CFE Mexico online payment plus 4 other ways to pay your electricity bill in Mexico

We feel you. Paying your CFE bills as an expat is very unclear. Here’s detailed information about paying CFE bills, as written by a long-term Mexico resident.

When I first moved to Mexico, I never asked my landlord how to pay the CFE Mexico. I only had the chance to know about it when CFE actually cut my electricity. This was such a hassle because it’s way easier to pay your CFE bill on time instead of asking for reconnection.

You probably got to this page because you just moved to Mexico and have no idea about CFE Mexico online payment. Welcome to Mexico and congratulations on the big move!

living in mexico

The first thing you need to know about paying bills in Mexico is that it’s not as convenient as it is in the US, Canada, Australia, or Europe where bills are easily paid online.

Mexico has very confusing and backward systems when it comes to technology. The good thing is I’ve been living in Mexico since 2018 and I had to do trial and error myself.

This tutorial will definitely help you easily pay your CFE bills online! Let’s get started.

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cfe mexico online payment
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🔌 CFE Mexico: 5 ways to pay your electricity bill

#1: Via CFE branches

This is probably the most traditional way in paying your CFE Mexico bill but take note that there will be a lot of people in line if you choose this payment option. All cities and states of Mexico have CFE branches (at least one) so all you have to do is to type “CFE near me” on Google maps and you will see how many branches are there in your current city.

There are two ways to pay your bill at the CFE branch: the first one is falling in line to pay at the counter and the second option is to pay via CFE’s machines where no one will assist you. The machine is user-friendly. It’s just like using an ATM machine.

The CFE machines accept credit cards and cash although sometimes it doesn’t work. It’s still best to bring cash for paying your CFE bill. The machine is also very picky with crumpled bank notes and won’t accept faulty bills.

Not all cities in Mexico has the CFE ATM so in order to know if there’s one in your area, use the Spanish term CFE cajero or CFE matico. Cajero means ATM machine in English.

✨ Local tip: If you are paying way past deadline (see ‘fecha del corte’ in your bill), the only way you can pay is to go to a CFE office. Banks and partner establishments don’t accept late payments for CFE.

cfe mexico

#2: Pay CFE bill through a Mexican bank

Just like #1, you will fall in line (and I have no idea for how long) if you want to pay your CFE bill through Mexican banks. All you have to do is to go to the partner banks of CFE all over the country, bring your CFE bill, and pay at the counter. You can pay via credit card and cash.

The Mexican banks that accept CFE payments (before the deadline) are Afirme, Banco Ahoro Famsa, Banco Azteca, Banco de Mexico, BBVA Bancomer, Banbajio, Banjercito, Banorte, Bansefi, HSBC, Inbursa, IXE, and Santander. You don’t need to have a bank account in these banks to be able to pay your CFE bill.

cfe mexico

#3: Pay CFE bill using your bank mobile app

Now this CFE Mexico online payment method does not work but you can try. The CFE’s mobile app is somehow always faulty (the same as the Telmex app). It will let you register with a username and password then after that, you will be asked the confirm the registration via e-mail but no e-mail will come.

In my experience in paying via CFE app in Sayulita, the landlord told me that I couldn’t register with the app because he already registered an account using his e-mail address. Many of my Mexican friends said it’s not the case and that I should try it again so I just gave up! I always pay my CFE bill online using #4 (below).

cfe mexico

#4: CFE Mexico online payment (desktop computer)

Now, this is my preferred mode of payment for CFE bills. The website actually works well and it’s really fast. Payment via credit card is also secure. There is an option to charge your credit cards for automatic payments and you will be charged every two months.

The only issue on the CFE Mexico website is that they don’t have the option to translate it into English so you may need translation help in order to create your account.

