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Mexico Insider’s essential restaurants in Sayulita

There are only a few Sayulita restaurants so it’s not really hard to try them all. I lived in this pueblo for 2 years and the Sayulita restaurants in this post are divided into different categories. There are also lots of local options here that you will not find if you are not friends with locals!

The heat of the day can be especially intense around lunchtime. While some ‘Sayulenses’ may prefer to take a siesta during these hours, other spots offer lunch in the shade with the cool breeze from a fan of the ocean and a generally laid-back vibe owing to the oppressive heat and humidity (full disclosure: this article is being written at the end of a long, hot summer).

Lunchtime can be a great time to take advantage of Sayulita’s geographic location and long-standing fishing heritage to enjoy fresh, local seafood. Fish tacos are an excellent choice, and Sayulita Insider made a video about exactly that. It is the first video in our True Value series, and it explores three fish taco restaurants.


Not all puestos serve food–some offer any variety of wares from clothing to hardware and more–in this article, I will be talking about lunch spots, so we can assume that puestos in this context refers to the food carts, food trucks, and market stalls that offer lunch. Many puestos set up early in the morning and sell their dishes until they are gone.

There are essentially four simple seafood options, though they are prepared in a myriad of different ways: tacos made with shrimp or fish and ceviche made with fish or shrimp.

For those who are not familiar with the dish ceviche, it is a popular seafood dish believed to be Peruvian in origin, though it quickly spread throughout the whole of coastal Latin America. It is made with white fish, as fresh as possible, and some combination of carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, onion, cauliflower, chilies, and other fresh raw vegetables. The ingredients are finely chopped and set to marinate in fresh lime juice for ten to twenty minutes.

The combination varies from one location to the next, but in Mexico, ceviche is typically made with onion, serrano chilies, tomatoes, and other vegetables and served on tostadas (crispy, fried tortillas) with a dash of Maggi salsa, which is similar to soy sauce and Salsa Huichol, a ubiquitous salsa made in the state of Nayarit.

sayulita restaurants

???? Are Sayulita restaurants expensive?

Food in Sayulita range from US$7 – US$12 per person. The majority of Sayulita restaurants have this price. If you’re planning your Sayulita travel budget, you can allot at least US$5 per meal ($15 per day). There are also lots of street food stalls that are not just tacos that are less than US$5. I also made some price points for the Sayulita restaurants in this post.

????: US$7 and below
????????: between US$7- US$12
????????????: US$15 and up

sayulita restaurants

???? Do Sayulita restaurants deliver?

All Sayulita restaurants can deliver. The only thing is that you need to pay extra 50 pesos (US$2.50) for the delivery fee. They will call a guy to pick up your order and it’s a separate service. We do not have Uber Eats or Rappi in Sayulita.

It’s really a small town so people go out and don’t necessarily eat at home. Some Sayulita restaurants will tell you they DO NOT deliver but what you can do is to call the delivery guy, order from him, and he will go to the restaurant of your choice. The best Sayulita restaurants that deliver are Achara Thai, Don Pedro’s, Marcolino, and all the pizza places!

sayulita restaurants

???? Is it safe to drink tap water in Sayulita?

Do not drink tap water in Mexico at all costs. Your Airbnb/accommodation will provide clean drinking water for the duration of your stay. For ice in bars and restaurants, they use filtered water so you don’t have to worry about that.

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sayulita restaurants

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???? Best restaurants in Sayulita, Mexico

#1: Chocobanana

???? Delfines 14
???? Best breakfast spot
???????? Details

Chocobanana is an all-day breakfast restaurant by the plaza. What you’d like to know is that Chocobanana is the most sustainable restaurant in Sayulita as they recycle and don’t use plastic.

Try their signature choco banana to start. You may want to skip on the meat dishes because they are trying to sustainably source their meat as well.

sayulita restaurants

#2: Organi-k

???? Avenida Revolucion 21-B
???? Best vegan & raw food
???????? Details

Situated by the Sayulita bridge (and river), Organi-k has smoothies, acai bowls, and rice bowls. I particularly come here for their ginger and turmeric shot which is our favorite healing drink.

