always a long line here but their service is fast and efficient. You don’t need to call for reservation.

✨ Local tip: While waiting in line, get some cocktails at the bar next door called La Mariscal.

Explore the Sayulita nightlife

sayulita itinerary

Sayulita is known as a party town and my Sayulita nightlife guide will give you a glimpse of the best bars to go to. People usually go out from 10:00 PM and the plaza can get super packed!

Actually, parties in Sayulita are more street parties and socialization. It’s not a club setup. Although there are many DJs and events during the weekend. Just walk around and see where people are headed!

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🧳 Sayulita Itinerary Day 2

Brunch at a local chef’s home

Photo: @jonny.melon

Let’s say you partied Friday night and didn’t wake up for breakfast – brunch is always a good idea and a local will always welcome you in her home!

This is one of the best local experiences in Sayulita if you really want to get to know our community. You just need to book it in advance since she’s always busy but you can come any time of the day or week for brunch or breakfast.

Day drinking at Aloha

📍 Delfines 12

Sayulita itinerary
Small, lively, and very local. Aloha is a great day drinking spot in Sayulita! / @sayulitasocial

Locals go to Aloha on Saturdays as early as 10:00 AM. It’s a really small place so you might have difficulties getting a table. But hey – locals would always invite you to their tables!

This is a great place for cheap beers and also hangover snacks. They have a specialized small menu. If you are a fan of shrimp cocktails, they have the best one in town!

There is also a fish taco place next door called The Real Fish Taco and Aloha will allow you to order food from there as long as you order drinks with them.

Sunset at Carricitos Beach: must add to your Sayulita itinerary

sayulita things to do

Let’s be real: if you got drunk in Aloha and ended up meeting 100 people, you’ll probably have time to go all the way to Carricitos for sunset.

But if you managed to discipline yourself (or you have a golf cart rented), Carricitos is the best beach in town! I go here every day but only during sunset. It’s super remote and dogs love it!

It’s a 20-minute walk from town so if you’re spending long hours here, make sure to bring drinks and snacks – there are no stores along the way.

✨ Local tip: On your way to Carricitos, pass by Camacho’s Mini Market. It’s the cheapest place for 6-pack Mexican beers and it’s on the way to Carricitos!

If you’re walking, you can start your walk from Niños Heroes Street. You will pass by a hotel with a big whale mural.

At the end of this street, you will see an uphill road to the right at Jacarandas Street, and follow that path. There will be a fork street: take the left side.

The beginning of this trail will be a jungle walk. Follow the path until you reach another fork. Turn right. You can follow this direction via Google maps.

Dinner at Mary’s Traditional Mexican Cuisine

📍 Av. Revolución 36

If this is your first time in Mexico, a good Mexican restaurant in Sayulita that I recommend is Mary’s. 90% of their menu is Mexican – mole, tacos, quesadillas, soups are their specialty.

Don’t forget to try Jalapeño poppers because they’re my favorite! You can have a good plate at Mary’s for $100 MXN ($4.25 USD).

For those who are into deep exploration of Mexican food, try Mary’s famous mole. You can choose your own meat and there are also vegetarian options.

10:30 PM – go to some secret weekend parties

weekend in sayulita

As for Saturdays, let your take feet you anywhere or follow the locals. The good place to start is the Sayulita plaza where you will see lots of street performances and music.

Saturdays in Sayulita is full of surprises so if you want to party (or just experience the local nightlife), head out and walk around. You will surely find something you’d be interested to do.


🧭 Sayulita Itinerary Day 3

Brunch at Organi-k

📍 Av. Revolución 21B

Sayulita itinerary

Sundays are supposed to be chill but that doesn’t mean that the town is sleepy and inactive. Jumpstart your day with a healthy breakfast bowl (or a power smoothie) at Organi-k.

This is usually a takeaway spot but they also have a few tables inside. Their coffee is great too but I only come here for the superfoods (I really love their ginger and turmeric shot).

It’s right next to the Sayulita bridge so you won’t miss it! If you’re lucky, pick the outside bar seat for a great people-watching session.

Walk around town

sayulita itinerary

Take your Organi-k to go and walk around town. The whole Sayulita can be explored within 30 minutes – it’s really not that big!

There are many interesting things to see and do such as cool cafes, small streets, hidden restaurants, quirky food carts. Sayulita is so nice to look at!

This is also a great time to do your town photo sessions. If you’d like a professional photographer to take you to great spots (and also give you amazing memories in photos), I can recommend some friends – just contact me!

