25 essential Puerto Vallarta restaurants

Our list of essential Puerto Vallarta restaurants where local flavors meet culinary innovation: the gastronomical paradise featuring traditional Jalisco cuisine and innovative contemporary dishes.

Puerto Vallarta is a coastal resort city where the sea’s bounty meets the richness of the Mexican soil.

With its picturesque beachfront setting and palm-lined promenades, Puerto Vallarta is not just a feast for the eyes but also a gastronomic haven for food lovers.

From street food vendors serving local specialties, to high-end eateries that marry traditional flavors with contemporary techniques, there’s a palate-pleasing variety to suit every taste.

Here, you will find the freshest seafood, sample dishes infused with authentic Mexican flavors, or sip on fine wine while gazing at the magnificent Pacific sunset. This culinary adventure is as diverse and vibrant as the city’s bustling streets and serene seascapes.

puerto vallarta

The heart of Jalisco’s gastronomy lies in its beloved staples: birria, pozole, and the world-renowned tequila. Birria, a spicy stew traditionally made with goat meat or beef, is a comfort food par excellence.

Pozole, a hearty soup made from hominy, meat, and garnished with shredded lettuce, chili, radish, onion, lime, and oregano, is another dish you’d find at any Jalisco family gathering.

Of course, no meal is complete without a shot of Tequila, the spirited drink produced from the blue agave plant native to this region.

From seaside eateries serving fresh ceviche to rustic markets offering local cheeses and tequila, the cuisine of Jalisco is a vibrant tapestry of flavors that continues to inspire chefs in Puerto Vallarta and beyond.

puerto vallarta restaurants
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🍲 25 best Puerto Vallarta restaurants

Restaurante Barcelona Tapas

🍽️ Spanish
📍C. Matamoros 906, Centro
💲 from $5 USD

The open roof deck at Restaurante Barcelona Tapas offers views of Puerto Vallarta’s city and water. They specialize in Spanish food, and their Sunday brunch menu is well-known. There are vegetarian alternatives at the restaurant as well.

Best Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

Customers return to Restaurante Barcelona Tapas to order the restaurant’s renowned paella, which is served on small plates in the Spanish way. Their grilled pulpo is another delicacy you must try. To complete your meal, all of them must be done with a drink of sangria. 

The price of food at Restaurante Barcelona Tapas is $5 USD. You can pay with a card or cash. 


🍽️ Mexican
📍Blvd. Francisco Medina Ascencio 999, Zona Hotelera, Las Glorias
💲from $88 USD 

One of Puerto Vallarta’s top dining establishments, Gaviotas is ideal for a formal supper. They offer delicious Mexican food in a large venue with live classical piano music. It is advised that you reserve a table in advance using reservations. 

Best Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

At Gaviotas, meals are available from a set menu, such as the Sensory Menu. This can also be served with fine wine and signature meals. Their set menu depends on the available seasonal ingredients, so it’s best to check ahead. 

Prices for the set dinner at Gaviotas begin at $88 USD. They also accept payments made by card and cash. 

La Tienda Grande

🍽️ Mexican
📍Entre Calle Hidalgo y calle Juarez, int 172 A Ixtapa
💲 from $5 USD

La Tienda Grande is one of the best Puerto Vallarta restaurants with a tiny private dining area. The restaurant’s exterior is colorfully decorated, while the interior is simple but exquisitely designed. Table reservations at La Tienda Grande are required and must be made in advance. 

Best Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

The restaurant is best known for its delicious brunch fare, and it is a must to sample their pork belly crepe made in the Mexican style. In addition, an eight-course tasting menu is also available during dinner.

Food and beverage prices at La Tienda Grande begin at $5 USD. 

Cafe des Artistes

🍽️ Mexican, French
📍C. Guadalupe Sánchez 740, Centro
💲 from $11 USD

Cafe des Artistes is one of the most renowned Puerto Vallarta restaurants, known for its refined tasting menus. It is in an old house and offers tranquility and comfort within its naturally decorated interior seating and garden terrace.

The restaurant has more than 23 years of history under the guidance of a renowned chef, serving traditional French gourmet cuisine combined with traditional Mexican flavors. 

Best Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

If you visit Cafe des Artistes, you must order from their tasting menu. These include a variety of signature dishes, such as cactus and octopus. You should also take advantage of wine pairing and request something you like. 

The price of their six-course tasting menu begins at $74 USD, with wine pairing costing an additional $66 USD. Prices may vary depending on the menu options. In contrast, a la carte dishes cost $11 USD, and Cafe des Artistes accepts cash and credit cards. 

Juan Tiburon

🍽️ Seafood, Mexican 
📍 Viena 131, Valentín Gómez Farias
💲 from $1 USD

Juan Tiburon is one of the famous seafood Puerto Vallarta restaurants offering open-air dining on the vicinity’s terrace. The restaurant’s decoration is simple and casual, making you feel much more comfortable. They currently do not accept reservations but can accommodate large seating capacity.

