Sayulita Mezcal tasting with a local (Tastes of Mexico)


A Sayulita mezcal tasting is a must-do for your trip! We know that you love tequila when visiting Mexico but we promise you will love mezcal equally! This tasting is one of a kind and is spearheaded by locals.

⚑ We need 7-10 days to confirm the booking
πŸ’ƒπŸ½ Minimum 2 people; no maximum (as long as you have space in your accommodation)
😷 Protect our local community by wearing a mask
βœ… Lowest price guaranteed

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🌟 This product has been carefully vetted by our quality control team. Read our #SupportLocal project for more information.

This tasting will take you through a tour of Mexico by tasting mezcals from the different regions of this country. This tasting will include: papalometi (Puebla), espadilla lemon tea (Puebla), salmiana (San Luis Potosi), Cenizo (Durango), Cupreata (Michoacan), and sotol (Chihuahua).

You will see a lot of cheap Mezcal tasting in Sayulita but David sources his mezcal from small families from all parts of Mexico who do not produce big batches of mezcal. This is a high-grade and quality tasting activity.

We also give special discounts for big groups so get in touch with us!

What’s included?

  • Tasting with food pairing (finger foods, not big meals)
  • Private set-up at your accommodation in Sayulita

What’s NOT included?

  • Tip for the guides

Cancellation policy

You may cancel 72 hours before the tasting date and we will only charge Mexico’s 16% IVA.


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