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6 best Lucha Libre tours in Mexico City with prices, reviews, pros and cons

These are the best Mexico City Lucha Libre tours, including prices and reviews. This guide will also help you decide if you should do it on your own or book a tour.

Lucha Libre tours offer enhanced convenience, particularly for first-time visitors or those not fluent in Spanish. These tours typically include transport to and from the arena, eliminating the need to navigate local transport.

They also often include pre-purchased tickets, guaranteeing you a seat and saving you the effort of acquiring one.

Furthermore, some tours offer added value in the form of behind-the-scenes experiences, introductions to the history and rules of Lucha Libre, and sometimes even meet-and-greets with the luchadores.

mexico city lucha libre tours

For those who prefer a worry-free and curated experience, a Lucha Libre tour can provide ease and a deeper understanding of the spectacle.

While arranging to watch a Lucha Libre match on your own requires more effort than booking a tour, it is not insurmountable. It involves checking the event schedule, purchasing tickets (either online or at the venue), and figuring out transportation to the arena.

If you’re staying in a central location in Mexico City, reaching popular arenas like Arena Mexico is relatively straightforward via taxi or rideshare apps.

While it might take a little more planning, organizing a DIY trip to a Lucha Libre match allows for flexibility and could result in a more authentic, immersive experience.

If you want a hassle-free trip, definitely book one of the best Mexico City Lucha Libre tours below:

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💲 Prices for Mexico City Lucha Libre tours

You are probably wondering: “should I book Lucha Libre tours or do it on my own?”

But, to give you an idea about Mexico City Lucha Libre tours cost, it starts from $50 USD per person and can go up to $110 USD.

There are many types of Lucha Libre tours, some combined with city tours, mezcal or tequila tasting, city tours, etc. These are the ones that can cost $100 USD and above.

If you are only looking to see the show, that’s obviously cheaper but take note that you will also need to go there on your own, pick up your own ticket at the booth, and pay for the Uber ride (around $12 USD 2-way if coming from Condesa or Roma).

🙅‍♀️ Insider Tip: The Lucha Libre with double-decker bus tour has very bad reviews and is not recommended. Skip it when you encounter it! [Read reviews here]

🦹‍♀️ Best Mexico City Lucha Libre Tours

Lucha Libre Experience in Mexico City

⏰ 4 hours
💲from $53 USD
➡️ Book it here

During this half-day Lucha Libre in Mexico City Tour, glimpse Mexico’s most exciting and famous cultural traditions.

With a small group, you’ll first head to Arena Mexico or Arena Coliseo (depending on the day of your tour) to watch a 2-hour lucha libre show. 

lucha libre mexico city
Photo: Luis Alvaz

I have to admit- I was really looking forward to planning this for my honeymoon. It EXCEEDED expectations. The hosts were so knowledgeable about lucha culture- taught you the chants and a little history. The little bar you go to before hand was great to get to know others in your group. I felt very safe and the hairs made sure to translate to vendors when necessary. Must recommend!

Spencer A. [Read more reviews]

After the match, your guide will take you to a classic pub in the city. Here you can enjoy live music, dancing, and tasting traditional beverages.

📅 Important note: This tour is only available on Tuesday or Friday.

Lucha Libre Experience with mezcal tasting 

⏰ 4 hours & 30 minutes
💲from $95 USD
➡️ Book it here

This tour combines an experience to see the famous Mexican wrestling or Lucha Libre while tasting Mexico’s local drink, mezcal.

You will meet your tour group at Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City, and from there, you will start with a visit to a local Mezcaleria. 

lucha libre mexico city

After meeting Arturo at the meeting spot. He immediately dived into the history of Lucha Libre. So much information and history that got me excited for what was ahead. Since 10+ others canceled, I had a solo tour. The mezcal tasting accompanied with the best guacamole was a great precursor to the main event. Once we reached Arena Mexico, the crowds had gathered. Our seats were so close you could feel the slams. I smiled the entire time and had a great time. Would highly recommend.

Curtis C. [Read more reviews]

The Mezcal Bar you will be visiting is Bario Alameda. Here you can taste different hand-crafted mezcals (they also offer non-alcoholic drinks for underage travelers).

Afterward, you’ll watch a 2 hours Lucha Libre Show at Arena Mexico, one of Mexico City’s largest wrestling arenas.

🏆 Tip: This is a great Lucha Libre Mexico City tour to combine with learning about mezcal, Mexico’s popular spirit.

