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Campeche Travel Guide

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Campeche Travel Guide

Everything you need to know about planning a trip to Campeche, Mexico


Quick Info | Campeche Map | Places To Visit | Things To Do | Events & Festivals | Hotels

Campeche is located in southeast Mexico, bordered by the states of Tabasco, Yucatán, and Quintana Roo. Its capital city, also called Campeche, was declared a World Heritage Site in 1997. The state is considered an off-the-beaten destination in Mexico.

The state is considered an off-the-beaten destination in Mexico, but it is filled with Mayan archaeological sites, such as Acanmul, Balamkú, Becán, Bolonchén, Calakmul, Chactún, Chicanná, Chunlimón, Edzná, Isla de Jaina, Lagunita, the Petén Basin, Río Bec, Isla Uaymil, Xculoc, Xpuhil, and Xtampak.

Edna, an important ceremonial center in the pre-Classic Maya period (300-900 CE), is found near the city of Campeche in the Los Chenes region.

✈️ Campeche Travel Guide: Quick Info

  • 🇲🇽 Capital: Campeche City
  • ⏰ Timezone: Central Standard Time (GMT-6)
  • ✈️ Airports: Candelaria Airport, Escárcega Airport, Palizada Airport, Xpujil Airport, and Del Carmen International Airport
  • Major Cities (population): Campeche (238,850) Ciudad del Carmen (199,988) Champotón (76,116) Escárcega (50,106) Calkiní (49,850)
  • Size/Area: 19,619 square miles
  • Population: 754,730 (2005 Census)
  • Year of Statehood: 1863

🗺️ Campeche Mexico Map

📍Places to visit in Campeche Mexico

mexico states

Campeche City


Isla Aguada



🏄‍♀️ Things to do in Campeche Mexico

campeche travel guide

Becal, home of the jipijapa hat

Local artisans produce millions of jipijapa hat for all of North America.

campeche travel guide

Calakmul Biosphere Reserve

The first place in Mexico to be named a Mixed Asset of Humanity by UNESCO.

campeche travel guide

Grutas de Xtacumbilxunaan

A sacred place for the Mayans where you can find 200-meters formations of stalagmites and stalactites.

campeche travel guide

Ría Celestún Biosphere Reserve

Home to over 300 species of birds like hummingbirds, woodpeckers, and pink flamingos.

campeche travel guide

Underwater Archeology Museum

See remains of sunken ships, old photographs, cannons, and nautical artifacts from the waters of Campeche.

things to do in la paz mexico

Mayan Architecture Museum

Opened in 1958, the Mayan Architecture Museum is where you will find the best architectural pieces of the 4 Mayan regions namely Chenes, Peten, Rio Bec, and Puuc.

campeche travel guide

Cayo Arena, Campeche’s island gem

Get on a boat ride to this island in Campeche, enjoy the sun, and walk around the great white sand island of Cayo Arena.


Campeche City, the capital

Probably the most colorful capital in Mexico, Campeche not only boasts with colonial architecture but also beautiful beaches.

🛏️  Hotels in Campeche Mexico

🪅 Campeche State Events and Festivals


Campeche Carnaval

January & February


Palizada Day of the Dead



 Fiesta de Polkeken


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