Sunset hike to Patzcuarito Beach

sayulita itinerary

I am always recommending sunset sessions by the beach in this Sayulita itinerary because we do have the best beaches in the state. What makes them great? The journey!

To get to Patzucarito, you will walk through jungle paths (they are flat, don’t worry). Golf carts are not allowed to go all the way here so you really have to hike!

Patcuarito is super remote and many tourists in Sayulita don’t come here. This is my favorite sunset beach spot in Sayulita so I hope you can go!

Dinner at a local taqueria

weekend in sayulita

Now is the time to explore the best street tacos in Sayulita – we have a lot! Tacos Ivan and Tacos Diaz are right next to each other (by the plaza) so you can choose to eat in any of them. Better yet, try both!

For tacos al pastor, I would always go for Tacos Diaz but for asada, I choose Tacos Ivan! Both have tables and chairs but I suggest you get a beer at the bar next door (Barrilito) then sit down at the plaza to eat your tacos!

Chill nights at Cava mezcaleria

📍 Ave Revolution 54A

Sayulita itinerary
TBT with my Lola in Cava, circa 2019. Yes, you can bring your dogs to Cava!

Cava is a really small place but has over 100+ mezcal types. Bero, the owner is Mexican. She went all around the country to find small family-owned mezcal producers so the products here are locally sourced.

She won’t even share the location of these producers because it was hard work for her to find them! If you want to try a private tasting session, they also use these local and artisanal products. These guys can come to your accommodation for a private tasting!

Should you end up in Cava, the bartenders, David and Miguel are my friends. Sit at the bar and they will gladly chat with you! There are also many people going here alone so you won’t really be alone.

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🪅 Sayulita Itinerary Day 4

Brunch at Anchor Cafe

📍 C. Marlín 45

Sayulita itinerary

In the middle of Gringo Hill, there’s a hidden spot called Anchor Cafe where you can get the best brunch! I loved coming to Anchor for working a few hours while eating.

Anchor Cafe is so hidden that you can actually focus and not be obliged to every single person passing by the street. The place is also set-up for digital nomads – comfortable seating, plugs, and AC!

Spend the day at Mal Paso beach

Sayulita itinerary
Always a joy to show Mal Paso to friends! This is my good friend @solhaugen who visited from Norway!

Mal Paso beach is an easy 45-minute hike because you’ll walk through the shoreline of the Sayulita main beach. Go all the way north of the beach (towards San Pancho) and you will get there.

This is a really secluded spot and you will have the beach to yourself. It is the most beautiful beach in Sayulita so if you can be extra adventurous, spend the day here!

Just BYOB and food. There is literally nothing here. Also don’t walk back in the dark as there are no lights on the way. Sunset here is spectacular but I stay til late if I am with a group. One time, I went here with a group of 25 people for a birthday party!

Dinner at Don Pedro’s

📍 Calle Marlín 2

Sayulita itinerary

On your way back from Mal Paso beach, head south and you will see a great restaurant in a big palapa facing the sea. Don Pedro’s is usually a family restaurant and is good for families traveling with kids.

But if you want a nice Sunday dining option, Don Pedro’s is incredibly affordable for what it is. They have everything from seafood to meat.

There are also International cuisines here if you are tired of eating Mexican food. Try their sushi and their pizza for a change! The prices here are higher than other restaurants in Sayulita but hey – please treat yourself!

Cocktails at Bar Escondido

📍 Calle Marlín 45 A

Sayulita itinerary

You can also have drinks and spend the whole night at Don Pedro’s but you don’t want to miss the cocktails at Bar Escondido. That is, if you are lucky to get a table. This place is small and super cozy – you’ll love the ambiance!

Since you are by yourself, you can just order a drink and stand like many other people do when Bar Escondido is full. This way, you can actually chat with other humans.

It is also a very chill place where people are not crazy drunk. It’s sort of a classy place that serves great cocktails. It’s also a hidden spot by Gringo Hill (escondido means hidden in English).

Locally, we usually use this spot for Tinder dates. LOL.

🫶 Sayulita Itinerary Day 5

Take a surfing class: must add to your Sayulita itinerary

sayulita itinerary

Sayulita is well-known for its super-friendly waves for beginners. The main beach is what we call the learner’s beach because you can easily ride the waves here. It’s perfect for newbies!

Surfing is such a big part of the Sayulita culture. You will see the local kids riding big waves here and many old families in Sayulita are surfers.

You may not be interested in learning how to surf but treat it as a good one-hour activity to mingle with locals and get to know the surfing community in town. Who knows? You might end up loving it after just one class!