Best Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

One of Juan Tiburon’s best-sellers is the coconut shrimp with rice and salad. You will also love their famous quesadilla with shrimp and ceviche with tuna. All these come in reasonable portions, sometimes enough for two to share. 

Their food prices are meager, starting at $1 USD. They do not accept card payments, so carry some cash with you. 

116 Pulpito

🍽️ Mexican, International 
📍 Púlpito 116, Zona Romántica, Emiliano Zapata
💲 from $4 USD 

One of the trendy hangout spots in Puerto Vallarta is 116 Pulpito. The restaurant has indoor seating and terraces to enjoy classic tapas, pizzas, and Mexican food. 

Food at 116 Pulpito is served in large portions, and each dish is good for sharing. It is a must to order their best-selling calamari and pizza. They also have a large selection of drinks, but it is recommended that you try their sangria or flavored margarita. 

Best Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

Food and drinks at 116 Pulpito are reasonably priced, starting at $4 USD. They do not accept cards for payment, so it is recommended that you have cash with you when dining at 116 Pulpito. 

La Palapa

🍽️ Mexican, Asian, French
📍Pulpito 105-3 Col. Emiliano Zapata, Puerto Vallarta
💲 from $2 USD

La Palapa is a beach restaurant in Playa Los Muertos that offers tropical Mexican cuisine combined with Asian and French elements. They have available indoor seating that has an elegant tropical ambiance and, at the same time, outside seating, perfect for enjoying the fine sand and ocean breeze. 

Best Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

Just among their best-selling dishes are shrimp, crab enchiladas, coconut shrimp, and lobster. Their fresh seafood is what they boast about, but if seafood isn’t your thing, they also have steak and pasta dishes.

They serve from breakfast to dinner; the cheapest menu is $2 USD. They also accept cards as a form of payment. 

The Blue Shrimp

🍽️ Seafood, Mexican
📍 Olas Altas 336, Zona Romántica, Emiliano Zapata
💲 from $7 USD 

One of the popular Puerto Vallarta restaurants, known for great seafood, is The Blue Shrimp. It is located near the beach, allowing you to glimpse the ocean while dining on its terraces. They also have available beachside seating on the sand. 

Best Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

Since Blue Shrimp is a famous seafood restaurant, you must order fried snapper. They also have cuts of steaks and seafood on a platter, giving you many options when eating. Meanwhile, their food is best paired with sangria. 

Their food is on the pricier side only because of their quality ingredients. Food and drinks here start at $7 USD. 

La Milpa Fonda Bistro

🍽️ Mexican, International
📍 C. Exiquio Corona 748, La Floresta
💲 from $1 USD

La Milpa Fonda Bistro is considered one of the best Puerto Vallarta restaurants because of its masa-centric menus. The restaurant is decorated casually but in a modern way. They also have indoor seating and a rooftop with a great city view. 

Best Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

The food at La Milpa is served in portions suitable for one, each plated intricately. They make their tortillas from scratch, so you must order their creole corn gorditas stuffed with huitlacoche. Another dish you should try is the mole rosado or pink mole. 

Prices of drinks at La Milpa Fonda Bistro start at $1 USD, while their food starts at $5 USD. 


El Palomar de Los Gonzales

🍽️ International, Mexican
📍 Aguacate 425, Alta Vista
💲 from $8 USD 

Known for serving international seafood dishes, El Palomar de Los Gonzales is one of the best Puerto Vallarta restaurants. The restaurant is in a relaxed hillside building, with a balcony and indoor seating available.

This gives you a great view of the city and the ocean all at the same time. You should book in advance to get a table at the restaurant. 

Best Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

One of their best-selling dishes is garlic shrimp and seared tuna with a spinach salad. You should try their banana foster or a cup of Mexican hot chocolate for dessert. 

The food and drinks at El Palomar de Los Gonzales start at $8 USD. You’ll need at least a budget of $15 USD to $20 USD when dining here. 

Fredy’s Tucan Zona Romantica

🍽️ Mexican, International
📍 Basilio Badillo 245, Zona Romántica, Emiliano Zapata
💲 from $3 USD 

Fredy’s Tucan Zona Romantica is a restaurant known for its breakfast menu. The restaurant is stylishly painted with pastel colors and decorated with tropical art and wooden furniture. Although they have a large seating capacity, making a reservation in advance is necessary. 

Best Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

Among their extensive breakfast food menu, their best-seller is the smoked salmon omelet and Campesino Breakfast. Meanwhile, you can get their classic mole omelet if you want something more classic. You can order a fruit smoothie or flat white coffee for your drink. 