CFE Mexico online payment

Below are the steps to sign up for an account:

  • Step 1: Go to the CFE website by clicking here
  • Step 2: Click “mi espacio” at the upper right hand corner
  • Step 3: Fill out your personal details (name and e-mail address)
  • Step 4: Confirm your e-mail address
  • Step 5: Click ‘administrar mis recibos’  and add your CFE account name and number. You can add multiple CFE accounts under one e-mail address if you have several accounts (home bill, office bill, rental homes bill, etc)
  • Step 6: Pay your CFE bill online right away!

Now the payment will be easy one you add the account but once you go back to the platform, it will be a little bit confusing. To pay your CFE bills online, follow the steps below. Please note you can only do this if you already have an account so create a profile first.

cfe mexico
  • Step 1: Click “Mi Espacio” on the upper right-hand corner of the CFE website
  • Step 2: Click “pagar”
  • Step 3: You will be asked to choose the bank. CFE accepts American Express credit cards. If your bank is not on the list, click “other” at the bottom part.
  • Step 4: Select the CFE account you want to pay for. Again, you can add multiple accounts on your dashboard.
  • Step 5: Pay your bills using a debit/credit card

✨ Tip: In order to set automatic online CFE payments, you have to click “cargo recurrente”  (recurring payments) on your profile and add your credit card details there.

I never had issues with the recurring payment at CFE since I have a Mexican credit card. Some expat friends who have International credit cards encountered problems in the past but it all depends on your bank. FYI, only foreigners and expats with a Mexican residency card (FM) can apply for a bank account or credit card in Mexico.

#5: Pay via partner establishments

If you don’t want to fall in line in a bank or at the CFE office, you can pay your CFE bill in partner establishments: Calimax, Chedraui, Ley, Commercial Mexicana, Coppel, Oxxo, Sam’s, Soriana, Suburbia, Telecomm, and Walmart.

There are no special CFE counters at the supermarkets but just go to the payment counter and tell them you want to pay your CFE bill. I also do this sometimes as supermarket lines are shorter and I can also combine it with a market trip!

cfe mexico

⁉️ CFE Mexico FAQ

What does CFE mean?

CFE means Comision Federal de Electricidad (Federal Commission of Electricity). It is the company that handles electricity in all of Mexico.

Can I pay CFE online?

Yes! The best way to do a CFE Mexico online payment is through CFE’s website using the web browser. The mobile app is unfortunately not well done and is always sending/receiving errors.

Can I pay my CFE bill at Oxxo?

You can only pay your CFE bill at Oxxo only if your bill is not expired. Paying your CFE bill at the Oxxo should be done at least 2-3 days before the due date.

It is not up to the cashier to accept delayed payments but the systems in Oxxo will not let them process bills past the due date.

How do I pay my CFE through Xoom?

You can easily pay CFE bills through Xoom by going to their “Pay Bills in Mexico” page. It is very easy when you already have a Xoom account. In Xoom, you can also pay bills for Telmex, Telcel, Telnor, Izzi (Wifi), Gas Natural Fenosa, and cable bills like Sky and Dish.

How can I download my CFE bill online?

When you’re doing adult stuff such as getting your tax forms, opening a bank account, applying for wifi in Mexico, they will ask you for a comprobante de domicilio (proof of address) to be able to do what you have to do. The only comprobantes accepted in Mexico are CFE and Telmex.

In order to access your bill online, you have to have an existing CFE account that you have access to. From your dashboard, click either “consulta tu recibo” or “administrar mis recibos”. You can download it in PDF format.

Can I add multiple accounts to my CFE app?

Yes, you can! Once you already have a CFE Mexico account, you can add as many accounts as you want under one login details/email address. To do this, go to “administrar mis recibos” and add all the details per the CFE account that you are managing.

How much is the reconnection fee for CFE Mexico?

The reconnection fee for CFE varies but is usually under US$7. You can pay this online and/or at the CFE maticos/ATMS.

Can I change my CFE bill to my name?

