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Our long-term initiative is to promote local businesses that don’t have the means to market themselves digitally. This work we do to promote them is 100% FREE of charge.

This initiative started at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. We noticed that many local businesses suffered so our media and content creation team went around Mexico and offered free digital marketing work to locals. We’ve created over 100 videos, 10,000 photos and marketing materials for local businesses we support, free of charge.

Vetting process

We make sure to spend a few days with them to know the humanity of their work. During this time, we spend time at their homes, hang out with their families and get to know their products. Once they pass our qualifications, we move on to content creation and store/product set-up.

things to do in sayulita

Content Creation

After they are fully vetted, our media and content creation team experiences their tours/products from end to finish. This means that we have done all these tours ourselves. We need to experience it first before recommending it to our clients. While on the tours/activities, we also take the promotional materials like photos and videos.

oaxaca mezcal tour

Quality Control

This is where you come in. Our quality control team heavily relies on customer reviews. We just don’t depend on the review you put on these products but we also ask you via e-mail about your experience. Many of our clients are very hands-on and always offer suggestions on how our locals can improve. We remove locals/products who get 3 bad feedback from our clients.


best mezcal tour oaxaca
oaxaca mezcal tour

Spending a day at Palenque Conejo’s mezcal field in Oaxaca

From his wife, children, and grandchildren, Conejo is running a multi-generation mezcal business in Oaxaca.

sayulita tequila tasting

Meet David: your tequila master in Sayulita

At the beginning of pandemic, this bartender in Sayulita started his own tequila and mezcal tasting business.



La Fogonera Sayulita: a food truck journey from Puebla

Every month, we feature local businesses in Mexico and tell their stories. This month’s highlight is chef couple Tamara and Radaii who traveled all the way to Sayulita from Puebla with their food truck.


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