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Our favorite wineries and vineyards in Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California

Valle de Guadalupe wineries have become an elite destination in Baja California. With its close proximity to the US, many Americans spend the weekend in Mexico’s wine country.

When wine comes to mind, we don’t really think of Mexican as it is not on the typical list of the best wines in the world. But when I lived in Mexico, I started to discover how great the wine culture in Mexico is. Many people don’t even know that Mexico has a wine country!

Here are some of my wine experiences in Valle de Guadalupe. You can also find individual stories in the blog for each of my visits. Please note that these Valle de Guadalupe wineries are arranged in alphabetical order and not ranked according to quality.

valle de guadalupe

???? What are the best wineries in Valle de Guadalupe?

La Cetto and El Cielo are the bigger Valle de Guadelupe wineries because of their larger-scale production and resorts experience. I’ve been to both and although I am impressed by them, I feel like all wineries are worth visiting because they all have different specialties.

This Spring, my new goal is to visit all wineries in Valle de Guadalupe and as usual, I will deliver an honest story about my experience.

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valle de guadalupe wineries
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???? 10 Best Wineries in Valle de Guadalupe

#1: Baron Balche

???? Juanita Beltrán S/N
???? +52 646 688 1032
???????? Tasting Details

Baron Balche opened in 1997 with the hopes of reviving hectares of vineyards owned by the Ríos family. The owner of Baron Balche, Juan Ríos started to produce wine without selling or distributing them and this is where the Baron Balche process began.

In 2001, Ríos launched his first 4 wines: Grenache, Double Blanc, Reserva Especial, Tempranillo, and Zinfandel. Today, Baron Balche vineyard in Ensenada is popular with San Diego weekenders.

valle de guadalupe wineries

#2: Casta

???? El Porvenir 22830, Ensenada
???? +52 664 200 2357
???????? Tasting Details

This 2,400 sqm winery in Valle Guadalupe specializes in Grape Mourvedre, a grape that distinguishes their products and makes their wines distinct (and branded).

They are proud of their 6 best-selling wines in the market and some of them are gold medal winners of the Colloquium and have high points in the Peñín Guide.

valle de guadalupe wineries

#3: Cava Maciel

???? Calle Sonora lote 2 manzana 7 Ejido
???? +52 646 161 8471

Jorge Maciel’s trip to Italy in 1993 inspired him to open Cava Maciel, one of the best wineries in Valle de Guadalupe. Jorge is super hands-on, passionate, and fun when it comes to leading his wine tours at Cava Maciel.

Together with his staff, they are always so very clear about explaining their wine processes and pairings. I feel like this Valle de Guadalupe winery is for beginners who have zero knowledge of wine.

valle de guadalupe wineries

#4: Don Tomas Viñedo

???? Camino A San Marcos Parcela 192, El Porvenir
???? +52 646 155 2949

For those who want to go on an all-inclusive Valle de Guadalupe winery tour, Don Tomas has a hotel, restaurant, cellar, wine tasting tours, and bike tours within their property.

room for two people starts at US$125 – US$199 but it does not include tours or tasting but you’ll have a good breakfast at the Don Tomas restaurant.

If you are not staying at Don Tomas, you can still avail the cellar tours. See details below:

  • Basic tasting (4 varieties of young wines): US$17
  • Premium tasting (4 premium reds): US$20
valle de guadalupe wineries

#5: El Cielo Winery

???? Carretera Guadalupe – El Tigre Parcela 118, Km. 7.5 Ejido El Porvenir
???? +52 646 978 0011

El Cielo is one of the biggest wineries in Valle de Guadalupe. Tourists who book their trips to VDG opt to stay in El Cielo for the experience.

Meaning, when you book a room at El Cielo, you don’t have to leave because they have their own wine tasting tours, restaurants, and other attractions within the property. A room for two starts at US$260 without the tastings/tours.

valle de guadalupe weekend

#6: Emeve

???? Parcela 67, 22755 El Porvenir
???? +52 646 688 1012

The name “Emeve” is from the owner’s initials, Mario Villareal in Spanish pronunciation of the letters M and V: eme is M and ve is V. This winery has been operating since 2006 and specializes in Cab Sauv, Malbec, Shiraz, and Chardonnay.

The tasting runs from 12:00 to 5:00 PM from Mondays to Thursdays. On weekends, they extend another hour and close at 6:00 PM.

valle de guadalupe wineries

#7: Casa Magoni

???? Km83 carretera Tecate – El sauzal
???? +52 646 187 0483

Casa Magoni takes pride on their Nebbiolos. In addition to that, they produce their own balsamic vinegar which is also available for tasting. A 4oz bottle of balsamic vinegar costs US$50 and the 250ml bottle is at US$100.

You can also order a cheese platter separately. They have 4 different platters on their menu namely Regional (US$12), Mediterranean (US$14), Goat Cheese + delicatessen (US$15), and Meat only (US$17). All these come with artisanal bread and regional olive oil.

wineries in valle de guadalupe

#8: Montefiori (Vinos Paolini)

???? Camino el Porvenir Parcela 26-1 S/N
???? +52 646 977 5503

Montefiori is Italian-owned and has been enjoying living in Mexico since 1985. You can stay at Villa Montefiori and enjoy all their amenities – I really love their rooms and accommodations! A Master Suite for 2 costs US$350, Junior Suite and Double Suite at US$250.

  • Premium tasting (Sangiovese, Rose, Shiraz Cabernet, Nebbiolo, and Selezionato): US$18
  • Winemaker’s Selection (Sangiovese Grosso, Nero d’Avola, Nebbiolo, and Nerone): US$25
wineries in valle de guadalupe

#9: Monte Xanic

???? Francisco Zarco S/N
???? +52 646 155 2080

I love visiting Monte Xanic because of their restaurant, Artio. It’s one of the best places to dine in Valle de Guadalupe which serves extraordinary plates. The restaurant is always full so make sure to secure a reservation.

If you are not able to get a table reserved, you can opt for their wine tasting packages. Below are the prices:

  • Discover Monte Xanic Tasting (4 Valle de Ojos Negros and Valle de Guadalupe wines): US$28
  • Classic Monte Xanic Tasting (4 Monte Xanic labels): US$25
  • Limited Edition Tasting (4 premium wines): US$38
wineries in valle de guadalupe

✈️ Ready for your trip to Valle de Guadalupe? If you need more information about Valle de Guadalupe wineries and vineyards, we’d be happy to update this post – just leave your questions below!

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Elena Gilbert

Monday 15th of August 2022

I would recommend checking out Valle de Guadalupe wineries and vineyards if you're looking for a beautiful and relaxing wine-tasting experience. The wineries and vineyards are located in the heart of the Valle de Gu

Von B

Thursday 21st of July 2022

Does Valle de Guadalupe have a night life after 9 pm

Trisha Velarmino

Thursday 21st of July 2022

No, not the club-type of party. It's usually fancy dinners and wine. Hope that answers your question!

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