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Sayulita is one of the most famous destinations in our 2020’s best of the best awards list. Mexico Insider actually started in Sayulita where we lived for 2 years and got to know the pueblo very well. This Sayulita travel guide is in-depth, complete, transparent, and honest. You won’t need any other guides once you read this!

💡 Sayulita quick information

🇲🇽 State: Nayarit

💲 Currency: Mexican pesos (MXN) with $ sign used. Don’t confuse it with US$ or USD.

🔌 Power plug: Mexico uses a type A socket (US, Canada). For more information about power plugs in Mexico, see this link (with photos)

🛃 Visa: Mexico is no longer giving 180 days visa to tourists so make sure that you have proof of accommodation and outbound flight so you’ll get the right visa.

🤟 Language: Most people in the service industry in Sayulita can speak English but only in big restaurants. You will still need to speak Spanish with street food/market vendors.

🌵 Culture: Sayulita is home to many expats from the US, Canada, Latin America, and many parts of Mexico. The culture is very laid-back and have a very slow lifestyle. The community is also very close-knit so everyone knows everyone! This is also a very family-oriented town so you will see a lot of children, especially in the plaza.

🧳 Trip Planning Tools

🏄‍♀️ Things to do in Sayulita

We only included the highlights here but you can see our article on 40+ things to do in Sayulita if you need more activities. Those activities are categorized depending on what kind of traveler you are such as families with kids, solo travelers, couples, etc. We promise you’ll love that list!

Meanwhile, here are some of the things you shouldn’t miss when you’re in town:

Take surfing lessons

Beginners love the main beach because of its very friendly waves. For pros, there are many other beaches in the area but you may need to rent a car.

sayulita nayarit

Hike Monkey Mountain

Monkey Mountain is only open during the winter/spring months (November – May) and it’s the best activity in Riviera Nayarit for outdoor enthusiasts.

sayulita from puerto vallarta airport taxi

Hire our local taxi drivers

Our local drivers in Sayulita will take you to anywhere in Riviera Nayarit like San Pancho, Punta Mita, Bucerias, Nuevo Vallarta, and Puerto Vallarta International Airport

Get a massage

Getting a massage is always recommended to end your trip. We don’t get regular ones because it’s expensive in the US but here, they’re affordable!

Learn how to cook

If you love Mexican food and want to learn how to make it in your home, take cooking classes with locals! This is a super fun activity and you’ll learn a lot.


Take photos around town

Sayulita is photogenic everywhere you look! Walk around town and get lost in narrow, colorful streets. For best results, you can also hire our local photographers for a session!

sayulita tequila tasting

Tequila/mezcal tasting

With our close proximity to the tequila capital of the world, we have access to premium and high-grade tequila – this is a MUST when you are in town!

Breakfast at a local home

We are the only one offering this tour and this is one of our best-sellers! Step in a local home and experience our culture while hanging out with a local.

things to do in sayulita

Aztec Ceremony + temazcal

The Sayulita temazcal Aztec Ceremony is a new and unique activity in town. Our shaman is from Teotihuacan and is a published author of the book, Temazcal.

Sayulita Attractions

sayulita nayarit
Hippie Market
sayulita beaches
Patzcuarito Beach
sayulita mexico
Sayulita Plaza
sayulita beaches
Sayulita Main Beach
sayulita mexico
Marietas Islands
sayulita beaches
La Lancha Beach
Friday Market
sayulita beaches
Los Muertos Beach

Day trips from Sayulita

mexico beach towns
San Pancho
things to do in puerto vallarta
Puerto Vallarta
rincon de guayabitos
Rincon de Guayabitos
lo de marcos
Lo de Marcos
best beach towns in mexico
Punta Mita
nuevo vallarta
Nuevo Vallarta
La Cruz
higuera blanca
Higuera Blanca

Local tours

🛏️ Sayulita hotels: where to stay

Super quick tutorial: when looking for hotels in Sayulita, make sure to use ‘Sayulita Plaza’ on Google maps as a to and from point. Simply put it on Google maps and it will appear. The Sayulita plaza is where all the restaurants, bars, and things to do in Sayulita so the plaza is going to be a popular landmark during your visit. Once you have this on the maps, type the address of the hotel you want to book. From there, you will see the walking distance and/or if you need to drive.

wedding venues in sayulita mexico

Vacation Homes

There are over 4,000 vacation rental homes in Sayulita. The luxurious ones are located on the cliff or in the jungles. These are accommodations ideal for groups of more than 10. The nightly rate range from US$650 – US$3,500. There are many villas for couples at US$200 per night.

sayulita hotels


The hotels are all in the center of town and are walkable. Hotels in Sayulita are not that big but it gives the comfort of being close to everything you need – you probably will be out all the time anyway! The nightly rate starts for as low as US$45 and is ideal for couples or people traveling in pairs.

sayulita hostels


Solo travelers on a budget can stay in hostels. There are less than 10 hotels in Sayulita – the hostel culture here is still very new as luxurious vacation rental homes are the trend. But it doesn’t mean that you won’t find affordable accommodations. A night at a hostel (shared dorm) starts at US$12 per bed.

🌮 Where to eat in Sayulita

Sayulita may be a small town but there are many restaurants here. We have many lists on this blog where we categorized the restaurants by cuisine. In Sayulita, the most common cuisines are Mexican, Italian, and American.