The prices at Fredy’s Tucan are affordable, starting at $3 USD. They accept cash and card for payment as well. 


🍽️ Mexican 
📍 Aquiles Serdán 445, Zona Romántica, Emiliano Zapata
💲 from $10 USD

Tintoque is a local restaurant owned by a famous chef raised in the region. The chef specializes in creating classic Mexican food and puts a modern twist on them. The restaurant is chic and elegant, with a terrace and indoor seating. 

Best Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

They have a tasting menu in Tintoque, which is highly recommended when dining here. Aside from that, you can also avail of wine paring that will go with your food. Meanwhile, you can also order a la carte dishes suitable for sharing, such as empanadas or bluefin tuna. 

The food here at Tintoque is quite expensive. Their a la carte menu starts at $10, while the tasting set menu can vary from $80.

Bonito Kitchen

🍽️ Asian, International  
📍 Venustiano Carranza 512, Zona Romántica, Emiliano Zapata
💲 from $8 USD

Bonito Kitchen is a famous Asian restaurant in Puerto Vallarta. The restaurant has an open-air space surrounded by lots of plants and greens. They also have enough space to accommodate large groups, but booking ahead for a table is still recommended. 

Best Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

The food at Bonito Kitchen is mainly from Asian cuisine, and their best-selling dish is the Tan Tan Ramen. Another favorite dish is the grilled zucchini with pesto. For your dessert, you can try their famous berries with lavender cream. 

Prices of food at Bonito Kitchen start at $8 USD. A budget of at least $15 USD is needed when dining here. 

River Cafe

🍽️ Mexican, International
📍 Isla Rio Cuale 4, Zona Romántica
💲 from  $8 USD 

River Cafe is a restaurant on an island near Puerto Vallarta’s downtown. They offer fine-dining cuisine of both International and Mexican cuisine. In addition, the restaurant has an ambiance perfect for an elegant dinner, surrounded by live jazz music. But aside from that, they also have a buffet offering on Sundays.

Best Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

When dining at River Cafe, you must try their Aros de Calamar and Polio Portobello. They have a wide selection of food, but these are among their best-sellers. For your drink, you should try their coffee. 

Prices at River Cafe start at $8 USD for an a la carte meal. Meanwhile, their buffet is priced starting from $12 USD.  

Layla’s Restaurante

🍽️ International, Mexican 
📍 Puerto Vallarta, Venezuela 137, 5 de Diciembre, 48350 Puerto Vallarta, Jal., Mexico
💲 from $5 USD

Layla’s Restaurant is a Mexican restaurant offering local and global dishes. The restaurant is decorated with vibrant colors, murals, wooden furniture, and natural decorations. They also have a terrace with a great view of the city and the ocean. 

Best Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

At Layla’s, their best-selling dish is the shrimp Mole and vegetarian pasta. If you are craving something heavier, try their chicken and lamb kebab. For your drink, you can order their best-selling margarita. 

Layla’s Restaurant’s food and drinks are reasonably priced at USD 5. In addition, they accept both cash and card for payment. 

Coco’s Kitchen

🍽️ Mexican, Mediterranean
📍 Púlpito Olas Altas 122, 48399 Puerto Vallarta, Jal., Mexico
💲 from $2 USD

Coco’s Kitchen is an open-air restaurant on a side street of Puerto Vallarta’s downtown. The restaurant has a laid-back atmosphere, surrounded by nature. They are most famous for their brunch and grill dishes. If you wish to dine at Coco’s Kitchen, book ahead to reserve a table. 

Best Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

For brunch, you should order their famous Greek omelet. Meanwhile, you can get their red enchiladas or fajitas for lunch or dinner. They also have a wide selection of drinks, including cocktails and fresh fruit juices. 

Drinks at Coco’s kitchen start at $2 USD, while their food ranges from $5 USD to $11 USD. Make sure to carry with you some cash as they currently do not accept cards for payment. 


🍽️ Mexican
📍 Av. Francisco Medina Ascencio 2468-LOC.6, Fluvial Vallarta
💲 from $4 USD 

Campomar is a gourmet seafood restaurant that serves traditional Mexican cuisine. The place is decorated with modern and contemporary decorations mixed with elements of nature. They also have open-air space, perfect for that laid-back vibe. It is a must that you make a reservation with Campomar before dining there. 

Best Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

Food at Camponar is served in large portions. Despite being gourmet, their dishes are enough to share between two people. Their best-sellers are the ceviche platter and fried shrimp. You can also try their steak if you feel like eating something besides seafood. 

Prices of food at Camponar are pretty expensive but are still affordable. They start at $4 USD, and can go as high as $30 USD. 