Mexican wrestling experience

⏰ 3 hours & 30 minutes
💲from $62 USD
➡️ Book it here

Spend a night in Mexico City enjoying an authentic Mexican wrestling match inside one of Mexico City’s major lucha libre arenas (either Arena Mexico or Arena Coliseo). 

lucha libre mexico city
Photo: Luis Alva

Raphael was the best! He was right on time for both the initial meet up location and after the event (even in a huge crowd of people/cars). He was very polite and had a great attitude. He had a nice sense of humor and was a good sport as he guided us to the arena and to a great taco spot popular with locals. He drove us promptly and safely the entire time and had some great recommendations for us regarding night life. All around, Raphael was very professional.

Jeeho L. [Read more reviews]

During the tour, you’ll learn about the history behind traditional Mexican wrestling and what makes it such an essential part of Mexican culture while seeing them perform live.

🤑 Tip: This is the best in value if you don’t want to combine watching Lucha Libre with other activities.

Lucha Libre Night

⏰ 3 hours & 30 minutes
💲from $119 USD
➡️ Book it here

Experience watching authentic Mexican Wrestling for 3 hours or more in Mexico City and learn how this tradition has become a local favorite.

As you get up close and personal with the action in the ring, your ticket includes three free tequila shots to excite you for the night.

lucha libre mexico city

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and am so glad that I did it! I was travelling solo so was a little concerned initially about feeling safe etc. I did not need to worry as it worked out perfectly! I was collected from my hotel at the notified time and taken to the venue. The wrestling was so much fun and the crowd really gets into the vibe of things. I highly recommend! It was a great night for my first night in Mexico City especially as I didn’t have to think about where to go, how I was going to get there and how I would get back to the hotel. The logistics were all taken care of for me.

Colleen [Read more reviews]

There will be bilingual guides that will be given out to help you understand the rules of the match, know about the wrestlers, and a lot more. 

👺 Perks: On this tour, you will be provided with a mask you can wear while watching the show.

Lucha Libre with mariachi and tequila 

⏰ 3 hours
💲from $61 USD
➡️ Book it here

As you witness and experience watching Mexican wrestling firsthand on this three-hour tour, you’ll also learn about the culture and history of lucha libre – from its origins in the early 20th century to its modern-day popularity.

But first, you’ll head to Garibaldi Square to enjoy Mariachi music. Several bands will play some songs for you, wearing traditional costumes. 

We were a group of seven people (age 20-40). The guide was awesome, telling stories and explaining the lucha libre (and more). We really enjoyed the evening and had a lot of fun.

Ralf [Read more reviews]

Afterward, you will be treated to tequila, mezcal, and a souvenir mask at a famous local canteen. 

Your last stop will be at the Arena Mexico, where you’ll explore behind the scenes of a wrestling arena and get up close with wrestlers and their gear.

What to know about this tour: Cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund.

Mexico City Lucha Libre Show

⏰ 4 hours
💲from $105 USD
➡️ Book it here

Start the evening with a typical drink at a cantina or pulqueria and then move on to the main event. Gain access to the best seats in the arena and prepare for a night that will live long in the memory as you are immersed in the fervor that Mexican spectators bring to this time-honored sport.

Alvaro was great! There were only two of us and everything went smoothly, despite a heavy thunderstorm. Very good seats in the arena, lucha libre should be part of the program for every guest in Mexico City!!

Caroline [Read more reviews]

While you watch this famous spectacle and cheer on your favorite luchador (wrestler), you can also learn about the show’s rich history and the social context in which it was performed, all while sipping a local beer.

Watch the good guys take on the bad ones and be amazed by the mind-blowing talents displayed by both sides as they fight across the ring and the aisles.

🎉 What to love: This Lucha Libre tour has the best seats in the house.

⁉️ FAQ: Mexico City Lucha Libre

Yes, it’s generally safe to attend a Mexico City Lucha Libre show, but like with any large event, be aware of your surroundings and keep personal belongings secure.

Lucha Libre ticket prices vary by venue and seat location, but they can range from 100 to 1,000 pesos (around $6 – $60 USD). You can check all information about booking, schedules, and prices here.

Yes, but it is not recommended, as there is a chance you may not be able to get tickets. This is a popular show in Mexico City and is enjoyed by both tourists and locals. It’s better to book your tickets in advance.

Further reading: How to buy Lucha Libre tickets at the door

Yes, you can attend Lucha Libre shows in Mexico City without a tour. Just follow the instructions in this Lucha Libre Mexico City guide. However, it is highly recommended to take a tour to meet fellow travelers and make the trip to the arenas hassle-free. [Read DIY Lucha Libre Guide]

To see Lucha Libre on your own in Mexico City, check the schedule at the Arena Mexico or other local arenas, and purchase tickets from the box office or online. Follow the complete instructions in this Lucha Libre Mexico City guide!

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