You will always see Organi-k with long lines as early as 7:00 am. The place is small so a lot of people who are early-risers (mostly surfers) make a smoothie run before sessions.

sayulita restaurants

#3: Tierra Viva

???? C. Marlín 10
???? Best brunch spot
???????? Details

Tierra Viva is great for Sunday brunch as they have a wide variety of food on their menu. Sometimes, their menu can get very overwhelming but as usual, we will recommend those that we’ve tried. Tierra Viva specializes in gourmet dishes – with elaborate preparations and aesthetically balanced presentations of their food.

sayulita restaurants

#4: Mary’s Traditional Cuisine

???? Av. Revolución 36
???? Best Mexican
???????? Details

Their menu is packed with traditional Mexican cuisine that is presented simple, priced reasonably, and yet can make you feel the true food culture of Mexico. This curbside eatery is the best restaurant in Sayulita where you can get the Mexican experience that you will pay for less. The jalapeño poppers is highly recommended!

sayulita restaurants

#5: Burrito Revolution

???? Calle Mariscal 10
???? Best burrito in Sayulita

Listen up, vegetarians! This vegetarian burrito is always a favorite even for non-eaters. I find myself coming here when I am out of food choices in Sayulita because it’s always worth it no matter how many times I have it in a week. There are many restaurants in Sayulita where you can find vegetarian burrito but this one is still the best.

sayulita restaurants

#6: Don Pedro’s

???? Calle Marlin 2
???? Best family restaurant

Don Pedro’s has a very familiar vibe. When you come here, you will see lots of kids as they are also on the beachfront on the south side of town. Kids love their chicken nuggets and spaghetti from Don Pedro’s kids’ menu. Adults can enjoy a wide variety of food choices. Don Pedro’s menu can be very overwhelming but here’s a trick: go here on special occasions.

restaurants sayulita

#7: Achara Thai

???? Calle Jose Mariscal 33 
???? Best Thai

The head chef, Sam, spent years working in Thailand and I am thankful that he’s able to give Sayulita a little zest by having a Thai food option. If you don’t eat meat, Achara can customize your meals. They can replace your protein with tofu or any vegetable you like! They also have vegan soy sauce and vegan fish sauce.

sayulita restaurants

#8: Yeikame

???? Calle Mariscal 10
???? Best Mexican

Just right beside Burrito Revolution is Yeikame, an old-school Mexican dining experience headed by a great Mexican woman chef, Maribel, who’s also become so close to me because she’s my landlord’s best friend! Her recipes have been passed by generations in her family so if you want to try authentic Mexican enchiladas, this is the place.

restaurants in sayulita

#9: El Itacate

???? Calle Mariscal 42
???? Best tacos

Itacate is also something you shouldn’t miss. And I mean it. Here, you will find a lot of food options that involve cheese. Like this one pictured above which they call “Itacate,” a taco-like dish that has cheese as a “tortilla” instead of the traditional corn tortilla. If you haven’t tried pulque in your life, this is also the best place to do it.

#10: Sueños Creative Cuisine

???? Calle Marlín 23
???? Best fancy dining

In our recent visit to Sayulita, we were able to get to know Sueños Creative Cuisine, a new high-end restaurant in Sayulita that is suitable for date nights and dinners with big groups.

The menu at Sueños Creative Cuisine was curated by an Italian chef, so expect a culinary trip to Italy when you dine at Sueños. Almost ALL of the plates are extremely tasty.

This restaurant is more expensive (by Mexican standards) than the usual diners and joints in Sayulita but with the high quality of the food, every penny is worth it.

Sueños might be new in town but it’s already setting a bar and a high standard for dining in Sayulita. There aren’t many upscale places for fancy dining and Sueños is probably the first of its kind in town.

sayulita restaurants

✈️ Ready for your trip to Sayulita? If you have any questions about the best Sayulita restaurants, we’d be happy to update this post – just leave a comment below!

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