Many restaurants also have a kids’ menu for those who are traveling with kids. Aside from that, Sayulita has Thai, Middle Eastern, and other concept restaurants. There are many coffee shops and breakfast places, too! Just feel free to use the search button on the footer of this blog and search for the restaurants you like! Meanwhile, here are our favorite restaurants:

sayulita cafes
Best all-day breakfast
sayulita street food
Best food truck
sayulita restaurants
Best vegan
sayulita restaurants
Best gourmet restaurant
sayulita restaurants
Best Mexican
sayulita vegetarian restaurants
Best vegetarian tacos

🍸 Sayulita bars and nightlife

Popular to be Riviera Nayarit’s party central, this Sayulita nightlife guide will give you an insider scoop about where the cool kids hang out. These bars in Sayulita are divided into categories including prices, events, and many more!

Yambak Sayulita
Best artisanal beers
sayulita nightlife
Best mezcal bar
sayulita nightlife
Best classy bar

💵 Sayulita ATMs, USD exchange, etc

💵 US dollars: you can use USD to pay everywhere but every establishment has its own conversion rate. If the current rate in Mexico is $20 pesos per US$1, you will only get $18 pesos.

🏧 ATMs: Take as much cash as you can at the airport because ATMs in Sayulita always run out of cash! The hardest days to take cash is from Friday to Monday where ATMs are not able to dispense money. The best ATM is at Intercam but even though they are a bank, they seem to run out of cash, too! In any case that you urgently need cash, our office can send you money in Sayulita and we exchange a dollar for $18 pesos.

💳 Credit/debit cards: Restaurants accept credit cards but Mexico is still a cash society. AMEX is not widely accepted. Visa or Mastercard is preferred.

💸 Tipping: Tipping is highly encouraged as the daily wage in Mexico is low (US$7 per working day). If you like the service, you can give 15% but 10% is usually the minimum.


⁉️ Sayulita FAQ

Planning your trip

Definitely! Sayulita has beaches, mountains, and a very lively nightlife. The town is super small and has a close-knit community worth witnessing. Every corner of Sayulita is an Instagram spot. You will definitely enjoy it if you love small towns with ample outdoor activities.

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The reason why Sayulita is more expensive than its neighbors (Puerto Vallarta, Bucerias, Mezcales) is because of its infrastructure.

Sayulita sources everything (as in everything) from Puerto Vallarta so the travel time/delivery also costs money.

Many foreigners come to Sayulita for a grand vacation (aka luxury cliff hotels or beachfront properties) but if you are a budget traveler or a backpacker, this Sayulita travel budget guide will still work for you.

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Short answer: you don’t have to worry about your safety in Sayulita. It is extremely safe! But anyway, here’s a detailed article together with my personal experiences.

👉🏽 Read: How safe is Sayulita?

If you are staying in Puerto Vallarta or neighboring areas in Riviera Nayarit, you can visit Sayulita for a day but if Sayulita is your chosen destination, the ideal number of vacation days is 3-7 days.

One of the great things about living in Sayulita is having access to different jungle beaches. You don’t even have to have a car to get to them. All of them are comfortable and easy jungle hikes!

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ABSOLUTELY! People in the service industry are used to tourists and are very equipped with the English language. You don’t have to know Spanish at all although it is encouraged to learn the basic phrases.

Locals will always speak to you in English because this is the way they became better with the English language so if you are learning Spanish and want to practice in Sayulita, try to at least beat them by speaking in Spanish. Otherwise, the locals will only talk to you in English and take advantage of practicing.

☁️ Low season in Sayulita (June-August): We experience unforgiving humidity from June to August so visitors don’t really prefer to go during this season. Most accommodations in Sayulita have air conditioning so some foreigners don’t worry about the extreme heat. It’s only crazy when you are out but you also don’t want to spend your Sayulita vacation in your accommodation all the time.

Super low season in Sayulita (August and September):

We’ve observed how tourists can still endure the June to mid-August weather but when it comes to late August and all of September, the town is totally empty. This is when Sayulita experiences heavy rains, power outages, and extreme humidity all at the same time.

☀️ Super-high season in Sayulita (October to January): As it is around the world, October to January (ish) are the high season months in Sayulita. Dia de Muertos starts at the end of October, followed by Christmas in December, then New Year in January.

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The airport that serves Sayulita is Puerto Vallarta International Airport. It is about an hour from Sayulita via taxi. This is also the airport that serves nearby towns in Riviera Nayarit such as San Pancho, Bucerias, and Lo de Marcos.

You can book with a local taxi driver that costs US$55 per ride. Airport taxis in Puerto Vallarta charge from US$150 because they are licensed/authorized drivers. Remember that Ubers and taxi companies with no registry are not allowed to operate inside PVR Airport.

👉🏽 Read: How to get to Sayulita [all possible ways]

A golf cart rental in Sayulita starts from US$60 per day. It is a 4-seater and is customized to fit the road conditions of Sayulita. I’ve had many bad experiences with golf cart companies in town so for now, I can’t recommend any good golf rental company that I can trust.

A bus ride to Sayulita costs US$4 and it will take you all the way to the Sayulita bus station. This ride can take up to 1.5 hours since the bus stops a lot in different small towns on the way to Sayulita. Note that the way to Sayulita is on the other side of the airport so you have to cross the footbridge. At the bottom of this footbridge, you will find busses with ‘Sayulita’ signs. They come every 30-45 minutes and you can even take them to San Pancho.

If you’re renting a car at Puerto Vallarta Airport, the self-drive to Sayulita will be less than an hour. Take the Punta Mita highway instead of KM 300 to avoid heavy traffic.

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sayulita travel guide

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