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Uber, bikes, and public transportation: how to get around Mexico City in every way possible

Wondering how to get around Mexico City? Even though it is possible to rent a car and use it in Mexico City, as someone who lives here, that is not something that’s recommended. Not only is the traffic in Mexico City jam-packed, but you will also end up wasting a lot of your time looking for parking spots.

Regardless of your budget and travel style, there are plenty of much more effective ways to get around Mexico City. From Uber in Mexico City (as well as its alternatives) to public transportation and electric bikes, here’s how to get around Mexico City.

???? Uber

Uber in Mexico City is a surefire way to move around, but there are other apps you can use that work in the same way in.

Moreover, if you’re in a rush, you may want to have other options in case your Uber is taking a long time to pick you up (this is rare in Mexico City, but it does happen!).

how to get around Mexico City Uber
Uber, DiDi, and Beat are popular ridesharing apps in Mexico City.

Great alternatives to Uber in Mexico City are:

DiDi – Although it’s not always the case, DiDi is generally cheaper than Uber. This is not a rule, however, but it’s always a good idea to compare both apps.

Beat – This option is sometimes slightly more expensive than Uber in Mexico City, but all their cars are Teslas!)

???? Cycling

Ecobicis are government-owned bicycles that you can find all over the city. This is a great option to move around Mexico City, especially around areas like Roma, Condesa, Polanco, etc.

This part of Mexico City has a great infrastructure for bikers, with special lanes available all over and over 400 bike stations you can grab/drop off your bikes.

how to get around Mexico City bikes
E-bikes are a wonderful, free, and eco-friendly way to get around Mexico City.

Using ecobicis is easy as pie and pretty inexpensive. The first 45 minutes are free, which is usually more than enough to get from A to B. After minute 45, you have to pay $50 MXN per hour (or you can drop your bike, wait 5 minutes, and grab another one to continue the free ride).

All you have to do is register via their app, find your bike on a map, and scan your QR code. You can grab your bike at the many stations in Mexico City and drop it off at one close to your next destination.

For more information on how to use ecobicis and how to download the app, head over here.

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???? Taxis

As a rule, taking Uber or its alternatives in Mexico City is usually safer and more cost-effective than taxis. However, they may be times when you’ll need to take a taxi, be it because you ran out of battery on your phone or there are no Ubers available (this is very rare, but it does happen, especially outside of big festivals, concerts, etc).

If that’s the case, make sure your taxi is always registered and has pink/white colors (these are the official city taxis). Most restaurants, bars, nightclubs, malls, and major spots in town have official taxi stands. Hailing taxis from the streets is not generally recommended.

how to get around Mexico City taxis
Taxis are rarely used in Mexico City anymore, but they still exist.

???? Metro (Subway)

The Mexico City subway is another great way to move around Mexico City, with stations all over the city (except for Santa Fe). CDMX locals call it the “metro”.

In total, there are 12 metro lines, which are identified by colors and numbers. The ticket to ride the metro is 5 pesos one-way, including transfers.

how to get around Mexico City subway
The metro (subway) is one of the best public transportation methods in Mexico City.

If you just need to use the metro once, you can buy individual tickets at booths in any station using cash. If you’re moving here permanently or plan to stay in Mexico City for a while, you can get yourself a city card which you can recharge using an app and also allows you to use other transportation methods (bikes, metrobus, etc).

The subway runs from 5:00 am to 12:00 am from Monday through Saturday and 7:00 am and 10:00 pm on Sundays.

???? Metrobus

Just like the subway, the metrobus is another wonderful way to move around Mexico City in a cheap and effective way. Contrary to the metro, the metrobus runs over the ground, but it still has its own lane on the street, which means traffic doesn’t affect its speed at all.

The cost of the Metrobus is 6 pesos. In order to use it, you will need to get a city card as cash payments are not accepted.

how to get around Mexico City metrobus
The metrobus is a cheap and fast way to move around Mexico City.

You can buy your city card at any Metrobus station in the city for 16 pesos – this is just a one-time fee to get the card and it includes your first metrobus ride as well. From here on, you can charge your card with money at any station in town.

???? Electric scooters

For short rides, you can also rent an electric scooter and use bike lanes or the sidewalk to move.

There are plenty of apps you can use that will find the nearest scooter near you (and you can drop it off pretty much anywhere else). Grin, Lime, and Bird are the most popular apps for both iOS and Android.

Usually, these apps charge an “unlocking fee” of 10 to 20 pesos depending on the app and then per minute of use (2 pesos per minute).

????️ Econduce

Similarly to electric scooter apps, Econduce is an app you can use to rent electric motorcycles, ride them to where you need to go, and drop them off at your destination (it can be anywhere on the street as long as you comply with the city’s parking laws).

All you need to do is download an app, provide a valid driver’s license (it can be from your home country), and your debit/credit card.

Download the Econduce app here.

✈️ Ready for your trip to Mexico City? If you need more information about how to get around Mexico City, I’d be happy to update this post – just leave your questions below!

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