Mexico Insider’s 26 essential restaurants in Sayulita

Presenting the best Sayulita restaurants from our 2 years of living in this pueblo magico with detailed pricing, location details, and our favorite plates for each restaurant.

Mexico Insider started as Sayulita Insider, so this town is very dear to us. We lived here for 2 years and had the privilege to collaborate with local businesses and communities.

Whilst Sayulita is a small town, it has become the best pueblo magico to visit for the last 3 years. Businesses kept popping up out of nowhere, especially restaurants.

best restaurants in sayulita

The Sayulita restaurants’ culture keep changing, so make sure to bookmark this post. We regularly update this article (what’s closed, still open, or changed names/addresses) to make sure that you have an updated list for your Sayulita trip.

Let’s get started! Here are our favorite restaurants in Sayulita, Mexico.

Sayulita food tour recommendations

These Sayulita restaurants are categorized by cuisine. I also included prices, what to order, and the best time to dine in each restaurant. Enjoy the list and let me know what’s our favorite!

1. Chocobanana: best all-day breakfast

sayulita restaurants

 📍 Delfines 14 | 💲 meals from $7

Nestled in the heart of Sayulita (literally in the plaza), Chocobanana is a vibrant eatery known for its welcoming ambiance and a diverse menu that caters to all tastes.

Chocobanana serves a variety of dishes, with a particular focus on breakfast food. Their signature dish, the chocolate-dipped bananas, is a must-try, alongside their extensive menu featuring everything from traditional Mexican cuisine to international favorites.

Arriving early or during off-peak hours is recommended to avoid the wait, as Chocobanana is among the popular Sayulita restaurants and can get quite busy, especially during the tourist season.

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2. Organi-K: best vegan/raw food

sayulita restaurants

📍 Avenida Revolucion 21-B | 💲 from $8

Organi-K stands out in Sayulita’s culinary scene for its commitment to organic and locally sourced ingredients, offering a dining experience that’s both health-conscious and delicious.

The menu at Organi-K is a testament to the creativity and sustainability of its kitchen, offering a range of dishes that cater to various dietary preferences, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.

Highlights include fresh salads, smoothie bowls, and inventive entrees that showcase the best of local produce.

Try their seasonal specials are highly recommended, as these dishes highlight the freshest ingredients available, making Organi-K a standout among Sayulita restaurants for those seeking a meal that’s both nutritious and environmentally conscious.

3. Tierra Viva: best brunch spot

sayulita restaurants

📍 C. Marlín 10 | 💲 from $10

Tierra Viva is a gem among Sayulita restaurants, offering an exquisite fusion of traditional Mexican cuisine with international flavors.

The restaurant boasts an indoor and outdoor seating area, allowing diners to choose between a cozy interior or a romantic al fresco dining.

The food at Tierra Viva is nothing short of spectacular, with each dish prepared with the freshest ingredients and a creative flair. The menu offers a variety of seafood, meat, and vegetarian options, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

The restaurant has an impressive selection of wines and artisanal cocktails that complement the flavors of the dishes beautifully.

4. Mary’s Traditional Cuisine: best Mexican restaurant

sayulita restaurants

📍 Av. Revolución 36 | 💲 from $9

Mary’s Traditional Cuisine is a cornerstone in the Sayulita restaurants scene, embodying the essence of homemade Mexican cooking. The ambiance of Mary’s is authentically rustic, with a warm and inviting atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re dining in a Mexican home.

The menu at Mary’s Traditional Cuisine focuses on classic Mexican dishes, prepared with generations-old recipes and the freshest local ingredients.

Favorites include their mole, enchiladas, and the ever-popular tacos al pastor, each bursting with flavor and tradition. The portions are generous so come here with friends!

5. Restaurante Don Juan’s: best local restaurant

Restaurante Don Juan’s offers a unique culinary experience in Sayulita, blending traditional Mexican flavors with international culinary techniques.

The menu at Restaurante Don Juan’s is a celebration of sophisticated Mexican cuisine, with each dish carefully crafted to highlight the quality and freshness of local ingredients.

Signature dishes include inventive takes on classic Mexican entrees, such as mole with a twist and gourmet tacos that elevate street food to fine dining. The restaurant also offers a selection of international dishes, ensuring there’s something to satisfy every palate.

6. Burrito Revolution: best vegetarian burrito

sayulita restaurants

📍 Calle Mariscal 10 | 💲 from $7

Burrito Revolution is a name that resonates with both locals and tourists in Sayulita for its innovative approach to the classic burrito.