Yes, you can! Some banks in Mexico won’t allow you to open a bank account as a foreigner if the CFE bill is not under your name. It is very easy to change account names but you have to ask your landlord if they agree. Most CFE account names are under your home owner’s name. If you own a home in Mexico, then you should have the CFE bill under your name.

How do I call CFE in Mexico?

Just dial ‘071’ on your mobile phone and you will be directed to a CFE operator. From there, you can report power outages, request reconnection, and ask for any information you may need. However, this may only work if you have a working Mexican sim card.

Although US and Canadian sim cards work in Mexico, we have not tried to call this CFE hotline with North American providers (Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile.

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  1. Hi! Wanted to know where can I call to ask why I still don’t have electricity, try to call the 071 but no luck

  2. Hi Trisha,

    Just got my power shut off haha. Security guard was holding the mail for the landlord, didn’t realize he needed to hand it to me so I could pay. I went to one of the CFE ATM things to pay and it included the reconnection fee in my payment. Now I’m curious if that’s all I needed to do or if I also need to contact CFE to get reconnected? When I dial 071, for some reason it sounds like I’m transferred to Telcel instead of CFE. My phone service is valid. But I’m unable to get ahold of a rep. Any ideas? Should I wait until Monday and go to an office? Having no power in CDMX I a no fun. Thanks!

    1. I am so sorry! This is really one of the things that you should avoid because it’s a pain. Especially it’s a weekend now! Do you speak Spanish? The number is correct but normally you don’t need to call. It’s just a waiting game. They are quite prompt but the thing is you just won’t know when they will come!

  3. Hi Trisha, we are in Canada now and needs to pay a bill from here. I am following your option 4. When I go to register an account with CFE, it won’t accept our email address. Do you know why? Hope to hear from you soon. Our deadline to pay in June 19. Thanks.

    1. Your account is probably registered to another e-mail address. Is the property yours? Is the billing under your name? If the property is yours, ask the person you bought it from if they have registered your account using another e-mail address.

  4. Hi, just a quick comment re: banking in Mexico. You don’t have to have residency of any type to get a bank account and debit card from Intercam Banco or Banco Azteca. In other words, even tourists can get a bank account at these two banks if you have the correct documentation. We easily got an account with a small deposit about nine months ago, with our valid FMM cards and US passports. We only recently got our temporary residency card (RT) in Progreso. However, it is true that you need some form of residency to get accounts at the larger banks. I pay my CFE bill at Oxxo.

  5. Thanks for the GREAT information. I registered on the CFE desktop website and using my bill, the CFE website was able to confirm my account and amount owed. I paid using Xoom with the transaction confirmed completed at 7:12 the previous evening but as of today (day after payment) at 11:05 am, the CFE website is not showing this bill being paid.

    How long does it take for the CFE website to confirm payment after using Xoom?


    1. As a follow up, here’s what I learned:

      1. If you pay with 3rd party vendors (e.g. Xoom), it can take up to 72 hours to show on your CFE account.

      2. In my case, it showed up on my account in about 36 hours.

      3. To determine they had received and applied my payment, On the “My Space” page, I found this under the “Estado del recibo” (Receipt status) field title which displayed “PAGADO” (PAID) once my payment applied.

  6. Hi Trisha. I’ve got one for you. I have been paying our CFE bill via Xoom for well over a year. No issues…until now. Our bill is in my wifes name, a native Mexican. We live in the states. Her sis stays at our casa while we are in the states. They just shut off the electric today. Said the bill wasn’t paid. I gathered our info showing it as paid. I did not notice on this bill until today that her last name was changed, from Castellanos to Castilian. It was paid in March. Any info on the CFE website getting hacked? Lonnie

  7. Hi Trisha,
    Thank you for this excellent information. Very helpful.
    I created an account but cant find the option to add my CFE account once login.

    Great websites!

    Thank you,

  8. I have a Xoom account. Is there a fee per payment? Also, once I sign up online, will they email me my statement every month like paperless billing companies do here in the US?