Brunch at Chocobanana

📍 Delfines 14

Sayulita itinerary

Choco Banana is a famous brunch place in Sayulita. It is packed every day as they serve breakfast all day long! If you’re hungover and want a big meal, this place is it!

From American to Israeli breakfast, they have it all! Lots of Mexican breakfast options, too. Their servings are big but I cannot recommend them for sharing.

I think you will be able to finish a plate by yourself! The price range is between $80 MXN ($3.30 USD) to $150 MXN ($6.18 USD).

Chocobanana is also the only restaurant in Sayulita that is plastic-free. All their products are biodegradable and imported from the US.

The owner (who is a great amiga of mine) is a hardcore environmentalist so she’s highly allergic to plastic. If you want to know about her work in Sayulita, I can definitely set up for you to visit her bird sanctuary.

Dinner Achara Thai

📍 Calle Jose Mariscal 33

I know you are in Mexico but who doesn’t like Thai food at any time of the day or any part of the world?! Achara is the only Thai restaurant in Sayulita and they do their food well. Believe me, I know my Asian food very well!

The best way to have dinner at Achara is to order all their food and share it. They have big plates and their small menu (4 options per course) will give you the chance to get a variety of Thai dishes.

So, this might be a better option if you already met friends after a few days in Sayulita. This is where big groups hang out and everyone loves this place!

If you are going on your own, I do that a lot in Achara so JUST GO and have a nice Thai plate by yourself. Don’t forget to try their cocktails too. They are really good!

2 for 1 at Yambak from 8:00 PM: must add to your Sayulita itinerary

📍 Calle Marlín 29

Sayulita itinerary

You may not want to drink on a Tuesday night but 2 for 1 at Yambak is a social gathering! Yambak is the most famous bar in Sayulita because of its very strategic location (by the plaza).

Not only that you will get 2 drinks for the price of 1 but you will also get to meet all the locals living in Sayulita. I swear, this is a Tuesday ritual and all of us do it!

Through the years I was living in Sayulita, it had become mandatory for us to go to 2 for 1 and we all dress up for it! I really encourage you to go because you will meet so many people!

🏖️ Sayulita Itinerary Day 6

Breakfast at Alquimista

📍 Av. Revolución 89

Wednesday traditions are for chilaquiles at Alquimista. Chilaquiles is a typical Mexican breakfast perfect for hangovers. You can request extra spicy for a guaranteed kick!

You will also love Alquimista since it’s a curb-side restaurant (at the bottom of Libertad Street) where their tables and chairs are set outside.

Apart from chilaquiles, they have all types of traditional Mexican breakfasts that you can try but I really recommend you go for the chilaquiles! This is the best place for it!

👉🏽 Related: The best coffee shops in Sayulita

Marietas Islands boat trip: must add to your Sayulita itinerary

⏰ from 9:30 AM – 2:00 PM

sayulita mexico

The Marietas Islands are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays so Wednesday is a great day to go on a boat tour and visit it! Don’t miss this when you go to Sayulita. This is really important!

You probably heard about his hidden beach on Instagram and yes, it is in Riviera Nayarit! Located in Punta de Mita, Marietas Islands tours depart from Sayulita 5 times a week.

You just need to reserve in advance if you want to do this because there are only 14 slots per fishermen allowed daily. Marietas is a federal protected area.

You can book this Marietas Islands tour with a local fisherman that I am supporting in Sayulita. I personally know these guys so I can vouch for them.

Late lunch at Tierra Viva

Calle Marlín 10

sayulita restaurants

Tierra Viva specializes in gourmet dishes – with elaborate preparations and aesthetically balanced presentations of their food. Just look at the difference between their chilaquiles (pictured below) and the one from Alquimista.

I love having brunch here by myself (and with the dogs) because it’s super quiet and I often bring a book with me. It’s also on the street going to the beach so feel free to lay on the sand after eating!

They also have a large 2-floor space that’s in one of the shaded streets of Sayulita. They don’t have AC but you can definitely sit on the second floor surrounded by trees.

Their menu is also divided into breakfast, lunch, and dinner and is only served at certain hours.

Get a home service massage at your accommodation

weekend in sayulita

Finish your Sayulita itinerary by getting a massage at your Airbnb. My local contact will bring a massage bed to your place at any time you request.

She comes to my house every week and I guarantee you that she is good! Apart from massages, she also have other services like facial and stone treatments.

Farewell party at Atico

Calle Jose Mariscal 48

Atico has live bands almost every day and it’s a local hangout! Most of the people working here live in Sayulita. This is actually the hub of young people living in town and I promise you everyone is super-friendly here.