The food served at Burrito Revolution is a testament to the versatility of the burrito, with a menu that offers an array of fillings from traditional carne asada and chicken to more unique options like marinated portobello mushrooms for vegetarians.

The burritos are famously large, packed with fresh ingredients, and wrapped in freshly made tortillas, setting a high standard for what a burrito can be.

Explore their sauce options, ranging from mild to extra spicy, to customize the flavor profile of their burrito to their liking.

Considering the popularity of this spot among Sayulita restaurants, opting for takeout to enjoy your burrito on the beach can be a delightful experience, offering great food with a view!

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7. Don Pedro’s: best family restaurant

restaurants sayulita

📍  Calle Marlin 2 | 💲 from $12

Don Pedro’s is an institution in Sayulita restaurants, known for its stunning beachfront location and a menu that skillfully blends Mediterranean cuisine with local seafood.

The ambiance of Don Pedro’s is upscale yet unpretentious, with an open-air dining area that offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, making it an ideal spot for both romantic dinners and special family gatherings.

The menu at Don Pedro’s is diverse, featuring a range of dishes that highlight the freshest local seafood alongside classic Mediterranean recipes.

Make a reservation for a table around sunset. This not only ensures a spot at this highly sought-after Sayulita restaurant but also offers diners the chance to witness one of the most spectacular sunsets over the ocean!

Additionally, asking the staff for daily specials can lead to enjoying some of the freshest and most inventive dishes on the menu. They change this almost daily!

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8. Achara Thai: best Thai food

sayulita restaurants

📍  Calle Jose Mariscal 33 | 💲 from $15

Achara Thai is a standout among Sayulita restaurants for bringing authentic Thai cuisine to this vibrant Mexican beach town. The ambiance of Achara Thai is a harmonious blend of traditional Thai elements and the laid-back beach atmosphere Sayulita is known for.

Diners are greeted with a serene and inviting setting, where the decor features classic Thai motifs alongside tropical plants, creating a dining experience that feels both exotic and familiar.

The menu at Achara Thai is a testament to the authenticity and depth of Thai cuisine, offering a wide range of dishes from spicy curries and fresh spring rolls to stir-fried noodles and succulent seafood, all prepared with traditional herbs and spices.

Vegetarians and vegans will find ample options, ensuring every diner can enjoy the flavors of Thailand.

Ask the staff for recommendations on the level of spice to suit your palate, as Thai food can range from mildly spicy to very hot.

9. Yeikame: best Mexican food from Puebla

restaurants in sayulita

📍  Calle Mariscal 10 | 💲 from $7

Yeikame, a charming and authentic Mexican restaurant, offers a culinary journey through Mexico’s rich culinary traditions, right in the heart of Sayulita.

The ambiance at Yeikame is warm and welcoming, with a decor that reflects the colorful and vibrant spirit of Mexico. Hand-painted tiles, folk art, and photos of old Mexico adorn the walls, creating a cozy atmosphere that invites diners to relax and enjoy their meal.

The menu at Yeikame is a celebration of Mexican cuisine, featuring a variety of traditional dishes from different regions of Mexico. From savory moles and handmade tortillas to fresh ceviches and tamales, each dish is prepared with care and authenticity.

Yeikame’s dedication to authentic Mexican flavors and its cozy, inviting atmosphere make it a standout choice among Sayulita restaurants for those looking to indulge in traditional Mexican fare.

10. El Itacate: best taco restaurant

📍  Calle Mariscal 42 | 💲 from $7

El Itacate is a favorite among both locals and visitors in Sayulita, renowned for its innovative approach to Mexican street food. The ambiance of El Itacate is casual and vibrant, with an open kitchen that allows diners to watch as their food is prepared.

El Itacate’s menu is famous for its overstuffed tacos, particularly the steak and cheese varieties, which have earned it a loyal following. The restaurant takes pride in using high-quality ingredients to elevate simple street food to something extraordinary.

In addition to tacos, El Itacate offers a range of salsas, sides, and vegetarian options, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Mix and match different fillings and salsas to customize your tacos to your taste. Additionally, due to its popularity, the restaurant can get busy, especially in the evenings.

Visiting during off-peak hours can provide a more relaxed experience, allowing you to savor the flavors without the wait.

El Itacate’s combination of delicious food, a fun atmosphere, and the chance to enjoy creative takes on traditional Mexican street food make it a must-visit among Sayulita restaurants.