  9. Hi Trisha! I paid my CFE bill in cash at Oxxo, and got a receipt. However, I can’t see where the payment has been made online. Should I have received an email from Oxxo or CFE? And can you tell where it posts the payment on CFE? Thank you!

    1. Hi Joe, you won’t receive an e-mail from Oxxo as they are a third-party payment and don’t have that kind of technology. But take a picture of the receipt for future reference and don’t just keep the receipt. Those Oxxo receipts fade with time! You will only receive a payment confirmation via e-mail if your CFE account is actually registered to yours and not your landlord. Hope this helps!

  10. also if you live in CANADA or USA and have a house in Yucatan you can pay on line using XOOM app very easy . you can pay many bills ( IZZI , CFE , with XOOM, who want to wait on line !!! especially when you in mexico for a week or two

  11. Hola Trisha,
    What are the steps to getting the CFE bill in our name. We have just completed the application for the RFC and will have that in the next couple of weeks. Would we just take that down to the CFE building and do the change of name with just that? Or can we do change of name online?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Brigette! You need to talk to the current account holder of your CFE bill as it will all depend on that person. The current account holder must help you with the name change. You can’t do that by yourself, unfortunately. You need to coordinate to the previous house owner/CFE account holder name. Hope this helps!

    2. @Trisha Velarmino, this is not the case if you’ve purchased the property. If you have purchased a home, you go to the CFE office with your deed/escritura and the usual passport/resident card/CURP printout and they will switch it over into your name.

  12. Hi Trish,
    I get this message when trying to pay online:
    El servicio consultado se encuentra Domiciliado, no es posible realizar el pago.

    I tried saving my card to the CFE website, does this mean they will automatically deduct the amount and how can I tell on what day they will deduct it?

    The last thing I want is to have to pay a reconnection fee.


    1. Hi Rob! I am not 100% sure about this but the way I understood the prompt was “your address is already registered.” Do you know who registered your account? It might be a property manager so ask them about the correct credentials. The way I understand it is that somebody else registered under your account name.

  13. Such a hassle to own a home and get things done here and if your in retirement years even worse. All I’m getting out of living in Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful face lift. Rest is a circus. Pay all you can on Xoom. It’s 2023 they won’t take USA debit or cr cards To pay bills on line or office. Cash or Xoom. Best way.

  14. Hi Trisha,
    Thanks for making this post. So helpful.
    Unfortunately I am struggling to pay my bill online or on the application from the USA. I have tried 5 different credit/debit cards and it won’t take any of them!! I saw you had mentioned this as an issue for some ex-pats.
    What do you recommend I do?? I don’t have a Mexican bank account set up yet! I don’t want them to turn the power off on my property, have filed a ticket to them, just am unable to pay from afar. Any help please!!
    Gracias! Emily

  15. Can anyone confirm that American Express works for paying CFE online? I’ll get a card if it does. Somewhere I heard there might be issues with this.

  16. Dozens of thousands of gringos wintering here in their homes don’t and can’t have RFC. I wonder what’s going to happen to their CFE accounts now, will they be forced to become residents or sell they homes?

    1. @Alex Mh,

      Just bought a house in PV in Feb and transfered CFE to my name and no one has brought up RFC…. But I am having issue with paying the bill with American Credit card.

  17. It would be helpful for all to know that payment of bills like CFE at stores and outlets like OXXO and Kiosko require only “efectivo” cash. They do not accept debit or credit cards.
    This can be a problem for those who are not comfortable carrying a lot of cash with them.

    1. Hola, Dave! I think it depends on the state. I’ve paid CFE bills with my credit card at the Oxxo and they accepted it. But I am also a foreigner that has a Mexican bank account so maybe they only accept local credit cards? It would be nice to hear your experience! Thanks for swinging by!

    2. @Dave,
      Hola Trisha, sorry not responding sooner. My computer had the virus and was not able to function. Just to respond about using the credit/debit card. Oxxo does it. Kiosko does not, only cash.

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