Whatever drinks you want to have, they have it at Atico! They also have a small food menu for dinner. Hanging out at Atico and watching the live band is the best way to end your trip to Sayulita!

🌴 Sayulita Itinerary Day 7

Finally, please make sure you already booked your taxi transport from Sayulita to Puerto Vallarta Airport. You don’t want to miss your flight!

Also make sure that you leave Sayulita at least 3 hours before your flight. Lastly, I hope you enjoy your trip to Sayulita. If you ever need me to connect you with cool people, contact me, and I will make an intro!

🙋🏽 Is 5 days in Sayulita enough?

Photo: My Life Is A Travel Movie

Yes, absolutely! Some people visit Sayulita for the weekend (3 days) so within 5 days, you will have enough time to make the most out of your trip to Sayulita.

This Sayulita itinerary is flexible so feel free to mix around the activities in this article. However, there are time-sensitive activities, for example, the 2 for 1 in Yambak every Tuesday.

If booking a Marietas Islands tour, please note that the islands are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Otherwise, all excursions in this post are flexible for any day!

⁉️ Is Sayulita worth visiting for a few days?

TOTALLY. Sayulita is one of the hot vacation spots in Riviera Nayarit. Even so, it’s still not as crowded as Tulum or Cancun. Many Americans and Canadians actually live here because of the small-town vibe. Everyone knows everyone!

If you love small-town vibes, great beaches, and integrating with local life, Sayulita is worth visiting for a week. Who knows? You might end up moving to Sayulita as I did!

Many readers of this blog ask about the difference between Sayulita versus Tulum. Apart from being less crowded, Sayulita has jungles, mountains, and hikes that you can do. A lot of people are amazed to see our rich mountains pre-landing!

Although the Caribbean beaches are way different than the Pacific. We don’t have crystal blue waters in Sayulita but the unique jungle beaches make it distinct from the touristy south.

I must warn you that Sayulita is getting popular by the minute and in the years to come, there is a prediction that it will be the next Tulum so come visit now!

📅 When is the best time to visit Sayulita?

I used to stay from November to May (high season) is a good time but now, I feel like Sayulita is okay to visit all year round. The problem with the high season is that it’s super hard to find accommodations and the town can get crowded.

Note that Sayulita is a really small town and has no infrastructure to hold more than 10,000 people at a time. This is actually the actual number of visitors during the high season. It’s almost the same as the population of Sayulita which is 12,000.

I worked closely with the tourism board of Nayarit and proposed that there is a limit to the daily/weekly/monthly/ visitors to Sayulita but they said there is no way to control that. People will come no matter what and it’s hard to keep track.

Sayulita shares the Puerto Vallarta International Airport with Puerto Vallarta and they are only recording visitors who visit PV. They don’t know which tourists are going to nearby towns like Bucerias, San Pancho, Sayulita, etc – all of which PVR Airport is serving.

The only problem with visiting during the low season (June-October) is that it’s too hot. Most Americans and Canadians can’t take this kind of heat.

But I assure you that if you go during the low season, traveling will be easier. Some restaurants close because of the extremely hot weather but I already spent 2 summers in Sayulita and I loved it!

🚫 Is Sayulita safe?

sayulita itinerary

Sayulita is one of the safest places I’ve lived in, mostly because everyone knows everyone! Even you will end up being friends with many people when you visit.

It’s such a small town that people go to the same places all the time. We are also not very mindful of our bags and belongings because seriously if you are a local and you want to steal, there is actually no way out.

Everyone knows you and will humiliate you in groups if you do shit. Sayulita has a very close-knit community and you will feel very protected when you visit.

🚕 How to get to Sayulita from Puerto Vallarta Airport

There are 6 ways to get to Sayulita from Puerto Vallarta Airport but I can always connect you to the local driver that I am helping by promoting his services in this blog.

Check out the article above and see how you can get to Sayulita hassle-free, in any form that you want. Plus, I personally know these drivers so your safety is guaranteed.

