Plaza de los Compositores

Plaza de los Compositores in Condesa, Mexico City, is a charming square dedicated to famous Mexican composers, featuring busts and plaques that celebrate their contributions to music. It’s a peaceful spot for reflection amidst the bustling urban life of the Condesa neighborhood.

Plaza de los Compositores, located in the heart of Mexico City’s trendy Condesa neighborhood, is a tribute to the great Mexican composers of the 20th century.

Established as a serene garden, it features statues and plaques honoring iconic figures like Agustín Lara and José Alfredo Jiménez.

This plaza not only showcases the rich musical heritage of Mexico but also serves as a cultural oasis where visitors can enjoy the tranquility away from the city’s hustle.

What makes Plaza de los Compositores special is its dedication to the luminaries of Mexican music, providing a unique space where art and history converge in a natural setting.

Its location in Condesa, known for its art deco architecture and vibrant nightlife, adds to its appeal, offering a blend of cultural immersion and leisure.

  • 06170 de, Diagonal Patriotismo 5, Hipódromo Condesa, Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
  • Open 24 hours

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Plaza de los Compositores tickets and entrance fees

Access to Plaza de los Compositores is free, making it an accessible cultural spot for everyone. There are no entrance fees or tour prices, allowing visitors to explore at their own pace.

Its open-access nature encourages spontaneous visits, whether for a quick stroll to admire the sculptures or for a longer stay to soak in the ambiance.

Is Plaza de los Compositores worth visiting?

Visiting Plaza de los Compositores is worth it for those interested in Mexico’s musical history or looking for a peaceful retreat in the city. It’s a perfect spot for music enthusiasts, history buffs, and anyone wanting to experience a piece of Mexico’s cultural heritage without the need for tickets or guided tours.

How to get to Plaza de los Compositores

To get to Plaza de los Compositores, take the Mexico City Metro to Chapultepec Station on Line 1 and walk through Chapultepec Park towards the Condesa neighborhood.

Alternatively, use the city’s bike-sharing system, EcoBici, with several stations in Condesa, or hop on a bus heading towards Condesa and alight near the plaza. The area is also accessible by taxi or Uber, making it convenient for visitors to incorporate into their Mexico City itinerary.

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