11. Sueños Creative Cuisine: best fine dining

sayulita restaurants

📍 Calle Marlín 23
💲 from $17 USD

On our recent visit to Sayulita, we were able to get to know Sueños Creative Cuisine, a new high-end restaurant in Sayulita that is suitable for date nights and dinners with big groups.

The menu at Sueños Creative Cuisine was curated by an Italian chef, so expect a culinary trip to Italy when you dine at Sueños. Almost ALL of the plates are extremely tasty.

This restaurant is more expensive (by Mexican standards) than the usual diners and joints in Sayulita but with the high quality of the food, every penny is worth it.

Sueños might be new in town but it’s already setting a bar and a high standard for dining in Sayulita. There aren’t many upscale places for fancy dining and Sueños is probably the first of its kind in town.


12. Alas Blancas: best Sayulita restaurant on the beach

sayulita restaurants
Must-try in Alas Blancas: tostadas

📍 Delfines 219 | 💲 from $8

Alas Blancas is one of the best Sayulita restaurants on the beach that specializes in seafood like ceviche, aguachile, and shrimp cocktail. They also have a wide variety of Mexican plates. This beachfront restaurant can be visited for breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus it’s a good spot for day drinking!

We recommend the crispy calamari with tartar sauce ($8 USD) and the tuna sashimi ($11 USD). We always order shrimp coconut for mains as this is one of the best in town!

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13. Frente al Punto Beach Club: best for sunset dining

sayulita restaurants

📍 C. Playa Azul 17 | 💲 from $10

Another beachfront Sayulita restaurant, Frente Al Punto Beach Club is particularly a favorite for families traveling with kids. This is one of the biggest restaurants in Sayulita with a spacious outdoor (and green) seating – a perfect spot for sunset viewing.

Most of the food served in Alas Blancas is American bar food. Feast on burgers, wings, and comfort food that both adults and kids can enjoy.

14. La Katrina Restaurant and Bar: best Mexican fusion

sayulita restaurants
A brand new addition to the La Katrina menu: sushi burgers! Ever had one?

📍 Delfines 20 | 💲 from $7

Located in the iconic Sayulita plaza (next to the church), La Katrina is a specialty restaurant that has all the Mexican bar food you are familiar with: burritos, nachos, and American snacks like buffalo wings.

This place is hidden and not many people notice it right away but this is the best spot for having a great view of the plaza and observing local life.

15. L’Ulivo: best Italian restaurant

italian restaurants in sayulita
Italian pasta like no other. They have a unique pasta menu that you won’t find anywhere else!

📍 C. Pelícanos 155-F | 💲 from $10

This Italian couple has been living in Sayulita for years and opened L’Ulivo to showcase the most authentic dishes from their country.

Although Sayulita restaurants are ruled by Italians, L’Ulivo is our go-to place for pasta. They simply have a pasta menu that no other Italian restaurants in Sayulita have!

L’Ulivo has a small space and it is intended for intimate dining. The owners are always around to make sure that you get the best quality Italian food.

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16. Henshin Sushi: best sushi restaurant

sayulita restaurants

📍 North side, C. Miramar 13A | 💲 from $15 USD

Henshin Sushi is located inside a resort but non-resort guests are also welcome to dine here. This Omakase restaurant does not have a menu and is the best way to surprise your senses.

Ask for the cocktail of the day before your feast. If cocktails are not your thing, opt for their Asian beers or a pitcher of Japanese sake.

17. Kahlo Restaurant: best Mexican gourmet

sayulita restaurants

📍 Av. Revolución 39 | 💲 from $15

Kahlo Restaurant is very proud to brand itself as one of the most sustainable Sayulita restaurants with the goal of supporting the communities around Nayarit by sourcing local ingredients.

Expect to see a carefully curated Mexican food menu that is traditional in the state. Kahlo’s main draw, is of course, their agave room where you can try different types of mezcal and tequila.

18. El Pescador Poke Bar: best spot for people-watching

sayulita restaurants

📍 Delfin #16 | 💲 from $8

Enter El Pescador Poke Bar through a small staircase right by the plaza. This place is hidden and one of the local gems. Food is cheap, comfortable, and you get to have a great view of the plaza life.

El Pescador Poke Bar specializes in raw poke bowls but they also have great Asian dishes. Our favorite (outside their bowls) is the chicken teriyaki with white rice!

19. Cafe El Espresso: best Mexican breakfast

restaurants in sayulita

📍 Av. Revolución 51 | 💲 from $8 USD

A breakfast institution in Sayulita, Cafe El Espresso has been side by side with Chocobanana in serving all-day breakfast in Sayulita – a privilege that we locals enjoy from living here.

