Aztec Ceremony with temazcal in Sayulita

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This Aztec ceremony and temazcal is included in the Sayulita Insider Travel Pass.

The full Aztec ceremony is no longer available. This tour is only a temazcal ritual.

Contact Insider Travel for dates and times not listed below or if you want to book for a bigger group.


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The Aztec Experience is a pre-Hispanic ceremony for the connection and healing of emotions, body, mind, and spirit. This is highly recommended to those who are interested in learning about Aztec history in Mexico. Most of the clients who book this tour are in the wellness industry.

🎑 Aztec Ceremony Program Flow

  • Fire ceremony: you will light the sacred fire in order for you to connect with your willpower. This will make you be more aware, open, and involved in the ceremony
  • Mitotilizli, the Aztec dance: In here, you will learn a pre-hispanic dance where you will learn how to connect to the 4 elements: fire, water, wind, and earth.
  • Copal incense ceremony: The copal ceremony aims to cleanse your bad energy with copal incense. Here, our guides will lead you through your spiritual connection with yourself and balance your emotions.
  • Temazcal, the Aztec sauna: Inside the temazcal, we will do the 4-door ritual where you can go deep into introspection, meditate, and exchange words and feelings (current), while learning Aztec chants. Temazcal is said to be good for the body and has lots of physical benefits.
  • Tokatiliztli, the Aztec baptism: After the temazcal, you will experience the rebirth into life. Once you go out, you will be baptized with your Aztec name.
  • Tonalamatl: lastly, you will get to know yourself more through learning about the Aztec calendar plus we will explain the forces and elements present during your birthday. This is why we ask for your birthday (day, month, year, and time) before the ceremony.

🔴 Important Info

  • This tour has a minimum group requirement of 5 people and 20 people maximum. There is no age requirement but we recommend that you go without your children so you can focus and have a more authentic experience.
  • Please make sure to avoid alcoholic drinks 24 hours before the ceremony. Keep drinking water and make sure you are hydrated.

✅ What’s included?

  • Pick-up at your hotel
  • Certified shaman from Teotihuacan
  • Snacks and drinks during the ceremony
  • 4-hours complete Aztec Ceremony
  • 2 hours temazcal
  • Materials for the Aztec Ceremony

 ❎ What’s NOT included?

  • Tip for the masseuse (cash only)

❌ Cancellation policy

This is a seasonal tour so this is non-refundable.

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1 review for Aztec Ceremony with temazcal in Sayulita

  1. Jim

    Highly recommended. Our group really enjoyed it. The shaman didn’t speak English so everything was based on emotions and feelings. It was one of the most genuine temazcal experiences in Mexico as most of those in Cancun area are designed for tourists

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