Vitea Oceanfront Bistro

🍽️ Mediterranean, Mexican
📍 Libertad & Malecon 2, Centro
💲 from $4 USD

Vitea Oceanfront Bistro combines healthy and flavorful Mediterranean food, specializing in incorporating modern twists into traditional dishes. It is located in the center of Puerto Vallarta, which has a mix of modern eclectic elements in the decor and ancient symbolism, in addition to the great ocean view. 

Best Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

One of Vitea Oceanfront Bistro’s best-selling dish is the gazpacho soup. In addition to this, you should also order a salad with shrimp and grapefruit juice for your drink. They also have a tasting set menu that you can order. 

The a la carte menu at Vitea Oceanfront Bistro ranges from $4 USD to  $27 USD. Meanwhile, their set menu of 3 starts at $22 USD. 

La Vaca Argentina

🍽️ Argentinian, Mexican, French
📍 Av. Francisco Medina Ascencio 2468, Fluvial Vallarta
💲 from $6 USD

La Vaca Argentina is a local restaurant operating for over ten years. They are known for serving Argentinean steak and dishes alongside various wine selections. The restaurant has a bright interior, with brick column lining and vibrant colors that create a lively vibe. 

Best Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

It is a must that you try their boneless beef ribs and porterhouse steak with potatoes. They also have a rack of lamb, served with mashed potatoes, which is large enough to share between 2 to 3 people. 

The food prices at La Vaca Argentina range from $6 USD to $1,041 USD. For payment, they both accept cash and card. 

Abbraccio Cucina Italiana

🍽️ Italian, International 
📍 Blvd. Francisco Medina Ascencio 2590, Zona Hotelera, Zona Hotelera Nte.
💲 from $5 USD 

Abbracio Cucina Italiana is a famous restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, situated in the Zona Hotelera of the city. They specialize in creating causal and contemporary Italian food cooked in their open kitchen inside the restaurant.  The environment inside the restaurant is relaxing, with nature and modern decorations combined. 

Best Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

When visiting, it is a must that you try their marina pasta together with chicken with spinach. They also have a great Angel and Ceasar Salad, perfect for your appetizer. For your drinks, ask the barista to prepare something that will suit your preference. 

Food and drinks at Abbracio Cucina ranges from $5 USD to $32 USD. They accept cash and card for payment. 

El Dorado

🍽️ Mexican, International;
📍 Púlpito 102, Zona Romántica, Emiliano Zapata
💲 from $10 USD 

One of Puerto Vallartas’s best local eateries is El Dorado. It is a restaurant on the beach with a rustic vibe in an open space. They serve classic international and Mexican food combined with a contemporary twist. 

Best Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

At El Dorado, they have an extensive list of menus. One of their best sellers is lobster and bone marrow tacos. Another crowd favorite is the lobster tail, which you can get with cheese or a different sauce. 

El Dorado’s food prices range from $10 USD to $61 USD. 

Andale’s Restaurant and Bar

🍽️ Mexican
📍 Olas Altas 425, Zona Romántica, Emiliano Zapata
💲 from $5 USD

Andale’s is a famous restaurant, bar, and grill in Puerto Vallarta. It has been a staple hangout place for locals, with a cozy, rustic, and festive atmosphere. They are best known for serving classic Mexican food and drinks. They are usually packed with customers at night, so book a table beforehand. 

Best Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

One of Andale’s best-selling dishes is the ranchero-smothered burrito. You should also order their famous BBQ pork ribs served with fries. For your drinks, make sure to get the classic margarita. 

Food and drinks at Andale’s Restaurant and Bar start at $5 USD. With regards to payment, they both accept cash and card. 


🍽️ Mexican, International
📍 Paraguay 1290, 5 de Diciembre
💲 from $5 USD

Barracuda is another famous seafood restaurant in Puerto Vallarta. It is at a relaxed beachside, with tables and chairs on the sand and terrace. The restaurant is also a favorite among locals and visitors from around the region. They currently do not accept table reservations, so visit early. 

Best Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

The restaurant is most famous for its garlic shrimp pan and snapper. Another meal you should order is the seared octopus and mushrooms. For your drinks, you can ask their barista for a customized cocktail if you feel like having something that fits your preference. 

Food prices at Barracuda are relatively high only because they use high-quality ingredients. The food here starts from $5 USD. 

La Leche

🍽️ Spanish, International 
📍 Km 2.5, Blvd. Francisco Medina Ascencio, Las Glorias
💲 from $5 USD 

La Leche is a restaurant in Puerto Vallarta that serves innovative Spanish cuisine. They use locally produced ingredients inside an all-white dining area and bar. They also have a patio that offers a view of the city. When dining here, it is a must that you book ahead of time. 

Best Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

It is a must that you try La Leche’s oysters, that is served with two sauces. Another best-selling dish is the pibil tacos and pork shank. In addition to those, their strawberry mint margarita is also a must. 

For payment, La Leche accepts cards and cash. The food and drinks here start at $5 USD. 

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