🇲🇽 Sayulita Travel Guide

  • Sayulita is a renowned destination for surfing lessons. Its warm, turquoise waters boast consistent, beginner-friendly waves, making it a top surfing spot in Nayarit.
  • Tequila tasting is a unique, sensory journey makes and a must-do while visiting Sayulita. Learn to appreciate quality tequila beyond the popularized shots, and engage with local traditions and artisans!
  • ATV tours and expeditions allow for exploring secluded beaches and hidden jungles. This is a great activity for groups and families with kids and an exhilarating way to experience the lesser-known side of Sayulita.
  • Embark on an exciting journey from Sayulita to the UNESCO-protected Marietas Islands. Discover hidden beaches, snorkel in crystal-clear waters teeming with colorful marine life, and witness majestic dolphins and humpback whales.
  • Experience the captivating beauty of Sayulita’s hinterland with our Monkey Mountain tours. Trek through lush jungles, witness vibrant flora and fauna, and ascend to stunning panoramic vistas at the peak.
  • From the lively, surf-friendly main beach to tranquil, secluded coves, discover the diverse beaches of Sayulita.
  • Encounter colorful local artisans, explore eclectic shops, and savor authentic Mexican cuisine at Sayulita Plaza.
  • Villa Amor has panoramic ocean views, elegant accommodations, and personalized services nestled amidst tropical jungles.
  • Residencia Tropical Don Bonito has spacious, beautifully-appointed accommodations, modern amenities, and close proximity to the town’s attractions.
  • Hotel Boutique Siete Luna is an intimate, serene retreat with panoramic ocean views, luxurious accommodations, and top-tier services.
  • Mexico has a shortage of housing for locals. The community will appreciate it if you book with local-owned hotels and accommodations.
  • Go to Cava Mezcaleria for a mezcal cocktail and/or authentic mezcal sourced from local communities all over Mexico. The watermelon mezcal is our favorite!
  • Lucid Bar is where the local kids hang out, any time of the day. If you make it here, try to cross next door and have drinks at Aloha Bar, too!
  • You won’t miss Yambak as everyone flocks here by the end of the night. 2 for 1 on ll drinks (except the artisanal beers) every Tuesday! Cross the street to El Barrilito if you just want to people-watch.
  • Savor the authentic flavors of Thailand at Achara. This restaurant serves meticulously crafted Thai dishes, bursting with exotic flavors, in a warm, inviting atmosphere.
  • Sayulita Public House offers an array of local craft beers, expertly mixed cocktails, and delicious American bites.
  • Enjoy exceptional service, a charming atmosphere, and a Mexican food adventure that mirrors the vibrant spirit of Sayulita at Aaleyah’s.
  • Experience authentic flavors, friendly service, and the real taste of Mexican tacos at Tacos Ivan. It’s open til late!
  • Pizza Venezia has handcrafted, wood-fired pizzas, made with fresh, local ingredients, served in a cozy, family-friendly setting. Vegan dough, available upon request! The best part? BYOB!
  • Discover the vibrant colors, tastes, and sounds of Sayulita’s Friday Market. Browse through a bounty of local produce, unique crafts, and delectable street food.
  • Experience the unique charm of Sayulita’s Hippie Market. Discover a treasure trove of handcrafted jewelry, vibrant textiles, artisanal goods, and bohemian fashion.
  • Sayulita is a walkable town with narrow cobblestone streets. You don’t need any mode of transportation while there. You must take an airport taxi service from Puerto Vallarta (under $100 USD) to get there.
  • If you plan to drive around Nayarit area or to nearby towns, a rental car is highly recommended when visiting Sayulita.
  • You need travel insurance to Mexico! Ekta Traveling is the recommended insurance (for travelers ages 2 months to 100 years old).

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  1. Thank you for all the great info! I’ll be going solo Aug 19-26, and will definitely be hitting up a lot of these spots. Would love to get the contact info for the fisherman… would love to meet some locals there as well, as I’ve been seriously considering moving to Mexico the last couple years- and Sayulita is one of my top places.

    1. Hi Bonny, yes! Because you can just go to Sayulita if you want to party (10-min taxi ride). Or, if you want a more chill party, San Pancho has them too but not as loud as Sayulita.

  2. This is a great guide. Thank you. May I have the contact info for your driver? I will have 6 guests arriving at one time and 2 later. All 8 will depart at the same time, but we realize we may need two vehicles for this 🙂

  3. Hi!
    How would I get in touch w/ the masseuse that you recommend? Does she only come to your house or does she work out of a business somewhere as well?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Quinn! For now, she can only go to Airbnb and guest houses. If you are staying in a hotel, we know all the hotels in Sayulita and we can ask permission from them to allow the masseuse to go in. You can check all the Sayulita massage services here.

  4. Oh! Also, thinking about getting a family photo taken and you mentioned you would recommend some local photographers??

  5. Hi, a couple questions!
    – how can I get in contact with the fisherman to go to the island? We are traveling to sayulita feb 11-18
    – who is your contact for local masseus? Pricing? Do I schedule in advance?
    – can we sign up for surfing class?
    – I see you mentioned having brunch at a local chefs home – I’d love to hear more about this!

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