Cafe El Espresso reportedly has the best chilaquiles in town (we have yet to try it!) but we go here for really good coffee and flank steak breakfast. You won’t miss this spot as it is right next to the plaza!

20. Public House: best American food

restaurants in sayulita

📍 C. Marlín 26 | 💲 from $12

A sports bar and day drinking spot in the day turns into an elegant dining at night – Public House has many faces and is always a good idea any time of the day!

An upper-tier American bar food draws many foreigners to stay here (with or without a live game). Many vegetarians also love their cauliflower wings. Try it and you won’t even notice the difference with the chicken wings!

21. Aaleyah’s Nachos and Wings: best Mexican cantina

sayulita nightlife

📍 C. Marlín 26 | 💲 from $8

You will often see this packed with Americans and Canadians but they’re not tourists – they are expats living in Sayulita who are fond of the owner, Josue, a happy-go-lucky Mexican who makes sure that everyone leaves Alleyah’s drunk.

Aaleyah is a sports bar but the ambiance offers you a Mexican sports bar twist. What is really good about Aaleyah is that they don’t just thrive on making people drunk but their Mexican food is one of the best (and cheapest) in town.

22. La Rustica: best pizza for kids

sayulita restaurants

📍 Av. Revolución 40C | 💲 from $10

La Rustica is a well-known Italian restaurant that is favored by kids and families. There is a big menu of pizzas and pasta that travelers of all ages enjoy.

It may look small from the outside but this is one of the biggest spaces in Sayulita with a second-floor party venue, a coffee bar on the side, and spacious indoor and outdoor dining on the first floor.

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23. Pizza Venezia: best pizza in the northside

sayulita itinerary

📍 Av. del Palmar 50 | 💲 from $10

Hidden in the northside part of town, this pizza house is popular for their vegan dough which you can request for an extra $10 USD.

Budget travelers can also get a customized pizza for only $7 USD – add all the ingredients that you like and the cost is the same!

Pizza Venezia does not serve alcohol but they let guests bring a bottle of wine or beer. Just one block from Venezia is a small tiendita Mini Super Chewbacca where you can buy alcohol for cheap. Make sure to swing by for drinks before going to Pizza Venezia!

24. Tropical House: best hidden spot

best time to visit sayulita

📍 Av. del Palmar Norte 9 | 💲 from $10

Right next to Pizza Venezia is the legendary Tropical House – a space for expats and foreigners living in Sayulita who does not want to participate in the bustling Sayulita nightlife.

Tropical House has a courtyard set-up that works any time of the day. The food menu is big but they will have whatever you are craving. As for drinks, they don’t have a menu but they will inform you that they have anything you wish to drink. They can even customize cocktails to your liking!

25. Yambak: best craft beers and bar food

Yambak Sayulita

📍 Av. del Palmar Norte 9 | 💲 from $10

Yambak is well-known to be a party place. To be honest, none of us locals will come here for food but when we started doing it, we realized that Yambak can be also on par with other Sayulita restaurants when it comes to food!

They only do not serve bar food but if you find yourself day drinking here and getting hungry by sunset, don’t move to another place. Try their gourmet dinner menu packed with carefully curated Mexican and International dishes.

🪅 Tip: Yambak also offers the iconic chilaquiles breakfast (made by a local chef) at a particular time of the day.

26. Sayulita Cafe: best chile relleno

sayulita restaurants

📍 Av. del Palmar Norte 9 | 💲 from $10

Ever heard of Chile Relleno? It’s a traditional Mexican dish of chili stuffed with beef, pork, finely chopped and vegetables. It is quite hard to find this dish in other Sayulita restaurants so better come here for this!

Sayulita Cafe is also a hidden spot and is only popular with locals. This second-floor restaurant will give you a great view of the main avenue in Sayulita and is one of the best people-watching spots. Make sure to choose the table by the terrace!

27. Orangy: best smoothies

sayulita restaurants

📍 C. Jose Mariscal 33 | 💲 from $10

A small smoothie shack owned by a Mexican and British couple, Orangy is pretty straightforward: raw food and smoothies that will definitely take your hangover out.

If you want a full meal, their filling acai bowl is a local surfer’s favorite – it’s packed with nutrients, it is raw, and it is very healthy.

Orangy is on our top 10 most sustainable Sayulita restaurants list. Sit down here, chat with the owners, and see how they sustain this business ethically.

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